John Forgey and Nancy Armstrong Family McMinn, TN

From Hugh Crawford diary "Uncle John Forgey, I cannot say much about. I have seen him frequently in this county of business. He was a very stout active man. He moved to middle Tennessee. There lived and died. Had some family, I don't know how many. I have seen one or two of his sons."

" Uncle John Forgey's oldest son Andrew is dead" ( from April 1834 letter).

Andrew Forgey Sr. Will 1809 Hawkins County, TN

Item. Whereas I had given to my son John Forgey another part of said tract and have made him a right to the same which he has since sold to my son James Forgey and has received payment, and I being anxious to secure the said part to James for the considerations above, I do therefore bequeath to James Forgey the said part which is bounded as followeth: Beginning on the road at the place where Andrew Forgey’s began, opposite the before mentioned cross fence, running the course of the same so as to make a straight line across the valley from one line of the grant to the other, and all the land contained in my grant between said line and the line of the tract whereon Benoni Coldwell now lives, and on the opposite side of the above mentioned road from where my son Andrew now lives, including the improvements made by John Forgey whereon Hugh Forgey now lives.

John Forgey appointed Captain of Giles County, Tn Militia November 13, 1810

Giles County TN 1813-11-16

On motion of Isaac SAMS by John WHITE his atty. and it appearing to the satisfaction of this court that the said Isaac SAMS has paid as security for John FORGEY, the sum of $11.23 on an execution which issued in pursuance of a judgment rendered at the last term of this court in favour of William BALL against said FORGEY & AMS, it is considered by the court that plft. recover against said deft. the aforesaid sum. (Judg. & Clks. fees paid) GI Cty. Ct. Min. 

1820 US Census Maury County, TN 
John Forga
1 male under 10
1 male 10 to 16
1 male 16 to 26
1 male 26 to 45
5 females under 10
1 female 26 to 45

1830 US Census McMinn, TN
Nancy Forgy
1 male 5 to 10
1 male 10 to 15
1 male 15 to 20
1 female 5 to 10
2 females 10 to 15
3 females 15 to 20
1 female 40 to 50

Hawkins County, Tennessee
William Armstrong Will

Page 6 Dated: May 10, 1817
Being confined to my bed in sickness, though perfectly in my natural sense, I am about to make my last Will and Testament.
First. I bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth the plantation with all the farming implements and stock, during her natural life, and at her decease, all to fall to my son John, with the exception of a certain horse beast and a cow to my daughter Jane. Also, a horse beast and a cow to my daughter Anna. I will and bequeath to my son Thomas the tract of land whereon he now lives. I will and bequeath to my daughter Jane a certain negro girl named Lettie; and also to my daughter Ann_, a negro girl named Lyd--Lyd's oldest child, if any, to belong to Jane at her mother's decease. In case either of my three children now living with me should die without issue, their portion of the property (is) to be equally divided between the other two, and to my daughter Nancy Forgey, I bequeath Fifty Dollars at my wife's decease.
In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal.
William Armstrong (seal)

McMinn County, TN,

143 7 May 1852 NANCY FORGY to JOHN ARMSTRONG; her interest, as an heir or otherwise, in slaves. [These are the same slaves as named in deed on page 118 above]

118 27 Mar 1852 ANN ARMSTRONG to brother JOHN ARMSTRONG; for love and for her support during her lifetime; Deed of Gift of slaves.


1880 Census McMinn County, TN
John FORGEY Self M Male W 58 TN Blacksmith TN TN 
Luiza J. FORGEY Wife M Female W 54 TN Keeps House TN TN 
John FORGEY Son S Male W 19 TN Works On Farm TN TN 
David FORGEY Son S Male W 16 TN Works On Farm TN TN