Surgical Abortion Explained

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Surgical abortion pertains on the process of removal of the pregnancy in the vagina through the help of an expert doctor. This is being performed in the presence or absence of anaesthetic. This is all up to the patient as they discuss both about the matter during the consultation proper.

Before performing the procedure, the health practitioner will see and test your pelvic and at the same time conduct an ultrasound. This will identify the phase of your pregnancy. The place on where the abortion process must be done will depend on the results of the physical exam, medical history, stage of pregnancy and lab tests. Oftentimes, it is being done within 14 weeks. Vacuum aspiration is just one of the standard methods. Certainly, local anaesthetic or freezing is what they are going to use here. But , in some ways, it is much preferable to use general anaesthetic particularly in the hospitals.

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There are two known kinds of surgical abortion. The first kind, early surgical abortion can be performed within 14 weeks while the second one can be done between the 15th to 19th week of pregnancy. Most of the health practitioners never do any kind of abortion if it already later than 19th week of the pregnancy not unless it would take the life of the woman into the risk.

You should know that early abortion must not be applied during the early phase of the pregnancy. It only means that when you already verified your pregnancy, it still takes time to get it removed. If you cannot wait for the right moment, then it is much better if you will do the medical abortion. Most of the girls and women find it easier to end their pregnancy when they know that it is not yet developed fully into a fetus. It is not anymore recommended to get a medical abortion after 7th week.

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Choosing the surgical abortion only means three to four appointments with your doctor.Your initial visit would probably take one to two hours since it include the verification of the pregnancy and some other processes. They will send you off again so you can have some time to think again and make your final decision.

The following appointment is set up for the procedure. Then everything else will be further explained by your chosen health practitioner. Feel free visit