Grandma's Fried Chicken


1 Whole Chicken



Garlic Powder

Salt and Pepper


1. Start by removing any gizzards or gravy packs that may come inside your chicken. Rinse the chicken inside and out, with cold water. Pat dry with paper towels.

2. Cut each wing from the chicken. Cut the tip of the end off.

3. Cut each leg off of the chicken.

4. Cut the breasts from the thighs. 

5. Split the breastbone down the middle. As you are cutting all the pieces, also cut out anything you might not want to eat, like pieces of fat or blood. Basically, just clean up the piece.

6. In this recipe I only used 6 pieces of chicken because I did not want to cook the thighs.  Just include the thighs in the cutting and cooking if you want to use them.

7. Fill the skillet approx. half way with oil. Bring the temperature to 350 degrees. Place some of the flour in a brown paper bag and add the garlic powder, and salt and pepper.  That's how Grandma did it! Close the bag and shake it. Take a peak to see if the piece of chicken is covered. If it is, take is out and set it the skillet. 

8. I used two different frying pans to cook the chicken because the chicken breasts will take longer to cook. The breasts should take about 40 minutes, but the wings and legs should only take about 20 minutes. Begin frying the chicken breasts, turning every five minutes. 

9. Begin a pan with the wings and legs. Turn the wings every two minutes, and the legs every five minutes, until they become golden brown. Use a thermometer to check the temperature. You need the chicken to be around 140 degrees before it goes in the oven.

10. As you are turning the breasts in the pan, don't forget to set them on their sides to brown also.

11. Finish your chicken by baking it in the oven at 250 degrees in a roasting pan with a rack while it cooks to a temperature of 160-165 degrees. This gives you time to prepare the side dishes for your meal.

12. Enjoy!