Chocolate Icebox Cake


3 cups of Heavy Whipping Cream

2/3 cup sugar

1/2 box of Chocolate Graham Crackers

small block of Chocolate


1. Whip the heavy whipping cream in a large cold bowl. Start by mixing on low for 2 minutes. Add sugar.

       Mix on low for 1 more minute. Turn speed to high, and mix until cream is thick and about medium    

       stiffness. That means that the cream will have tips, but they will curl on the end.

2. Cut some parchment paper for your loaf pan. You want the paper to overhang on each strip so you can     

       remove the cake from the pan.

3. Place your graham crackers on top of the whipped cream in the sequence shown.

4. The best way to cut graham crackers so they won't break is to use a serrated knife and slowly saw along

       the graham crackers seams.

5. Pipe your whipping cream on to the top of the graham crackers. Place another sequence of graham 

       crackers on top of the whipped cream. Then continue with more whipped cream, and another layer of 

       graham crackers. You should have 4 layers of whipping cream and 4 layers of graham crackers.

6. Remove cake from pan by lifting the paper.

7. Place a layer of whipped cream on the plate you want to serve the cake on. Make the layer the same size

      as the cake, and place the cake on top of the cream, so the cream becomes the bottom layer. Place a thick

      layer of whipping cream on the top layer of graham crackers. Cover cake with plastic wrap and

      refrigerate for 3-4 hrs or overnight. Decorate with shaved chocolate just before serving. 

8. Cut slices diagonally to show off your beautiful cake!