We rotate our menu to give you the best, most interesting options each day.  Here are some of the options you might find. 

Please give us a call at 978.3528 to see what we have for you today. 


The Basics - cheese - add one veggie, chicken, egg, ham, sausage $4.00-$6.00

The Temptation of Adam - apple, brie  - add chicken, ham, or sausage  $5.50- $7.00

Crêpes According to Anna - local jam (jam according to daniel) with chevre - add chicken or ham  $5.50-$7.00

Party Fowl - chicken, two veggies, cheese $7.00 

Less Ordinary - chicken, spinach, cranberry sauce, smoked gouda $7.00

The Awesome - ham, spinach, onion, garlic, cheddar, and jarlsberg $7.00

Return of the King - chicken, avocado, feta $6.50

Hangover Relief - ham, egg, cheese $7.00

The Prince of Denmark - black forest ham, spinach, brie, spicy honey mustard  $7.50

Southside of Heaven - local sausage (The Rock Barn), spinach, onion, cheddar, feta $8.00

My Morning Crêpe - local sausage, egg, onions, peppers, cheese, hot sauce $8.00

Epic Veg  - seasonal veggies and cheese  $6.50 

Greene Eggs - egg, feta, veg $6.50

Tofull - packed full with local herbed tofu (twin oaks), veggies, and cheese or make it VEGAN  $7.00

The Sexy Cheese Monger - three cheeses  $4.00


Chocolate Delights - nutella, chocolate (milk, dark, or white), add almonds, fresh fruit  $4-$5.50

My Funny Valentine - white chocolate, strawberries, cinnamon  $5.50

Mama's Apple Pie - vanilla crêpe, apples, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon $5.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crêpe - vanilla crêpe, butter, brown sugar, chocolate chunks $5.00

She Got the Honey- fresh berries, lemon honey ricotta $5.50

The Plunder of Canaan - strawberry, banana,chevre, honey $5.50

Crêpes Sucrè - sugar with... butter, cinnamon, or lemon $3.00

Sweet As - apples and dulce de leche $5.50

Crêpe Suzette - brown sugar, butter, lemon, grand marnier $5.50


Lemonades - ginger, rosemary, lavender  $2

Limeade - mint  $2

San Pellegrino Aranciata - $2

Chai Latte - $3

Hot Spiced Cider!  Real cider, real spices  (seasonal)  $2

Iced Coffee  $2

Milk (1% or Soy)   $1.50

Hot Coffee    $1.50

We can meet most any dietary requirement; VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, LOW-CARB etc..