Published in 1924 by    Harry Jowett, of Oxford House, Aylestone Road, Leicester

Edited by                        Thomas Herbert Clowes, Moorfield, Woodbridge


ALICE - Mrs William Hey - on Sheets 2, 4, 6 and 8

MARGARET - Mrs Richard Hodgson - on Sheets 8 and 10

ISABELLA - Mrs John Hudson - on Sheets 10 and 12

BETTY - Mrs John Jowett - on Sheets 12 and 14


ROBERT BANKES - 1704-1790, of Little Stainforth, Co York, and his wife

MARGARET CARR - 1709 - 1791.

The ‘Fourteen Sheets’ (also known as the Bankes Pedigree) is a large family tree that was published in 1924-5 in an edition of over 350 copies and distributed to the ‘rising generation’ of the time – young people at the bottom of the tree. My mother (born 1923) and two of her siblings appear at the bottom right of Sheet 4.

There are actually 15 sheets; the introductory page ('Sheet 0') contains errata. Sheet 1 shows a skeleton plan and a list of over 300 different surnames mentioned. I have amended this according to the errata and reproduced it here.

The sheets also feature four portraits and 17 coats-of-arms. The earliest date mentioned is 1260 and the latest, 1924.

Some notable people in the sheets are:

King Edward III 1312-1377 Sheet 5

William Clowes 1540-1604, surgeon to Queen Elizabeth I Sheet 11

William Hey FRS 1736-1819, surgeon, founder of the Leeds General Infirmary. Sheet 4

Revd Dr Joseph Jowett LLD 1751-1813, fellow of Trinity Hall, 1775. “Little Jowett”, Bachelor, Regius Professor of Civil Law, Cam. 1782. Rector of Wethersfield, Essex 1795-1813. The chimes of Big Ben were adapted from his Cambridge Chimes of Great St Mary’s Church. Sheet 14

Revd Leonard Stanley Kempthorne b 1886, Bishop of Polynesia 1923-1961, Suva, Fiji. Sheet 14

Sir Richard Tetley Glazebrook FRS 1854-1935 (who worked with James Clerk Maxwell and Lord Rayleigh), first Director of the National Physical Laboratory, first President of the Institute of Physics. Sheet 4

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