What is Boot Camp?

The 10 Steps "Recipe for Success" Boot Camp

The Food-Preneur™  The 10 Steps "Recipe for Success" Boot Camp is an extensive series of workshops tailored to new food entrepreneurs who have a
great specialty food idea but are unsure of the next steps. Later stage established food businesses can improve their skills in key areas food marketing and sales. The series is taught by food business experts who actually market, sell and develop specialty foods products.  
Participants learn experientially through classroom interaction and are provided with tools, resources and information to learn the food business and develop plans to create sales, manage growth and create or refine a product.   
The 10 Steps "Recipe for Success"  presents the ingredients needed to be a successful FoodPreneur. We explore distribution channel dynamics and the complexities of retail trade channels. Participants will be introduced to the FoodPreneur business model template designed to clarify their vision and business model, help participants identify and understand what their product is and how to produce,market and sell it.
Upon completion of the course, participants can head to the checkout line with a personal “recipe for success, ” a completed Food-Preneur basic business plan model.