Success Stories

Walter, 2014: Walter was brought into the veterinary hospital where our Founder, Jenni Riha, works. The young girl who brought him in was unable to care for him as he was so young and needed lots of TLC. She relinquished him to The Foster Kitten Project, and Jenni spent many hours helping him thrive. When he was old enough and healthy enough, he went to his furever home.

This photo was the model for our logo

Sawyer, 2017: Sawyer was the kitten that lit the fire in our founder's heart to start The Foster Kitten Project. Without this sad story with the happiest of endings, The Foster Kitten Project may have never been born.

When we were contacted about Sawyer, we knew he had siblings but could not find them. Once they were located, we couldn't get to them before a local shelter was called. All of Sawyer's siblings were picked up and euthanized because they were so young. It was a happy ending for Sawyer as he got to grow up and be adopted by a wonderful family that loves him.

Wally Martin, 2017: Was found alone at about 8 weeks old in a Wal-Mart parking lot. After getting cleaned up, given food and proper medical care, he started to gain weight. He grew up into a beautiful cat and now lives with a loving furever family.

Missoura, 2017: When Missoura was brought in she had such a nasty upper respiratory infection that her eyes were cloudy and scarred. It was believed she was blind and would need both eyes removed. Because of generous donations, we were able to pay for proper veterinary care and waited to see how her eyes healed. Her vision was partially restored in one eye, but it was decided to remove the other for health reasons. She did great, recovered well, and now has a furever family that is very much in love with her.

Johnny Cash, 2018: Johnny Cash was found abandoned, cold, starving, and with his two siblings that hadn't survived. He was searching to nurse and ended up with a mouth full of mud. The first challenge was to warm him up. Then the next 72 hours were touch and go, but he fought and pulled through. He was underweight for quite some time, but as soon as he got to be around 6 months old, you would never know he struggled so much at the beginning of his life. Now he has a loving family and a dog brother.

Gingersnap and Squeak, 2018: These two were one of our first Meet-and-Greets. Within 10 minutes of bringing them into the store, a family just knew they had to take them home. They have been renamed Sandy and Minnie and enjoy playing with a sweet little boy and girl to call their own. So many happy tears for these two.

Sloan, 2018: Slone, now named Poe, was from the 80's group. She was adopted by a wonderful family with older cats and is now Miss Congeniality of the group. She is a goofball who loves to cuddle and smart as she adjusts her behavior according to whichever kitty she is hanging out with; Poe snuggles with the oldest cat and slows down a bit with the "fluffier" one, so he can keep up. "I truly believe that the love she got while at FKP is what makes her so sweet." - Poe's Loving Owner

Dennis, 2019: Dennis and his brother came to The Foster Kitten Project at just a few days old from Denison, Iowa. Sadly they both had a very rough road, and Dennis's brother didn't make it. It wasn't until Dennis was around seven weeks old with a severe upper respiratory infection that we discovered he was born with a cleft palate. He had a difficult time eating and suffered many colds. Kittens don't usually survive with this congenital disability, but he was quite the fighter. Because of generous donations, Dennis was able to have surgery to repair his cleft pallet. He did great during recovery, even if he was moody because he was put on activity restrictions. When Dennis was healthy enough, he was adopted by a veterinary professional. Sadly, he needed another surgery, but he is doing great now with his supportive furever family.

Polydactyls, 2019: The polydactyl group was made up of Arachnida, Edward Pawhands, and Octavia, named for their six toes on each paw. They were brought to The Foster Kitten Project from another pet organization that could not care for neonatal kittens. They were bottle-fed, given medical care and so much love, but sadly, Octavia did not survive. At least she knew love, and we will never forget her.

Arachnida, now known as Lady Thumbalina, Lina for short, and Edward Pawhands grew up healthy and strong. These days Lina enjoys playing fetch while Edward Pawhands will do anything for pets. We are so happy they were adopted together and have comfy laps to sleep on furever.

Biaco, 2019: Found his forever home with a friend of our founders. He joined his sister Temmi, who was also adopted through The Foster Kitten Project. According to his Mom, Biaco is a complete 'derp' and loves to wrestles with his sister.