Basketball: Glacier sweeps Flathead
By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

The Flathead High School girls basketball team fell to the Glacier High School girls team on February 23rd. Glacier beat Flathead 50-40.
Both teams came out strong in the first quarter. The Wolfpack went into the break with a 6-point lead over the Bravettes. Despite the pressure, the Wolfpack held on for the 10-point win.
Senior Tess Brenneman was the only one in double figures for the Bravettes with ten points. The Bravettes fall to 3-9 after the loss.

Flathead 13   8   5  14 — 40
Glacier   12 15 12  11 — 50
Flathead — Emma Andrews 1 0-0 2, Tess Brenneman 4 2-2 10, Emily Russell 2 2-2 8, Megan Jones 2 0-0 4, Ashlee O’Dell 3 0-0 6, Brittany Earnest 3 0-0 6, Cassie Krueger 1 0-0 2, Jenessa Heine 1 0-0 2. Totals 17 4-8 40.
Glacier — Rachel Chery 1 3-8 5, Emily Gilbertson 0 2-2 2, Cassidy Hashley 4 6-9 14, Nicole Heavirland 7 4-8 18, Dayna Niebaum 3 0-0 6, Grier Smithwick-Hann 1 0-0 2, Tiffany Marks 1 1-1 3. Totals 17 16-28 50.
3-point goals: Flathead 2 (Russell 2), Glacier 0; Total fouls: Flathead 21, Glacier 14. Fouled out: Earnest. Rebounds: Flathead 29 (Brenneman 7), Glacier 26 (Hashley 11). Turnovers: Flathead 16, Glacier 11.

Basketball: Braves Going To State

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

The Flathead High School boys basketball team punched their ticket to the state tournament. The Braves beat Missoula Sentinel 61-50 on Thursday March 1 in the Braves gym.
The Braves came out strong, and went into halftime with a 7-point lead. The Braves didn’t slow down, and ended the game with a ten-point win.
Senior Matt Mclean scored a team high with 23 points. Seniors Chris Cronk, and George Sherwood both had nine. The win sends the Braves into the State Tournament that starts March 8 in Bozeman.

Sentinel   5   15 12 18 — 50
Flathead 12 15  16 18 — 61
MISSOULA SENTINEL — Tanner Maier 0 0-2 0, Jason Neiberg 0 1-2 1, Alec Bray 1 3-4 6, Sam Hanich 4 6-9 14, Brad Corntassel 4 0-0 9, Nathan Jewett 3 0-0 6, Riley King 6 2-5 14. Totals: 18 12-22 50.
FLATHEAD — Chris Cronk 3 2-4 9, Matt Tokarz 2 1-2 5, Matt McLean 5 11-13 23, George Sherwood 2 5-7 9, Austin Jones 0 2-2 2, Shea Schroeder 1 0-0 2, Nick James 2 1-4 3, Garth West 3 2-2 8. Totals: 18 24-34 61.
3-point goals: Bray, Corntassel; Cronk, McLean; Team fouls: Sentinel 24, Flathead 25; Fouled out: Hanich, Austin Violette, Corntassel; Sherwood, Schroeder; Rebounds — Sentinel 29 (King 8), Flathead 27 (James 5); Assists — Sentinel 6, Flathead 13 (McLean 5); Steals — Sentinel 9 (Bray 3),
Flathead 14 (Sherwood 4, McLean 4); Turnovers; Sentinel 24, Flathead 22.

Flathead prepares for next year’s classes

By Natalie Koller
Of the Flathead Arrow

    It’s that time of year at Flathead High School where students are able to start exploring the wide range of classes they can participate in for the following school year.
    On Thursday Feb. 16, freshman, sophomores, and juniors gathered around the gym scouting out their 6th period teachers. This was the time for them to touch base with them to hand off their registration slips and be on their way.
    “The purpose of the Arena Registration in the evening was for student and parents to meet with their teachers and discuss their educational plans, answer any questions and then hand in their registration forms,” said Ms. Smith.
    This year, FHS has started a new program to help with the student’s registeration. So far, Powerschool has made registering flow a little bit easier. Although this is the first year the FHS staff has used Powerschool, it has been working well for them.
    “So far so good! We are excited to see how it ends up by the end of the year,” said counselor Mrs. Lauren Smith.
    On Feb. 22, being called by the first letter of their last name, students were called to the writing center to finish their registration on the computer using Powerschool. Why do you have to register through Powerschool if you already wrote it on paper, though?
    “Students fill out the registration form with teacher signatures for proper class placement. The form also provides a student with class options. Then students inputted their requests on-line. Once requests are submitted administrators will know how to staff and plan for the following year,” said Mrs. Smith.
    How do students feel about the new powerschool procedure?
    “It’s kind of confusing,” said junior Reid Clark. “You have to sign up online but also paper registration too. It’s one of those either or things, like online or paper.”
    As for some word of advice, a couple of seniors have spoken up and handed off their words of wisdom to the lower classmen.
    “Register for classes you like and want to be in. Have fun with it,” said senior April Garlough.

Basketball: A narrow win for Flathead

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School boys-basketball team defeated Misoula Hellgate 71-69 in the Braves gym on Thursday Feb 23. The win clinched a home playoff game for the Braves.
    The Braves came out on top after the first two quarters, and went into halftime with an 8-point lead. Hellgate continued to fight the Braves, and tied the game up with just seconds remaining. The Braves then inbounded the ball to senior Matt Mclean, and Hellgate elected to foul him. Mclean sealed the game hitting both free throws.
Matt Mclean led the Braves with 18 points. Senior George Sherwood, and junior Shea Schroeder were also in double-figures for the Braves.

Missoula Hellgate 14  13  16  26 — 69
Flathead                19  16  11  25 — 71
MISSOULA HELLGATE — Harvala 4-6 0-0 11, Dylan Bewley 0-1 0-0 0, Brady Henthorn 5-8 0-0 11, Brendan Jones 5-8 1-2 14, Kyle Booi 1-4 0-0 2, Jake Arledge 2-3 0-1 4, Kole Swartz 1-1 0-1 2, Zach Peevey 8-14 7-8 23, Lucas Wittkopp 1-3 0-0 2. Totals: 27-48 8-12 69.
FLATHEAD — Chris Cronk 2-3 0-0 4, Matt Tokarz 1-5 1-1 3, Drew Crosby 1-2 0-0 3, Matt McLean 1-1 15-15 18, George Sherwood 7-13 2-4 17, Austin Jones 4-6 1-3 9, Shea Schroeder 3-5 7-11 13, Nick James 2-2 0-1 4. Totals: 21-37 26-36 71.
3-point goals: Hellgate 7-15 (Harvala 3-4, Bewley 0-1, Henthorn 1-3, Jones 3-3, Arledge 0-1, Peevey 0-3); Flathead 3-9 (Cronk 0-1, Tokarz 0-2, Crosby 1-2, McLean 1-1, Sherwood 1-3); Rebounds: Hellgate 24 (Peevey 6); Flathead 23 (Schroeder 8); Assists: Hellgate 12 (Arledge 3); Flathead 12 (Sherwood 4); Steals: Hellgate 8 (Peevey 5); Flathead 8 (McLean 3); Turnovers: Hellgate 14; Flathead 14; Team fouls: Hellgate 27, Flathead 13; Fouled out: None.

Whitefish Winter Carnival

Randi Mitchell
Of The Flathead Arrow

Photos courtesy of Konnor Hopewell

   The Whitefish Winter Carnival strolls down Main Street on Saturday, Feb. 4. “It was great,” said FHS senior Jeana Gamma. “The floats looked really amazing and I had a really good time. The Yetis were kind of scary looking though.” The other highlights of the Winter Carnival were the amazing food provided by street vendors, and the Penguin Plunge held at Whitefish Lake.

Basketball: A tough loss for the Braves
By: Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School boy’s basketball team fell to the Glacier Wolfpack for the second time this season. The Wolfpack beat the Braves 57-33 on Friday Feb. 25 in the Glacier gym.
    The Braves came out strong, and went into the second quarter with a 2-point lead. After the first it seemed to be Glaciers night. They went on to win the next three quarters of the game. The Wolfpack out rebounded the Braves 45-25. The Braves committed 20 fouls, and the Wolfpack committed 19.
    Senior George Sherwood was the only player in double figures for the Braves. Sherwood had a double-double with ten points, and ten rebounds.
    The Braves finished the conference 6-6, and will host Missoula Sentinel in a play-off game.

Flathead 8  6 11   8  — 33
Glacier   6 18 15 18 — 57
FLATHEAD — Matt Tokarz 0 1-2 1, Matt McLean 1 0-1 2, George Sherwood 3 4-9 10, Austin Jones 3 0-0 6, Shae Schroeder 1 5-10 7, Matt Quist 0 0-2 0, Nick James 1 0-0 2, Garth West 2 1-3 5. Totals: 11 11-27 33.
GLACIER — Kyle Griffith 5 0-0 11, Evan Epperly 4 6-8 15, Colton Harkins 2 1-1 5, Sean Peters 1 0-0 2, Ryan Edwards 4 3-3 11, Andy Boyer 0 1-2 1, Si’Cha Tallman 1 0-0 2, Logan Iverson 3

4-4 10. Totals: 20 15-18 57.
3-point goals - Flathead 0-10, Glacier 2-10; Rebounds - Flathead 25 (Sherwood 10), Glacier 45 (Edwards 20); Fouls - Flathead 20, Glacier 19. Fouled out: none.

Basketball: Bravettes take heavy loss from Sentinel

By Justin Morton
Of the Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School’s girls basketball team lost on their home court 60-30 to Missoula Sentinel Saturday, Feb. 11.

    The game had a tense start, with the first half ending in only a one-point difference. But the Bravettes lost control in the third quarter, being out-scored 27-6.
    Sentinel’s Olivia Roberts scored 16 points. The bravettes’ Tess Brenneman was their top scoring player with a total of 13 points. The Sentinels out preformed the Bravettes with almost twice as many rebounds. The Flathead girls are now 2-5 in Western AA games and 7-8 overall.

Sentinel  10 9 27 14 – 60

Flathead 10 8  6   6  – 30
MISSOULA SENTINEL – Olivia Roberts 6-11 13-3 16, Elly Jones 3-4 1-4 7, Liz Harper 6-7 3-4 15, D.J. Reinhardt 3-14 2-3 8, Kennedy Fulbright 1-5 2-2 4, Lexi Steele 1-1 0-0 3, Sam Harper 1-1 1-3 3, Darbi Anderson 0-1 0-0 0, Amanda Bear Medicine 1-3 2-2 4, Kayla Martin 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 22-47 14-21 60.
KALISPELL FLATHEAD – Emma Andrews 2-6 0-1 4, Tess Brenneman 4-13 0-2 13, Brittany Earnest 0-6 1-2 1, Jenessa Heine 2-5 0-3 4, Ashley O’Dell 3-4 3-4 9, Megan Jones 1-2 1-2 3, Emily Russell 0-2 1-2 1, Kelsey Davis 0-1 0-0 0, Malia Ozegovich 0-1 0-0 0, Cassie Krueger 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 12-41 6-16 30.
3-point goals – Sentinel 2-9 (Steele 1-1, Roberts 1-3, Reinhardt 0-3, Fulbright 0-2), Flathead 0-7 (Earnest 0-3, Andrews 0-3, Ozegovich 0-1). Total fouls – Sentinel 15, Flathead 18. Fouled out – none. Rebounds – Sentinel 32 (L.Harper 6, Bearmedicine 6, Roberts 6), Flathead 18 (Heine 5). Turnovers – Sentinel 20, Flathead 19.

Flathead senior survives plane crash

By Kylee Schoepf
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Flathead High School senior Kayla Seaman met her dad, Mike, at the Kalispell City Airport on Saturday, Feb. 4 with the intention of flying to Havre for a family wedding. Little did she know, her day was about to take a drastic turn for the worse.
    Soon after arriving, Kayla went through the pre-flight check with her dad. Everything was in the green and where it was supposed to be. Her dad turned the airplane on and off a couple times and everything seemed fine. Kayla was co-piloting the plane with her dad. His girlfriend and their two dogs were passengers. Soon after takeoff, they prepared to make their turnaround. That’s when the engine first puttered. Then it puttered again, and the plane started descending right away. Kayla recalled looking down for a landing spot, but all she saw were roofs. “I was just thinking ‘We’re going to land on a house, we’re not going to live,’” she said.
    Kayla’s dad tried to land on a road. There were cars on both sides, but it looked like the safest route until he saw a light pole just out of the corner of his eye. This forced him to turn left. That’s when their plane hit three trees, the third one flipping them over.
    “That’s when I was knocked out,” Kayla said. “The windshield broke when the plane flipped and my head went down into the windshield.”
    The plane then hit a truck, skidded across the street and lawn, and hurtled into a house on Golden Eye Court.
    “I remember waking up and everything was really dark,” she said. “My dad was yelling ‘Are you okay? Are you alive?’ I looked down and there was a big pool of blood.”
    When Kayla’s dad got out of the plane, he immediately began ripping insulation and breaking things to get to her. Once she got out of the plane, they ran upstairs and out the front door of the house.
    “In between climbing out of the plane and running up the stairs, I don’t remember anything,” Kayla said. “I feel like it happened so fast, my dad was running because he thought it might blow up.”
    Fortunately, the best of the worst possible situation ended up saving their lives. “Everything happened so perfectly,” she said. “Hitting those trees just happened to flip us over, and then hitting the truck slowed us down. We hit a window instead of the side of the house. If we had hit about four feet over, we would have hit the gas line and everything would have blown up.”
    “My dad did everything he was supposed to; he had his game face on. He pulled the airplane down from about ninety miles per hour to about fifty, and I think that was key too.”
    Everyone made it out in good condition with no major injuries. Kayla had to have a few staples where she hit her head but has made great recovery since.
    “I’ve had a constant headache since the crash, but I’m alive, so I’m doing well,” she said.
    Kayla has been trying to get her pilot license. Since the crash, she says she’s not afraid to fly but she isn’t sure if she still wants to get her license. If she does, it will be a while. Her dad, on the other hand, is already looking for a new airplane.

Basketball: Bravettes fall to 2-8 in Western AA

By Justin Morton
Of the Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School Bravettes had a tough February, losing five of six games. They are currently at 7-11 overall and 2-8 in Western AA games. They are in 6th place which doesn’t allow them to host a playoff game. If the season ended today they would travel to Helena Capital for a playoff game.
    The Glacier Wolfpack stole a victory against the Bravettes Feb. 2 in the Flathead gym.
Cassidy Hashley, of Glacier, scored 12 points, including two 3-pointers, and led the Wolfpack past the Bravettes. Flathead had a tough time keeping up with more than twice the amount of fouls and one player, Tess Brenneman, fouling out.
The game started out in the Bravettes’ favor with the first quarter ending 16-5. But after that it went downhill for the Bravettes, ending with a 37-33 loss.
    The girls crushed Missoula Hellgate 51-34 Feb. 4 in the Flathead gym.
    The Flathead girls took command of the game from the start with a 14-2 lead by the end of the first quarter.
Emma Andrews and Brenneman led Flathead to their victory, scoring 10 and 11 points, respectively. Andrews also had seven assists and six steals to lead the Bravettes, who out-rebounded the Knights, 36-29, and had less than half of the turnovers throughout the game, 13-6.
    Flathead lost on their home court 60-30 to Missoula Sentinel Saturday, Feb. 11.
    The game had a tense start, with the first half ending in only a one-point difference. But the Bravettes lost control in the third quarter, being out-scored 27-6.
    Sentinel’s Olivia Roberts scored 16 points. The Bravettes’ Brenneman was their top scoring player with a total of 13 points. Sentinel out-preformed the Bravettes with almost twice as many rebounds.
    The girls had a tough road trip to Helena on the weekend of Feb. 17-18.
    On the 17th, they lost to Helena Capital, 58-39. On the 18th, they lost to Helena High, 55-42.
Against Capital, the Bruins took a 27-20 lead into halftime and then extended their lead with a 15-4 fourth quarter. Emma Andrews led the Bravettes with nine points. Tess Brenneman had eight rebounds.
    Against Helena High, the Bengals came out of the gate with a 22-11 lead and never looked back, hitting six 3-pointers in the game. Brenneman scored 13 points to pace the Bravettes.

 Ms. Bowen hits Rhode Island and Mexico

By Natalie Koller
Of the Flathead Arrow

    FHS English teacher Ms. ‘Asta Bowen’s dream has finally started to come true. After years of saving up enough funds, her dream of travelling the world to teach has begun.
    As of Feb. 7, Ms. Bowen made her way down to the Pacific coast to Baja California Sur, Mexico.

    She then travelled to the San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico on Feb 8. There, she was given her recording permit in order to film the 300 grey whales located there. In order to enter the lagoon, Ms. Bowen had to make her way down a 17-mile stretch of dirt road.

    On Feb. 10, she had noticed a low tide occurring at the Kaymito, San Ignacio Lagoon. This is where Ms. Bowen had the opportunity to see the grey whales.

    “Big mom spout followed by the itty bitty baby spout,” said Ms. Bowen on her Feb. 11 postcard.

    In Loredo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, on Feb. 12, Ms. Bowen decided to visit the Signs Of Hope at the Sun Market.

    “Crafts, coffee roasts creating income for people home, home, on the ranches in the mountains of Baja,” said Ms. Bowen on her Feb. 12 postcard.

    On Feb. 13, Ms. Bowen flew from San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico to Boston, Mass. After a short stop in Boston, she travelled to Providence, Rhode Island, on Feb. 15. There, she stopped to visit the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center.

    The next day, Feb. 16, Ms. Bowen got involved with other “teachers and learners,” where they were located in a paint store that was used as a classroom. This experience was called Learning Through Interests. The paint classroom was located in The Met in Providence, Rhode Island.

    Ms. Bowen’s recent travels include: La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico; San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico; Boston, Massachusetts; and Providence, Rhode Island.

    Ms. Bowen is currently making her way to Iceland from Rhode Island. By Feb 27, she expects to be in Nambia, Africa.

It’s only the beginning!

By Randi Mitchell
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Cross-Town Craze is a big thing for seniors. It’s a night to say goodbye to friends leaving to college, and to people you may not see again for a while. It’s also a night to meet new people and make new friends. It’s the seniors way to celebrate the success of high school and graduating, the new life they will have and what they are going to do. But it’s mostly for just cutting loose for one night and having fun.
    The Craze takes place after the Glacier High School graduation on June 2 at 9pm until June 3 at 5am. This year’s theme is “It’s not the end… It’s only the beginning!!” Tickets are on sale from February until that day. They are offering great incentives, if seniors buy their tickets before March 1st the ticket will only cost $25.00 and they will get 3 tickets to put in towards the Grand Prizes. From March 1 - April 30 seniors will get 2 chances but ticket prices will go up to $30.00. After May 1st ticket prices will stay at $30 but they will only get one chance to win the grand prizes. Tickets are available in the school offices.

    Some of the prizes that they are working on, but they aren’t officially secured yet are: A Car (used from Eisinger), Flight lesson, Camping "Stuff" and trying to get some water craft items.

    “Parent help is our BIGGEST need at the moment and we are asking them to plan on joining us for our next planning meeting on Wednesday March 14th 7:30 Summit Conference room 3,” said Kelly Osborne. “We have to make this party the BEST one yet!”



Basketball: Bravettes get bit by the Wolfpack

By Justin Morton
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Glacier WolfPack stole a victory against the Flathead High School Bravettes Thursday night in the Flathead gym.

    Cassidy Hashley, of Glacier, scored 12 points, including two 3-pointers, and led the Wolfpack past the Bravettes. Flathead had a tough time keeping up with more than twice the amount of fouls and one player, Tess Brenneman, fouling out.
    The game started out in the Bravette’s favor with the first quarter ending 5-16. But after that it went downhill for the braves ending with a 37-33 loss.

Glacier     5 12 7 13 - 37
Flathead 16  4  9   4 - 33
GLACIER - Rachel Chery 1 0-4 2, Emily Gilbertson 0 1-2 1, Cassidy Hashley 5 0-0 12, Nicole Heavirland 2 1-2 6, Amy Lybeck 2 7-11 11, Dayna Niebaum 2 1-2 5. Totals 12 10-24 37.
FLATHEAD - Emma Andrews 2 2-2 6, Tess Brenneman 2 0-0 4, Emily Russell 2 0-0 4, Ashlee O'Dell 1 0-0- 2, Brittany Earnest 5 3-4 14, Cassie Krueger 1 0-0 2, Jenessa Heine 0 1-2 1. Totals 13 6-8 33.
3-point goals - Hashley 2, Heavirland, Earnest. Team fouls - Glacier 10, Flathead 22. Fouled out - Brenneman

Basketball: A big win for the Braves

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Braves basketball team earned a much deserved win against the Helena High boys basketball team on Saturday February 18. The Braves beat Helena High 75-57.
    It was a near perfect first half for the Braves, and they went into halftime with an 18 point lead. Despite being down, Helena High came out and cut the lead to just 9 points after the third. The Braves ended the game strongly scoring 28 to close out the fourth quarter.
    Free throws were the difference maker for the Braves. Seniors Matt Mclean who had 22 points and went 14-16 from the free throw line, and George Sherwood who had 16 points, and was 8-9 from the line. Also in double figures for the Braves was Austin Jones with 11.
    The Braves improve to a 5-5 conference record, and 9-9 overall, and also remain in fourth place in the conference.

Helena High 11  5   22 19  - 57

Flathead       16 18 13  28 - 75

HELENA HIGH - Dylan Simac 3 4-6 12, Troy Arnston 1 0-0 3, Dawson Reardon 1 1-2 3, Zach Hulse 8 5-10 24, Austin Young 1 3-4 5, Chase South 0 0-1 0, Henry Garrett 5 0-1 10. Totals: 19 13-24 57.

FLATHEAD - Matt Tokarz 2 4-4 8, Drew Crosby 2 0-0 5, Matt McLean 3 14-16 22, George Sherwood 4 8-9 16, Austin Jones 5 1-2 11, Shea Schroeder 3 3-5 9, Nick James 1 0-0 2, Garth Wet 1 0-0 2. Totals: 21 30-36 75.

3-point goals: Simac (2), Arnston, Hulse (3); Crosby, McLean (2); Rebounds: Helena High 27 (Levi Merkel 7); Flathead 38 (Schroeder 8); Assists: Helena High 7 (Hulse 2, Arnston 2); Flathead 13 (Jones 3, Sherwood 3); Steals: Helena High 8 (Simac 3); Flathead 13 (Crosby 3); Turnovers; Helena High 22, Flathead 19; Team fouls: Helena High 25, Flathead 22; Fouled out: Simac, Arnston; Jones.

Flathead attendance policy

By Justin Morton
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Attendance probation? What does that mean? For years Flathead has had the policy that if you miss two or less excused days then you don’t have to take finals. This year that has changed. During first semester had the policy that if you had a B average in your class you did not have to take the final for the class. This current semester the policy states:
1. If a student has earned a B average or above for the semester in a class and has not exceeded four (4) excused absences (EA) for that class, the student is exempt from the semester assessment for that class during the week of the scheduled final assessment time slot.
2. If a student has earned a C average for the semester in a class and has not exceeded two (2) excused absences (EA) in that class, the student is exempt from the semester assessment for that class during the week of the scheduled final assessment time slot.
3. If a student is assigned Wednesday School, in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension for any reason, the assessment incentive is void for all their classes.
4. Any student with a UV, UA or SK absence will not qualify for this incentive for that class period.
5. The student may choose to take the semester assessment if they wish to try to improve their grade. The student will not be penalized in their quarter or semester grade for electing to take a semester assessment. Students planning to attend college are encouraged to take semester assessments.
6. The only absence categories not counted towards the two and four day incentive cap are SS, SC, CC, CS, OR and FD.
7. Students who exceed 8 absences for the semester will be placed on attendance probation and an attendance contract.
    This was declared to Flathead on the 24th of January when they started their new semester. Some kids agreed with the new policy and liked it while others groaned upon hearing it.
    “I’m not a fan of the new policy because for one reason sick kids are getting punished with attendance probation when it’s not their fault and the other reason is that kids who are community sponsored are getting punished too,” Jaryn Ravetto said. “We shouldn’t get in trouble for helping the community.”
    The criteria for earning days that count towards your eight is concerning a lot of students and is still unclear.
    “This policy is the best we have done for the students,” FHS assistant principal Mr. Bryce Wilson said. “We want the driving force to be grades and attendance rather than just focus on one.”
    This was a change from last semester when the number of absences was an astonishing five hundred plus, said Mr. Wilson. International Baccalaureate student Jeremy Zug took a different view from Ravetto.
    “The new policy is a change from last semester which is nice,” Zug said. “The new policy promotes being in school and getting good grades rather than just good grades which hurts the kids who might struggle but are still coming to class.”
    Mr. Wilson had the same point when he said, “what we wanted to fix from last semester was the absence of kids from class. When a student skips, whether he has a high grade or not, he takes away from the whole class not just himself.”
    A consequence for missing to much school is anew term attendance probation. This is the result of missing 8 days and can result in a list of punishments, which include, in-school-suspension, detention, loss of semester test incentive, loss of off-campus privileges loss of school sponsored privileges, loss of early release or late arrival, random drug testing, or an alternative education plan.
    “We will be handling these on a case by case senario to ensure that kids aren’t being treated unfairly,” Mr. Wilson said, “it’s best that kids go talk to their counselors or come talk to the administration if they want have special cases.”


A Night to Remember

By Rachel Stevens
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Prom is what everyone looks forward to at the end of the year. Who your going to go with, what your going to wear, how your hair will look, where you should take your date beforehand. These are all common topics when you ask about prom.
    This year, Prom is Saturday, Mar. 17, 9pm until midnight. The theme for prom this year is “Come Sail Away.” Mrs. Pain says we should expect something new that has never been done before.
    With the anticipation of prom, also comes the panic of planning dinner for a nice evening out before the dance begins. Some common restaurant choices are:
The Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern

1840 Us 93 S, Kalispell
Thai Palace
319 Main St. Kalispell
Tupelo Grille
17 Central Ave, Whitefish
1250 Us 2 W, Kalispell
HuHot Mongolian Grill
130 Hutton Ranch Road, Kalispell
MacKenzie River Pizza
227 Main St, Kalispell
110 Main St, Kalispell
Tamarack Brewery
105 Blacktail Road, Lakeside
Ciao Mambo
234 2nd St. E, Whitefish
Wasabi Sushi Bar
419 2nd St E, Whitefish
Los Caporales
1600 Us 93 S, Kalispell
Alley Connection
22 1st St W, Kalispell
    Make sure to make your reservations before the big night. Remember to have a fun, safe night Flathead!

Netbooks granted to Science Department

By Emily Sampson
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Hold on to your hats Flathead, here comes a new learning experience.
    The science department has been awarded two grants. The combined total of the two grants is worth $4,000. The science department has decided to purchase new Netbooks. This will enable students to learn in a new and exciting way.
    Ms. Megan Couser and Ms. Kaylee Shaw started working on this project in October and one was awarded in early December and the other early in February. The two grants that they were working on were both awarded to them. The first grant was the Kalispell Foundation of Education, worth $1,000. The next grant was from Plum Creek, worth $3,000.
    “It only took us about a week to write the proposal,” Ms. Couser said.
    The process was just writing a proposal on how technology will help the students learn with ease and help their understanding of subject matter.
    These Netbooks are Bytespeed V10 Netbooks, basically mini-laptops. School District No. 5 decided what Netbooks to buy. They will be used in the science department for Ms. Couser’s IB Biology and Ms. Shaw’s Freshman Academy classes. The Netbooks will arrive in the next couple of weeks and will be used around the beginning of fourth quarter for labs, using Probe Software.
    “The Netbooks will help us to better use the Probe software that we already have now,” Ms. Couser said.
    Probe software will help students investigate science more in depth, helping them in collecting, interpreting, and analyze data.
    “I think that anytime students can do real and important lab work their interest in the subject will grow,” Ms. Couser said.
    This will insure that students will grow in their learning and understand in the science department.

Godspell to hit FHS theatre

By Mackenzie Heaton
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School Music and Theatre Departments will be presenting the Broadway music “Godspell” next week in the David M. Hashley Theatre. This show marks the last all-school production and sole musical of the year. The production dates are Feb. 28, Mar. 1, 2, and 3 at 7pm.

    The story of “Godspell” was originally conceived and directed by John-Michael Treblak, with the music and new lyrics set by Stephen Schwartz. The plot-line is based on the parables of Jesus in the Gospels. These stories are presented with a twist by using modern music, while being based on the actual wording the Gospels and traditional hymns. The Theatre and Music departments, along with the students of FHS and guest instructors, have joined forces to create a stirring show.
    “My favorite part about this play has been bringing the aspects of singing, dancing, and acting together,” said senior stage manager Brianna Kretske said, “It’s a different type of theatre. It gives everyone more to work with and more to manager, but it’s more fun.”
    The cast presents sophomore Jhalen Salazar as Jesus and senior Jene Amundson as John the Baptist and Judas Iscariot. The Ensemble is composed of seniors Natalie Griffin and Callie Morris, and juniors Desire Fauske, Devinne Schultz, and Anna Stone. Sophomores include Catie Henderson, McKenna Wilson, and Jaben Wood. FHS students Anna Hayes and Eric Hogan lead the tech crew of Sarah Carabajal, Elaine Fraticelli, Chloe Newlon, Miriam Talus, and Alex Weed. Seniors Kristi Persinger and Erica Smith are the house managers, and senior Brianna Kretske is the stage manager, along with freshman James Early. Mrs. McGarvey is the stage director, with Ms. Sykora as the assistant director. Mr. Allen-Schmid serves as the vocal director, guest Mrs. Cummings is the choreographer, and Mrs. Putzler is the tech director. Junior Heta Nikula holds the position of costume designer.
    “It’s a good quality show,” Krestke said. “It was an edgy choice, and the audience should expect to be entertained. It’s fun, the songs are catchy, and the story will grab you off-guard.”
    Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for children, students, and senior citizens, and are available for purchase at the FHS main office, Photo Video Plus, and The Bookshelf.

Basketball: A tough loss for Flathead Braves

By Kohltin Simmes

Of The Flathead Arrow

    It was a tough night for the Flathead High School Braves on Friday night as they hosted Helena Capital on February 17. The Braves fell to Helena 48-42.

    The Braves were on top after the first quarter, and went into half time trailing by one. Capital ended up hanging on despite the hard pressure from the Braves. Senior Matt Mclean led the Braves with 11 points on the night.

Helena Capital 11 13 12 12 - 48

Flathead           14  9  10  9  - 42

CAPITAL - Cale Jacobsen 4 1-3 11, Slaten Long 3 2-2 11, AJ Wilson 2 3-4 8, Caleb Kidder 3 2-4 8, Bryson Smith 1 2-4 4, Carson Dummer 1 2-2 4, Gunnar Brekke 1 0-0 2. Totals: 15 12-19 48.

FLATHEAD - Matt McLean 4 2-4 11, George Sherwood 3 3-5 9, Shea Schroeder 2 3-4 7, Chris Cronk 2 0-0 5, Nick James 1 2-2 4, Austin Jones 2 0-0 4, Drew Crosby 1 0-0 2. Totals: 15 10-15 42.

3-point goals: Capital 6-18 (Long 3), Flathead 2-20 (Cronk, McLean); Rebounds: Capital 33 (Wilson 7), Flathead 28 (Schroeder 8); Fouls: Capital 14, Flathead 21. Technical fouls: Kidder. Fouled out: Sherwood, Jones.

Mr. Pete Fusaro reaches out

By Randi Mitchell
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Flathead High School Principal, Mr. Peter Fusaro speaks to Kalispell Middle School eighth graders in the FHS Auditorium on Friday, Feb. 3 about Flathead High School’s expectations and curriculum. The middle schooler’s toured the entire school to see what they are in for next year as freshmen.

Bad school, or just popular

By Randi Mitchell
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Our cross-town neighbors may excel in sports and activities, but when it comes to behavioral problems, Glacier High School has its fair share. Their issues have climaxed so greatly that they have made the news with some pretty eye-popping stories ranging from sexual harassment on a football bus, to bringing vodka on campus, to knives in the parking lot. But are all of these incidents truthfully news worthy?

    At the beginning of the year, students were involved in sexual “hazing” on a football bus. It was dismissed as hazing, and thought of as not a big deal. It was said that they were just boys being boys. As well as sexual harassment, they have had a problem with bringing drugs and alcohol to school, as well as weapons. During the first week of January, three younger students were caught bringing alcohol (vodka) to school and distributing it. On January 13, three students were caught using marijuana at a GHS basketball game. One of them was arrested. The next night, at a GHS dance, Officer Jason Parce found two freshman girls sitting in the back of someone else’s truck drinking Black Velvet Canadian whisky, and acting “highly impaired,” Parce said, “In all of these incidents, alcohol was obtained from home, or from other adults.” And at the beginning of February, a senior was caught in the GHS parking lot with marijuana in his car, two large knives, and a machete.

    Flathead High School’s resource officer, Tim Falkner, said that the reason why all of these incidents at Glacier made news and paper headlines was because of the incident at the beginning of the year. Glacier appears to be “under a magnifying glass” because of the sexual hazing that took place on the football bus in September, and also because they are a newer school, and people enjoy reading about what goes on there.

    Flathead High has its own set of problems that are equal to that of Glacier’s incidents, dealing with drugs and alcohol.

    “Some kids are cited every weekend for MIPs.“ said Falkner. “We have had a couple cases with drugs, but no epidemics. And we have also had several incidents with knives, but thankfully none of them were really threats.” Some of the FHS soccer girls were caught partying and drinking alcohol after a game and were kicked off the team. Officer Falkner is also waiting to hear a confirmation on an arrest involving Ecstasy use at the school.

    The only reason that people don’t think that these are as big of a deal is because none of our incidents have made news or the paper. Glacier is a newer, richer looking school, so when something goes wrong, they are the first to be published. But they aren’t just in the paper for their wrong doings; they also make it in for sports and academics a lot, too. It’s not all bad in Glacier. They are just a more athletic and popular school, which means they may get more attention, but it isn’t always a good thing.

FHS employs new ISS

By Devyn Brusell
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Picture it: You are sitting in a desk, staring at a white wall. You can hear clicking from the computer lab across the hall. You have been sitting there all day. Insanity is slowly creeping in. You are in the new In-School Suspension room.

     New? Why did the Flathead High School administration opt to change ISS? And where exactly is it?
    “The purpose of In-School Suspension or any detention-type school consequence is to change behavior,” Assistant Principle Mrs. Michele Paine said.

    In the past, ISS was held in Ms. Jan Rauthe’s study hall room. Students were required to bring homework or other materials needed to be productive. However, they rarely were. The talked, they slept, they listened to music, they texted and they frequently distracted study hall students. This semester, the same rules apply but they are more easily enforced. One different rule is a strict no electronics rule. Students have to turn in cell phones and iPods to the teacher before suspension starts.

    “Last semester, I talked, texted and wrote notes. This semester, we have to do work,” said sophomore Leana Gardner.

    Another difference between the past years and this semester is the teachers. Instead on one or two teachers, each class period has a different teacher in the room.

    "What makes the new arrangement work is that all these teachers are consistent and maintain structure,” Mrs. Paine said.

    One thing that has stayed constant is the actions of the student that will result in ISS. These include skipping, insubordination, and failure to attend a lunch detention, garbage duty or Wednesday school. The administration has the discretion to assign ISS for any reason they see fit. OSS, or Out-of-School Suspension, is reserved for when a student poses a threat to the safety of the other students or when the police are involved.

    “We like to keep students in school as much as we can, so ISS makes a lot more sense in most cases,” Mrs. Paine said.

    Administration welcomes this new arrangement, and they believe it will help students focus on school.

Hockey: Kalispell local team finishes weekend 1-2

By Stephanie Tartaglino
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead Lady Flames, a local USA Hockey team with five Flathead High School students, went 1-2 over the Jan. 27-28 weekend in three home games against Salmon, Idaho, at Woodland Park.

    After losing the first two games, the Flames held off the Rapids in the final three minutes to skate away with a 3-2 victory.
    The two leading scorers for the Flames were junior Stephanie Tartaglino and senior Bridgett Herne, who combined for seven goals over the weekend.
    Flames play the Lady Rapids again this weekend (Feb. 4-5) in Idaho. They also will host the state tournament this year in Whitefish at the Stumptown Ice Den the last weekend of this month, Feb. 24-26.

Wrestling: Braves take 10th

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    It was a bittersweet end for the Flathead Braves Wrestling team. The Braves placed 10th overall in the Montana AA State Wrestling Tournament in Billings with a total of 93.5 points.
    The Braves had four state placers. Senior Bowen Smith placed fifth in the Hwt division. Junior Nick Ivacoli also finished fifth at 160. Junior Jacob Egley placed third at 152.
    Senior Larry Francis placed first in the 171-pound division. It was his first state championship for him. Previously he has placed third, and has placed second twice. Francis defeated Trey Dillion 3-2 in the finals. 

Final team scores
Kalispell Glacier 253, Great Falls 238, Billings Skyview 224, Billings Senior 218.5, Helena 182, Missoula Sentinel 157.5, Bozeman 146, Butte 117, Billings West 96.5, Kalispell Flathead 93.5, Helena Capital 68, Missoula Big Sky 38, Great Falls CMR 33, Missoula Hellgate 20.
98 — Matt Schmidt (BSH) def Vito Degidio (BOZ), Dec 6-4.
105 — Bryan Armstrong (BUT) def Casey Dobson (GFH), Dec 2-0.
112 — Grant Boggs (HEL) def Dylan Schulte (MSN), Fall 4:50.
119 — Gabe Schroeck (HEL) def Daniel Temme (BWH), M-Dec 14-0.
125 — Justin Waterson (BSV) def Austin Shupe (GFH), Fall 5:14.
130 — Clay Cathey (BSV) def Markus Kolp (BOZ), Fall :52.
135 — Josh Morin (GFH) def Lucas Mantel (GLR), Dec 3-2.
140 — Cole Mendenhall (GFH) def Tom Challeen (BUT), Fall 1:26.
145 — Joe Malchuski (BSV) def Bryce Armstrong (BUT), Dec 11-8.
152 — Ben Sulser (BSH) def Derek McGrath (BUT), Dec 3-0.
160 — Shane St. Onge (GLR) def Sam Shelton (BSV), Dec 9-5.
171 — Larry Francis (KAL) def Trey Dillon (BSV), Dec 3-2.
189 — Jake Leinwand (BWH) def Lane Armstrong (GLR), Dec 6-3.
215 — Jaydn Wilson (MSN) def Darby Maier (MBS), Dec 14-8.
Hwt — Tucker Erickson (HEL) def Mack Sutherland (GLR), Fall 1:43.

Basketball: Braves sweep Big Sky

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Every thing seemed to be going right for the Flathead High School Boys Basketball team on Friday February 10th. The Braves defeated Big Sky 75-46 in the Braves Gym.

    The second quarter was were the Braves really seemed to shine, dropping 27 points. The Braves went into half time with a lead of 15 points. The Braves certainly did not seem to slow down. The Braves dropped 24 in the fourth. The Braves ended up defeating Big Sky by an impressive 29 points.
    Junior Shea Schroeder had a double-double with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and five steals. Also in double figures for the braves was senior George Sherwood with 16 and junior Matt Tokarz with 10.
    After the game the Braves raise to a 2-3 in conference play and 7-8 overall.

Big Sky   10 14  13   9 -   46

Flathead 12  27  12  24 - 75

BIG SKY - Baker 5 3-5 14, Graham 4 1-1 10, Thornock 1 0-0 2, Donaldson 4 0-1 8, Kester 0 2-2 2, Stemple 2 3-6 7, Lavalley 0 0-2 0, 1 0-0 3. Totals: 17 9-15 46.

FLATHEAD - Chris Cronk 1 1-2 3, Matt Tokarz 4 2-3 10, Drew Crosby 2 1-1 6, Matt McLean 3 1-2 8, George Sherwood 5 4-4 16, Shea Schroeder 9 6-9 24, Nick James 2 0-2 4, Garth West 0 2-2 2, Chandler Escalante 1 0-0 2. Totals: 27 17-25 75.

3-point goals - Big Sky 3-11 (Baker, Graham, Preston), Flathead 4-8 (Sherwood 2, McLean, Crosby); Rebounds - Big Sky 29 (Stemple 6), Flathead 25 (Schroeder 10); Assists - Big Sky 9 (Lavalley 4), Flathead 14 (Sherwood, Austin Jones 4); Steals - Big Sky 6 (Baker 2), Flathead 19 (Sherwood, Schroeder 5); Fouls - Big Sky 23, Flathead 18. Technical fouls - none. Fouled out - Donaldson.

Miller gets 2 life sentences, plus 15 years

By Rachel Stevens
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Flathead High School might have gotten a little closure Friday, Feb. 10, to a tragedy that stuck close to the hearts of everyone on Christmas of 2010.
    Tyler Miller was sentenced for the deliberate homicide of 35-year-old Jamie Hurlbert and 15-year-old Alyssa Burkett, who was a sophomore at FHS at the time. Friends and family of the deceased were called up to speak on their behalf Friday at the sentencing at the Flathead District Courthouse.
    FHS junior Dawn Walker and Kimberly Grosswiler, a junior at Glacier High School, took the stand on the behalf of Burkett. Kimberly was the first of the two girls to take the stand and spoke to Tyler Miler.
    “Christmas will never be the same for me,” Grosswiler said. “I feel like half of me is missing.”
    Grosswiler and Burkett had been inseparable since middle school. After Grosswiler, Walker took the stand.
    “She meant so much to me,” Walker said. “She was one of those friends that were true. Alyssa was an amazing girl and loved everyone.”
    Hurlbert’s sister, Jennifer Hurlbert, also took the stand and was calm, but with an attitude that was not her own.
    “It was like Jamie and Alyssa took over her body,” Walker said.
    Following the friends’ and family’s remarks, questions regarding the terrible event of Dec. 25, 2010, began. The defense and the prosecutor questioned a mental health therapist, a criminal investigator who worked on the case, and a legal assistant. It was brought up several times the factor of meth in the case. It was determined that Tyler and Jamie both had meth in their systems the day of the double homicide. The judge ruled out meth as part of the cause because Miller had planned and thought out the murders days before. Miller was sentenced to two consecutive life terms: One for the homicide of Hurlbert and another for the homicide of Burkett. He was also sentenced to 15 years for use of a weapon. He has no chance of parole. As the sentence was read, the court was filled with sighs of relief and Miller was taken out of the room.

Marry the Night engulfs Winter Formal

By Emily Sampson
Of the Flathead Arrow

    It hasn’t been a winter wonderland this year in the Flathead Valley, but it’s not stopping the Braves and Bravettes from getting pumped about Winter Formal. This year the theme for Winter Formal is “Marry the Night” which is a song sung by Lady Gaga.
    “It’s one night, you can go crazy,” junior Jaycee Rocha said.
    Winter Formal this year is Feb. 25 at 8:30 p.m. in the FHS Commons. This year people are expecting it to be packed and hoping to have a lot of good songs.
    “More than two slow songs,” Rocha hopes.
    This year a lot of new policies have come into play but the guidelines for the dance are the same as always. You MUST have a school ID to get in. Guests must get approved at the office and get a guess pass. The administration can refuse anyone at the door and random drug and alcohol test will be given. The doors close at 10 p.m. and there is no re-admittance. Go Marry the Night on Feb. 25 Flathead.

Speech and Debate: FHS takes third

By Natalie Koller
Of the Flathead Arrow

    Flathead High School’s Speech and Debate team competed in the State AA Tournament in Helena on January 27 and 28.
    There were two first-place winners for this tournament. Senior Jeremy Zugg won first in Legislative Debate. Also placing first was senior Elena Musz in the Impromptu category.

    Flathead also had two second-place winners. In the Legislative Debate, senior Scott Spring placed second. Senior Natalie Griffin took second for Serious Interpretation.

    Flathead had five third-place winners. Juniors Elle Lapp and Katie Anderson placed third for Policy Debate. In Extemporaneous Speaking senior Elena Musz placed third. Senior Natalie Griffin and junior Danny Power took third in Duo Interpretation. Senior Bri Boozell placed third in Serious Interpretation. In Original Oratory senior Emma Lawrence-Yee placed third.

    “I wouldn’t like high school as much if I didn’t join Speech and Debate. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, there’s this thing that’s fun and extremely enjoyable. Competing is fun because you meet all these new people. It’s a place where every one’s accepted.” Said junior Danny Power.

    Flathead finished with 155.5 points, giving them third place. Glacier took the win with 145 points. Bozeman trailed behind Glacier with 126 points, winning second place.

    Speech and Debate’s final tournament will be held in Butte on February 10 and 11.

Wrestling: 15 Braves qualify for state

By Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Flathead High School hosted the North Western AA divisional wrestling tournament on February 3rd and 4th, and qualified 15 wrestlers for state in Billings on Feb 10th.
    Three of Flathead’s wrestlers went to the championship round on Saturday. Jacob Egley at 145 pounds, and Coty Piasecki at 135 pounds both placed second. The Braves best performer on the day was Larry Francis. Francis won the tournament in the 171-pound division. Another positive from the tournament was the performance of junior Nick Iavicoli. Nick has been injured for the majority of the season, and still managed to place third.
    Helena High had the tournaments best showing, qualifying 23 wrestlers to state, and finished the day with four champions. Cross-town rivals Glacier High School finished with the second best showing qualifying 19 wrestlers. Flathead had the fifth best showing, with 15 going to state.
    The Braves will look to have a strong showing at the Montana State Wrestling Tournament. Going to state with the Braves are Dyan Guzman, Gavyn Wilson, Daniel Devall, Tyler Davis, Kalieb Liehr, Coty Piasecki, Evan Eickert, Jess Beaman, Jacob Egley, Sunny Cheff, Nick Iavicoli, Larry Francis, Conner Hagel, Axel Bladholm, and, Bowen Smith.

Scholarship deadlines approaching

By Devyn Brusell
Of The Flathead Arrow

    Everybody loves free money, and seniors, now’s your time. There are seven scholarships deadlines approaching. Head to the FHS Career Center to apply. Here is a list of the scholarships with approaching deadlines.
· Kalispell Farmers Market College Scholarship: Criteria include Community Involvement, Transcript, 2 letters of recommendation and long term objectives. Due by March 1, 2012.

· Allison Fifield Memorial Scholarship: Criteria include 2.5 GPA, pursing a degree with any accredited institution, 2 letters of recommendation, 3 references and a 500-word essay. Due by March 6, 2012
· Sons of Norway Scholarship: Criteria include attending an accredited college, an essay, transcript and recommendations. Due by March 14, 2012.
· Governor’s Best & Brightest “Merit” & “Merit At-Large” Scholarship: Criteria include an essay, extracurricular activities and volunteer work. Due by March 15, 2012.
· Flathead Electric Cooperative Scholarship (1 year): Criteria include parent membership to Flathead Eclectic and the money must be used to attend FVCC. Due March 16, 2012.
· Flathead Electric Cooperative Scholarship (2 years): Criteria include parent membership to Flathead Eclectic and the money must be used to attend a Montana 2-year college. Due March 16, 2012. Flathead Electric Cooperative Scholarship (4-year): Criteria include parent membership to Flathead Electric and the money must be used to attend a Montana 4-year college. Due March 16, 2012.

Wrestling: Flathead wrestling wipes out Helena Capital Bruins

By Caitlyn Lofgren
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead High School Braves wrestling team beat Helena Capital Bruins 44-36 at Flathead on Saturday, January 28.
    Capital won the first four matches to take a 24-0 lead.
    Then junior Coty Piasecki pinned his opponent halfway through the second round of the 135-pound match to put the Braves on the scoreboard at 24-6.
    After four matches, which included junior Jacob Egly (152) pinning his opponent and junior Nick Iavicoli (160) winning by decision, senior Larry Francis (175 pound) took down his opponent in 46 seconds to cut Capital’s lead to 27-26.
    Capital extended its lead to 36-26 before Flathead ended the dual with three straight forfeits leading the Braves to victory.
The three were freshman Dyan Guzman (98), sophomore Gavyn Wilson (112), and senior Bowen Smith (Hwt) all won by forfeit of their opponent.

Flathead 44, Helena Capital 36
Match started 112
98 — Dyan Guzman, F, won by forfiet; 105 — Gavyn Wilson, F, won by forfeit; 112 — Trevor Ball, C, pinned Daniel Devall, :47; 119 — Eric Emge, C, pinned Haze Bell, 3:51; 125 — Alex Markle, C, won by forfeit; 130 — Lawrence Lesofski, C, pinned Kalieb Liehr, :41; 135 — Coty Piasecki, F, pinned Sam Asay, 3:23; 140 — Suny Cheff, F, tech fall Lane Clark, 15-0; 145 — Jackson Haider, C, dec. Jess Beaman, 11-5; 152 — Jacob Egley, F, pinned Ben Clark, 2:49; 160 — Nick Iavicoli, F, dec. Chaz McGurn, 5-2; 171 — Larry Francis, F, pinned Dillon Koffman, :46; 189 — Allen Schmitz, C, won by forfeit; 215 — Jake Bernard, C, dec. Conner Hagel, 6-5; Hwt —Bowen Smith, F, won by forfeit.

Basketball: Bravettes dominate Missoula Hellgate

By Justin Morton
Of The Flathead Arrow

The Flathead High School girl’s basketball team crushed Missoula Hellgate 51-34 Saturday night in the Flathead gym.

The Flathead girls took command of the game from the start with a 14-2 lead by the end of the first quarter.

Emma Andrews and Tess Brenneman led the Flathead girls to their victory scoring 10 and 11 points, respectively. Andrews also had seven seven assists and six steals to lead the Bravettes, who out-rebounded the Knights, 36-29, and had less than half of the turnovers throughout the game, 13-6.

The Flathead girls are now 2-4 in Western AA games and 7-7 overall.

Missoula Hellgate 2  11  8  13 — 34
Flathead               14 14 15   8 — 51

MISSOULA HELLGATE — Lara Gunderson 0-3 0-0 0, Sophie Hainline 1-2 0-0 2, Kelsey Meagler 4-8 0-0 8, Nettie Pen 3-7 0-2 7, Jenae White 0-2 0-2 0, Hydee Wilson 0-2 0-0 0, Lexi Dre 3-8 1-2 7, Makayla Resner 0-1 0-0 0, Jillian Adams 3-5 3-4 9. Totals: 14-38 4-10 34.
FLATHEAD — Emma Andrews 5-11 0-4 10, Tess Brenneman 4-8 2-2 11, Brittany Earnest 2-7 0-0 4, Cassie Krueger 0-1 0-0 0, Jenessa Heine 3-7 2-2 8, Emily Russell 2-3 0-0 4, Megan Jones 2-3 0-0 4, Kelsey Davis 0-3 2-4 2, Ashlee O’Dell 3-10 2-2 8, Malia Ozegovich 0-2 0-0 0. Totals: 21-55 8-14 51.
3-point goals—Pen; Brenneman; Rebounds— Hellgate 29 (Meagler 7); Flathead 36 (Krueger 8); Assists—Hellgate 9 (Meagler 4), Flathead 20 (Andrews 7); Steals— Hellgate 4, Flathead10 (Andrews 6); Turnovers— Hellgate 13, Flathead 6; Team fouls—Hellgate 10, Flathead 10; Fouled out—None.

Basketball: Glacier beats out Braves

By Kohltin Simmes

Of The Flathead Arrow

            Five points was all that separated the two cross-town rivals on Thursday February 2nd in the Flathead High School gym. Flathead High School boys basketball team played the Glacier Wolfpack. Glacier High School narrowly defeated Flathead High School by a score of 68-63. It was a highly physical game containing 45 fouls, which made it an extremely long game.

    Flathead was leading by three after a low scoring first quarter. Despite coming out trailing, the Wolfpack dropped 25 points on the Braves in the second quarter, and that would proved to be the difference maker. The teams split the third quarter, and the Braves went into the fourth trailing by five, and would eventually lose the game by that amount.

    Standout performers on the night for the Braves were seniors George Sherwood and Matt McLean. Sherwood led the Braves with 22 points. McLean scored 14 points, and hit two threes in the process. The Braves fell 2-3  in conference play and 6-7 overall. 


GLACIER 7 25 16 20 - 68

 FLATHEAD 10 17 16 20 - 63

 GLACIER - Evan Epperly 7 9-12 24, Ryan Edwards 6 3-5 15, Kyle Griffith 5 4-4 14, Sean Peters 5 1-1 11, Logan Iverson 1 1-5 3, Andy Boyer 0 1-2 1, Colton Harkins 0 0-4 0. Totals: 24 19-29 68.

 FLATHEAD - George Sherwood 8 5-9 22, Matt McLean 4 4-5 14, Matt Tokarz 3 0-0 7, Austin Jones 1 5-8 7, Shea Schroeder 2 2-6 6, Drew Crosby 1 0-0 3, Chris Cronk 1 0-0 2, Nick James 0 2-2 2, Garth West 0 0-1 0. Totals: 20 18-31 63.

3-point goals: McLean 2, Tokarz 1, Crosby 1, Sherwood 1, Epperly 1. Team fouls: Glacier 23, Flathead 22. Technical fouls: none. Fouled out: Peters, Sherwood.

Girls Basketball: Girls Basketball Starting on the Right Foot
By Makayla Moore
Of The Flathead Arrow

    The Flathead girls’ basketball team is 3-4 at the beginning of the conference season. The girls started their season off playing four non-conference games against, Great Falls High, Columbia Falls, Libby, Whitefish, and Cour d’Alene. They're starting their conference season off with Missoula Sentinel Jan. 5 then that Saturday taking on the Big Sky Eagles. They are 0-2 in Western AA.

     “We started out slow but now we are stepping it up, especially against Big Sky.,” Junior post Jennesa Heine said. “My hope is that we can continue playing like a team and win some more games.”

“What we need is consistent shooters,” Head coach Karly Tait said during tryouts at the beginning of the season.

    And so far that’s what the girls are working on. Its not that they have only one hotshot shooter but they have a variety of girls making points each game. Flathead sophomore Emma Andrews leads the Bravettes with the most points averaged per game with nine. Following Andrews is seniors Tess Brenneman with eight, Brittany Earnest with seven, and sophomore Jennesa Heine with six.

    Shooting isn’t the only element that the girls have that gets them points, but steals also help. Brenneman also leads the girls in average steals a game with three, followed by Andrews and Earnest with two.

    Heine leads the Bravettes in average rebounds per game with six. Andrews and Brenneman with three.

    Flathead is off to a decent start but the girls still have a lot to work to do to get to their long-term goal, getting to state.

    “We need to make sure we have super high intensity at the start of the game so we don’t get down and frustrated early.” Said senior captain Tess Brenneman. “We also need to work on taking care of the ball and being strong on offense.”
The Flathead Bravettes have more than half the season left to keep excelling with both Helena teams coming for a visit on Jan. 27 and 28, with the cross-town game on Feb 2 at home.

Wrestling: Wrestlers eighth at Pacific Northwest Classic

By Kohltin Simmes
Of the Flathead Arrow

     It was a disappointing day for the Flathead High School wrestling team. FHS finished eighth at the Pacific Northwest Classic wrestling tournament.
     FHS had a total of 99 and a half points, compared to first place Glacier who had 194 points. Despite receiving eighth, it was not all negative for FHS. Out of nine of wrestlers from Flathead, five of them placed.
     Larry Francis was the stand out performer for FHS again. He placed first in the 170 pound division. Coty Piasecki was third at 132, and Jacob Egely was fourth at 152.

Glacier 194, University High 144 1/2, Deer Park 140 1/2, Chiawana 133, Shadle Park 125, Mt. Spokane 123 1/2, Southridge 112, Flathead 99 1/2, Othello 97, Lewis & Clark 77, Wenatchee 68, Lake City 63, Hanford 54 1/2, Lakeside 41, North Central 41, Ferris 32, Pigdogs 29, Richland 26.

Girls Basketball: Tough game for the Bravettes
By Makayla Moore
Of The Flathead Arrow

     The Bravettes took on Missoula Sentinel Thursday Jan. 5 in Missoula. Sophomore Emma Andrews led the Bravettes with most points with 12. The Bravettes lost this game 34-40.
The Bravettes started on the bottom from the tip-off.
“We had a hard time getting going, and our close-outs weren’t very well considering Sentinel is a shooting team.” Said senior Brittany Earnest
Sentinel out-scored us in all quarters but the fourth. Although Flathead wasn’t far behind in rebounding the girls had 25 to their 27, and we only had 14 team fouls to their 16 as well.
The girls are now 3-3 for a seasonal record, and take on the Missoula Big Sky Eagles Saturday Jan. 7 at home.
“With the season just starting I’m very excited to see what the girls can improve on and we get to see Missoula again. By then we should be a lot better.” Said head coach Karly Tait.

Flathead 9 8 11 6 - 34
Sentinel 16 15 15 4 – 50

FLATHEAD - Emma Andrews 5 1-2 12, Tess Brenneman 2 2-5 6, Emily Russell 1 0-0 2, Megan Jones 0 0-1 0, Kelsey Davis 1 2-2 4, Malia Ozegovich 1 0-0 2, Cassie Krueger 1 2-2 4, Jenessa Heine 1 2-2 4. Totals 12 9-14 34.
MISSOULA SENTINEL - Kennedy Fulbright 2 0-0 4, Liz Harper 4 4-4 12, Olivia Roberts 4 1-2 11, DJ Reinhardt 5 2-5 12, Lexi Steele 2 3-4 7, Amanda Bearmedicine 1 2-2 4. Totals 18 12-17 50.
3-point goals - Flathead 1 (Andrews), Sentinel 2 (Roberts 2). Total fouls - Flathead 14, Sentinel 16. Rebounding - Flathead 25 (Krueger 8), Sentinel 27 (Bearmedicine 7).

Wrestling: Francis ranked number one

By Kohltin Simmes
Of the Flathead Arrow

     Flathead High School wrestler Larry Francis is ranked number one, in the 171-pound weight division.  Francis has been the stand out performer for FHS this season.
     The 4th Annual Tournament of Champions is a poll that ranks wrestlers. The wrestlers are ranked off of their results from the season, and based on current coaches opinions.

98 - Schmidt, Senior; Komac, Great Falls; McDaniel, Forsyth; Brenna, Havre
105- Bailey, Helena; Wegner, Senior; Dobson, Great Falls; Snider, Harlem
112- Boggs, Helena; Schulte, Sentinel; Jones, Sidney; Minkoff, Senior; Harney, Butte
119 - Schlosser, Conrad; Schroeck, Helena; Kukes, Laurel; Waterson, Skyview; Temme, West
125 - Kinn, Glendive; Gernot, Lewistown; Feistner, Polson; Shupe, Great Falls; Weatherston, Belgrade
130 - Cathey, Skyview; French, Forsyth; Kolp, Bozeman; Mitchell, Glacier
135 - Morin, Great Falls; Kukes, Laurel; Nile, Forsyth; Ishler, Frenchtown
140 - Zeiger, Glasgow; Mendenhall, Great Falls; Davis, Corvallis; Tezak, Dillon
145 - Leir, Libby; Malone, Lewistown; Christianson, Broadwater; Sipe, Glacier
152 - Hinebauch, Havre; Brauer, Forsyth; Shelton, Skyview; Cooper, Laurel
160 - Kramer, Laurel; Stanghill, Drummond; Sulser, Senior; St. Onge, Glacier; Nagel, Corvallis
171- Francis, Flathead; Gosselin, Laurel; Dillon, Skyview; Paine, Senior
189 - Stroh, Chinook; Fulton, Forsyth; Schaub, Havre; Leinwand, West
215- Jones, Chinook; Maier, Big Sky; Koslowsky, Dillon; Boucher, Laurel
HWT- Yates, Colstrip; Erickson, Helena; Neulib, Sidney; Clairmont, Polson

Consumerism triumphs over Christmas
By Alyssa Dillon
Of The Flathead Arrow

     Warm fireplaces with stockings on the mantle; hot chocolate and homemade gingerbread houses. A time when children still believed in Santa Clause, and parents did everything in their power to keep it that way. A time when just having people to care for was all that mattered, well, not anymore.
     This year the most important part about Christmas was the spending. According to Shopper Trak research, between December 1-24 of 2011, consumer spending was 4.7% higher than it was last year, and a great deal of that spending was online. Comscore, a market research organization, found that between November 1 and December 26 of 2011 consumers spent $35.3 billion online (an entire 15% more than last year).
     Over the decades even the older generations of Christmas shoppers have conformed to the capitalist ideas now tied to Christmas. Rather than giving their grandchildren hand knit sweaters, grandparents are simply buying them gift cards. This year, 18% of all gifts were gift cards (ICSC- Goldman Sachs survey). This shows just how much capitalism is affecting people. Gift cards do not say what one person truly means to another, there is very little thought and effort that goes in to a gift card.
     Christmas is not only becoming more consumerist based, but the motives for Christmas shopping are becoming more and more selfish. As long as one is buying an iPod for someone for Christmas, they think they might as well buy one for themselves too. This year one of the biggest shopping days of the Christmas season has grown even more, the day after Christmas. The day after all presents are exchanged, and people go out to spend even more money. This year the total sales increased an entire 25.5% from 2010, reaching a total of $7.1 billion. Not only that, but 11.3% of these sales were for mobile devices alone. It is hard to say whether technology is fueling consumerism or consumerism is fueling technology, but according to IBM Coremetrics Benchmark, out of all the traffic on December 26, an entire 6% came for iPads alone. iPhones were a close second, accounting for a total of 5.8% of all traffic, and Androids were responsible for 4.6% of all traffic.

     “I think the idea of Christmas has changed over the years,” said Flathead High School junior Jack Abernathy. “The majority of the population focuses more on what they get for Christmas and what they get others, rather than focusing on the more important things like family.” People have reached the point where they are always left wanting, always “needing” something more than what they have. It is time for people to start remembering what Christmas is really about.

Girls Basketball: Bravettes come up short
By Makayla Moore
Of The Flathead Arrow

     Senior captain Tess Brenneman led the Bravettes point wise in the game against Missoula Big Sky on Saturday Jan. 7. Flathead had a close game but came up short with the Eagles 52-49.
The girls had a good game overall and excelled in the second half, out-scoring Missoula in the fourth quarter 16-14. Statistics wise the Bravettes had one of their best games this season.
Bravettes are now 3-4 going into a whole week of practice until their next game at home Saturday, Jan. 14 against CMR at 7:30.

Missoula Big Sky 9 9 20 14 — 52
Flathead 5 18 10 16 — 49
MISSOULA BIG SKY — Dani Baker 4 7-7 15, Kristen Dougherty 3 4-4 11, Kendra Joyce 2 4-9 8, Kelsey Donnelly 0 0-2 0, Elle Tinkle 5 3-3 14, Hannah Moreau 0 1-2 1, Mac Freeman 0 1-4 1, Anna Johnson 1 0-2 2, Jessie Schafer 0 0-2 0. Totals: 15 20-35 52.
FLATHEAD — Tess Brenneman 3 9-11 15, Ashlee O’Dell 2 1-2 5, Brittany Earnest 3 3-4 11, Cassie Krueger 2 3-5 7, Jenessa Heine 4 3-6 11. Totals: 14 19-28 49.
3-point goals: Dougherty, Tinkle; Earnest (2); Team fouls: Big Sky 24, Flathead 22; Fouled out: Moreau; Earnest.

Scholarships of the Month
By Alyssa Dillon
Of The Flathead Arrow

     As juniors and seniors prepare for college, they face a complicated search for a means to pay for their college tuition, and one of the many forms of financial aid is scholarships. There are millions of scholarships available, but for some students it is a long and hard process to narrow down the search to the scholarships they are qualified for. is a site designed to help students narrow down that search.
“It was really easy to sign up for. It is just like an email account or anything else, free. Every day it seems like it finds another scholarship for me to apply for,” said Flathead High School senior Barbara Hammer.
The Ayn Rand Institute is providing one of the upcoming scholarships, the Fountainhead Essay Contest. This contest is open to juniors and seniors only. Contestants must read the book Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand, and write an 800-1,600 word essay relating to the given topics (which can be found on the sponsors website). These essays will be judged on both style and content, and students must show their ability to understand the book from a philosophic perspective. The deadline is April 26, 2012 and the award is $10,000.
Another upcoming scholarship opportunity is the “Frame my Future” scholarship, provided by Church Hill Classics. This contest is open to any students planning to enroll in a college or university here in the United States for the 2012-2013 school year. For this contest, students must submit an original creation expressed through one image, in the format of a digital JPEG imaget, that portrays what they hope to achieve in their personal and professional life after college. Entry pieces can range from photographs, collages, and drawings to a graphic design piece, painting, or any other creation of a single image.
For students that are not particularly interested in writing essays or creating a JPEG file, College Prowler has created a scholarship that requires only the name, phone number, and little other basic information of the contestants to compete. This scholarship is worth $2,000 and there is a drawing every month. Each month, students have the opportunity to try again.
All three of these scholarships were provided by Fastweb, but there are many other sites just like Fastweb that can be just as helpful in narrowing down the scholarship search and even eliminating scams. A few of the most popular of these sites include,,,,, and

New Year brings new resolutions

By Alyssa Dillon
Of The Flathead Arrow

     As another year has come and gone, everyone is making new resolutions to help make this year better than the last. These are some of the ‘New Years Resolutions’ here at Flathead High School:
“My New Years Resolution is to not fail any classes”-Brahm Hammer, freshmen
“I would like to be good to all people and be the best boyfriend ever!”-Brandon Shores, junior
“To get a job and stay out of trouble” -Macaulay Nelson, junior
“My New Years Resolution is to amend the promises I’ve broken and regain that which I hold nearest and dearest to my heart!!!” –Nick Stockton, junior
“I want to start out my life on my own, successfully” –Barbara Hammer, senior
“My New Years Resolution is to get a job and stick to it, and be happy” -Chloe Street, sophomore
“Rather than focusing so much on my future, I will spend more time with my friends and just relaxing” -Jack Abernathy, junior
“I want to stop beating on my brother, go to bed before 9pm, pass my math class, and apply for all available scholarships” -Kari McGrath, senior.
“My New Years Resolution is to avoid junk food/ fast food, soda, and candy/sweets of any kind” -Emily Fleming, senior
“I want to be a good foster mom” -Ms. Shelby Moody

2012- Will the world end?
by Alyssa Dillon
Of The Flathead Arrow

     “No! The world will not end! I know because I am, believe it or not, a psychic!” said Flathead High School senior Kari McGrath. Other ‘psychics’, however, have predicted otherwise and now the question that many people are asking is, ‘Is the world really going to end?’.
Like Kari McGrath, most students believe the “End of Days” prophecy to be false. “The world is not ending!” said FHS senior Emily Fleming. “The Mayans were just messing with us by ending the calendar. And on the chance that the world does end it wont matter because we will all be dead.”
The year 2012 is full of mysteries, with various theories on how it will close, all coming from different prophets and seers, psychics and scientists. According to, there are five main theories that all revolve around December of 2012; and they are as follows:
“(1) There have been 3 or 4 previous races and ages of humanity, all of which have been destroyed in major cataclysms. December 21, 2012 marks the end of this age and it will end in major catastrophes such as Earthquakes;
“(2) For half of the Katun (20 year Mayan cycle) there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This brings the end of the ‘word of God’. It is a time for uniting for a cause;
“(3) As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war and ongoing Earth changes;
“(4) The Earth will undergo a magnetic field shift, reversing the polarity of the planet;
“(5) An asteroid or comet will collide with the Earth.”
Even though these five theories are considered to be the most ‘valid’ the validity of the ‘End of Days’ theories is still at question.
     In a small survey of Mr. Riley’s 5th period Children’s Literature class, given to determine how FHS students feel about these theories, not a single student truly believed that the world is going to end. Hopefully, for Flatheads graduating seniors this year, these students are right.
Although senior Kari McGrath may not be a psychic, she is determined. “I have my whole future planned out and nothing, I say nothing! Will interfere with my wonderful plans. Dying right after I graduate is not part of my plans,” said McGrath. 

Girls Basketball: Flathead Spears the Bulldogs
by Makayla Moore

Of The Flathead Arrow

     The Flathead girls basketball team showed up to play against the Whitefish Bulldogs Dec. 20. The girls out played and out scored them in every quarter ending the game 52-14.

     Sophomore guard Emma Andrews led the Bravettes in total points with 10, and Senior guard Tess Benneman behind her with 7. Flathead let the Bulldogs only score seven points a half and the girls scored 21 in the first half and 31 in the second.
     “I was very pleased with the girls’ play.” Head coach Karly Tait said. “We were able to run our plays right and make good decisions off them.”
     The Bravettes are 3-1 in the pre-conference games. Flathead will be on the road to take on 5A high school Cour D’Alene on Dec. 22.

Flathead 8 13 16 15 — 52
Whitefish 1 6 5 2 — 14
FLATHEAD — Emma Andrews 5 0-1 10, Tess Brenneman 3 1-2 7, Megan Jones 1 0-0 2, Kelsey Davis 0 8-8 8, Brittany Earnest 1 0-0 2, Malia Ozegovich 2 0-0 4, Cassie Krueger 2 1-2 5, Jenessa Heine 5 4-6 14. Totals: 19 14-19 52.
WHITEFISH — Brooke Silliker 1 0-0 2, Taylor Havens 0 1-2 1, Ashley Millard 0 0-2 0, Ashlee Brewer 3 0-0 6, Ashley O’Dell 1 0-0 2, Simone Craft 1 0-2 2, Shannon Craft 0 1-2 1. Totals: 6 2-8 14.
3-points: None; Team fouls: Flathead 9, Whitefish 14; Fouled out: None.

Girls Basketball: Girls beat out the Lady Loggers
by Makayla Moore
Of The Flathead Arrow

     Senior Tess Brenneman and junior Emma Andrews led the Bravettes to the first home game win with 11 points apiece Saturday Dec. 17. The Bravettes let Libby score only one basket in the fist quarter to our 19 points and never looked back ending the game 58-25.
Senior Captain Tess Brenneman had 11 points to carry the girls to a victory. The girls are off to a great start with a record of 2-1.
This was not a conference game. Their first conference game will be against Missoula Sentinel on Jan. 5 in Missoula.

Flathead 58, Libby 25
Libby 2 10 1 12  25
Flathead 19 13 14 12  58
Libby  Alyssa Welker 1 0-0 2, Kaitlyn Gilder 0 0-2 0, Hannah England 4 0-0 8, Jenny Johnson 1 0-0 2, Kelsey Klin 1 2-2 4, Hailey Craig 1 0-0 2, Shyla Stevenson 1 2-2 4, Kim Tangen 1 0-0 2, Hailey Moe 0 1-2 1. Totals 10 5-10 25.
Flathead  Emma Andrews 4 3-4 11, Tess Brenneman 5 1-2 11, Emily Russell 1 0-0 2, Kelsey Davis 0 3-4, Ashlee ODell 1 1-2 3, Brittany Earnest 7 2-6 , Cassie Krueger 1 3-4 5, Jenessa Heine 3 0-0 6. Totals 21 1 13-24 58
3-point goals: Libby 0, Flathead 1 (Earnest). Totals fouls: Libby 18, Flathead 13. Fouled out: None.

Wrestling: Tough Night for Wrestlers
by Kohltin Simmes
Of The Flathead Arrow
Flathead’s boys wrestling team had a disappointing night at Glacier High School, against their cross-town rival at the Cross Town Dual on January 4th. Glacier won the dual 63 to 13.
     Despite the score, it was still a highly exciting dual, and evenly contested. The difference was Glaciers ability to come from behind in matches.

     The Brave’s two wins came from junior Jacob Egley at 152 with a major decision, and senior Larry Francis at 171 with a decision win. 

Glacier 63, Flathead 13
Dual started at 119
98: Quinn Barber, G, dec. Dyan Guzman, 9-4; 105: Cody Decker, G, maj. dec. Daniel Devall, 15-5; 112: Gavyn Wilson, F, won by forfeit; 119: Christian Knopp, G, dec. Tyler Davis, 9-7; 125: Alek Mitchell, G, p. Kalieb Liehr, 5:18; 130: Kaleb Mitchell, G, won by forfeit; 135: Lucas Mantel, G, p. Coty Piasecki, 3:33; 140: Jackson Barber, G, p. Suny Cheff, 3:30; 145: Cooper Sipe, G, tech fall Jess Beaman, 16-0; 152: Jacob Egley,F, maj. dec. Grant Tafoya, 14-2; 160: Shane St. Onge, G, won by forfeit; 171: Larry Francis, F, dec. Riley Pisk, 3-1; 189: Lane Armstrong, G, won by forfeit; 215: Jake Tudahl, G, p. Connor Hagel, 3:36; 285: Mack Sutherland, G, p. Axel Bladholm, :42.

Girls Basketball: Tough loss for the Bravettes

by Makayla Moore
Of The Flathead Arrow

     The Bravettes had a tough loss in their season opener against the lady Bison of Great Falls on Dec. 10. The Bison reigned victorious with an ending score of 26-31.
Senior guard Brittany Earnest and sophomore post Jennessa Heine led the girls with 6 points each. The lady Bison out scored the Bravettes in every quarter except the third the Bravettes score 13 to their nine.
The Bravettes play Columbia Falls on Dec. 16 for another away game. Their first home game will follow on Dec. 17 against the Libby Loggers.

Great Falls High 46
Kalispell Flathead 31
Flathead 4 6 13 8 -- 31
Great Falls 14 10 9 13 -- 46
Kalispell Flathead – Brittany Earnest 2 1-2 6, Jennessa Heine 3 0-0 6, Emma Andrews 1 3-5 7, Tess Brenneman 1 2-4 4, Ashlee O’Dell 1 4-4 6, Kelsey Davis 0 2-2 2. Totals: 9 12-17 31.
Great Falls High – Kelsey Devlin 4 2-3 10, Jordan Johnson 2 0-1 5, Callee Remsen 1 0-0 2, Katie Dolan 3 0-0 7, Markaela Francis 0 4-6 4, Macaulea Romsa 4 1-5 9, Katie Schermele 0 3-4 3, Danica Wassmann 0 3-4 3, Jessica Keller 0 1-4 1, Savannah Kynett 0 0-2 0. Totals: 15 14-29 46.
3-pointers – Earnest, Johnson, Dolan. Total fouls – Flathead 23, Great Falls 17. Fouled out – Heine. Turnovers – Flathead 24, Great Falls 19. Rebounds – Flathead 30 (Davis 6), Great Falls 37 (Remsen 8).

Marines sponsor pull-up challenge in FHS Commons
By Alyssa Dillon
Of The Flathead Arrow

     On Thursday, Dec. 8, two Marines recruiters set up a booth and a pull-up bar for a pull-up challenge in the Commons at Flathead High School.

This pull-up challenge generated a lot of student interest and attention for the Marines, and gave students a chance to ask questions. Sergeant Garcias-Magallones told students that the reason he enlisted was, “Because I was a trouble maker, and I wanted to get myself on the right path.”
Many students entered into the pull-up challenge, the goal of this challenge was to reach at least 20 pull-ups. For female participants, the challenge was to last 70 seconds in a flexed arm hang, which is the equivalent of 20 pull-ups for a male.
So far this year they have not had any Flathead students enlist in the Marines, but one student from Glacier has enlisted.
Sergeant Berquist said that, “For anyone showing interest, I would advise them to call Sergeant Garcias. He can answer any question you can think of.”