Children and Grandchildren of Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds

I believe that much of the Forgey info below is from the James Forgey Bible; which according to Lucille Wallace was published in 1803, and in the 1950s was " in the possession of Mrs. Crockett Morrison, Rogersville, Tennessee." 

Hugh FORGEY- Catherine FISHER

M.: 1783 Hawkins County, TN?

Who were their children? Maybe the following:

Andrew FORGEY born: 10 Dec 1794  Knox County, TN Spouse: Anna ROLLER

Archibald FORGEY Born: 1790 TN Spouse: Eleanor ROLLER


James FORGEY-  B. 8 Feb 1764  Ireland  Spouse Margaret CALDWELL

Their Children: 

Nancy FORGEY Born: 12 Sep 1792 Hawkins Co., TN

Margaret FORGEY Born: 4 Feb 1794 at: Hawkins Co., TN  Spouse: John Alexander ROGERS

Mary "Polly" FORGEY Born: 29 APR 1796 at: Hawkins Co., TN Spouse: Dickinson THURMAN

Ellen FORGEY Born: 17 JUN 1798 at: Hawkins Co., TN Spouse: John Alexander ROGERS

Sally FORGEY Born: 13 AUG 1800 Spouses:

Matilda FORGEY Born: 26 DEC at: Hawkins Co., TN Spouse: Cornelius Cormack MILLER

Elizabeth FORGEY Born: 18 APR 1805 at: Hawkins Co., TN Spouse: John HARLAN

James Reynolds FORGEY Born: 23 JAN 1809 at: Hawkins Co., TN Spouse: Eveline MCCRAW Rachel MILLER

Rachel FORGEY Born: 1812 at: Hawkins Co., TN


 JOHN FORGEY B. about 1766 ? or 1775 Hawkins County, TN ?   - NANCY ARMSTRONG B. 1787 Prince Edward County, VA

Their Children:

John T. FORGEY -  B: 18 May 1821 Maury County, TN  Spouse: LOUISIE JANE WEEKS 

Maybe Andrew FORGEY died about 1835?



B. 13 Aug 1768 Ireland

Their children:

Andrew CRAWFORD Born: 19 Apr 1790 Knox County, TN  Spouse Sarah MEEK

Samuel  Reynolds CRAWFORD Born: 1792 Knox County, TN Spouse: Margaret Rebecca FORGEY

Thomas CRAWFORD Born: 4 Aug 1794 Knox County, TN Spouse: Mariah HARRIS

Margaret CRAWFORD Born: 19 May 1796 Knox County, TN Spouse: Joseph CRABB

Polly CRAWFORD Born: 17 Jul 1798 Knox County, TN Spouse: John Baxter EDMONDSON

Hugh Forgey CRAWFORD Born: 13 Nov 1806 Knox County, TN Spouse: Rebecca McPheeters FORGEY

Nancy CRAWFORD Born: unknown Spouse: William McMunn

 Eleanor S. CRAWFORD Born: Mar 1810 Knox County, TN Spouse: Matthew SIMPSON


Margaret Forgey - 1) Henry Roberts 2) -- Hickle

B. 16 Jun 1774  PA

Children of Margaret and Henry:

Rebecca ROBERTS 18 Oct 1803 Knox County, TN



Andrew Forgey, Jr. - 1) Hannah -- 2) Isabella CRAWFORD

B. 4 Jun 1776  

Children of Andrew and Hannah

Margaret Rebecca FORGEY Born: 5 May 1801 Hawkins County, TN Spouse: Samuel Reynolds CRAWFORD


John FORGEY Born: 1795 Hawkins  County, TN ( I believe his son William H. FORGEY settled in Shelby County, TN. I have a transcription of his bible)


Child of Andrew and Isabella

 Rebecca McPheeters FORGEY Born: 26 Dec 1810 Hawkins County, TN  Spouse: Hugh Forgey CRAWFORD



B. 10 Jul 1779

Their Children:

Andrew Forgey COLDWELL Born: 25 Nov 1807 Hawkins County, TN Spouse: Frances JONES


Benjamin ( Benoni) COLDWELL

James Lawrence COLDWELL


Louisiana COLDWELL