CrimeCraft Guides

Just linking to all of the guides that I have written, currently the CrimeCraft forum signatures behave oddly, can't put them all in there.

Must-Have Programs
Different utilities to improve your gaming experience and secure your system.

Low-Spec System FPS Gain FIX
If you're playing on a laptop or older PC, here are some steps you can follow to gain as much as 20 FPS, if not more!

Just a few ideas for weapons, clothing, skills, and drugs to play with that complement Level 50 clothing sets. ;)

Server Merge - Keeping Your Items
Exeter is going to be merged with Jericho on 5/23, here are some suggestions on how to keep all of your gang's items. =)

Pros, cons, etc., about all professions.

Gang Creation and Management Guide (Large image, please be patient while it loads)
Learn how to do just about everything with your gang.

Weapon Base Stat Comparison Charts (Large image, please be patient while it loads)
Compare weapons within categories by weapon type.

Information about the weapons manufacturers and their naming system, as well as a bit of background information on the names and 
partner organizations to the manufacturers.

This will help you recognize ammo, attachments, and weapon mod kits (paint) without having to click on linked item.

Understanding Splash Radius Modifier

Adjust XFire to recognize CrimeCraft

How to sell items and make a profit

Making Money (older guide)

All sniper scope images

Cross Dependent Ingredient (XDI) Recipes

How Patronage works

All researched Gearhead recipes, other users have added Ammo Jockey recipes