Welcome to Our Homepage!

    We are FLL (First Lego League) team 4059, "The Four Penguineers" from San Jose, CA, and our motto is "All for one and one  for all!" Our members are Lee, Ritap, Neil, and Ankita. We are sixth graders from two different schools; Castillero and Bret Harte, so when anyone asks us what school we're from, we say "Bretlaro!" We are all enthusiatic about FLL and teamwork. We all do everything, participate in everything, and no one is left out. We are all proud of everyone on our team and we all have fun. Fun is one of the most important parts of our team, and we always make sure that everyone is having fun. We sometimes go out for food and to Leland to watch their robotics team, and to other places to learn more about robotics. We have a high-school mentor called Eugene, from Leland High School's robotics team. He helps us so much, and we owe so much to him. Our robot is called Penguinoid (penguin + droid). For three of us, this is our second year, but for one of us, it is our first year. Our coaches are Naveen, Charu and Devang.  We've been in the 2008 San Jose/Quixilver qualifier round, and we've made it to the next round!!  We all love robotics, and we will all do this again next year!!!