DIY Vacuum Pump

How to convert aquarium air pumps into a vacuum pump. Use a vacuum pump to remove air from fish tank connector or find other uses. With two common pumps  Hawkeye 201 and Aqua Culture 20 60 air pump conversion diagrams and instructions.
2 Vacuum Pump Conversions!
Some Piece's of wood and a cheap sensor, converted aquarium air pump to vacuum.
 Pump 1 - Hawkeye 201 Mini Air Pump
1. Rotate top of pump counter-clockwise and pull to remove.
2. Unscrew top screw.
3. Remove rubber gasket and valve assembly until you have these parts.

4. Cut the opening shown, use sharp blade and cut a "V-Shape" pointing towards center. 

5. Reassemble the parts, line up the holes as shown.
Note new position of gasket.
6. Re-align the vacuum hole on the valve so it goes through the modified hole in the gasket.
 Make sure the gasket doesn't spin while screwing back together. 
Pump 2 - Aqua Culture 20 60 gallon Dual outled Aquarium Air Pump
1. Remove 4 bottom screws and remove lid.
2. Remove the one screw holding the pump assembly.
3. Peel back rubber pump cups.
4. Remove center screw on blue valve assembly.
5. This is one side, you can change both sides to vacuum or just one and use it as a regular air pump also.
6. All you need to do is ROTATE the blue valve and the rubber gasket and screw together with new position.
ORIGINAL position of valve assembly.
NEW position of valvle assembly.
7. Install rubber gasket and blue valve assembly in NEW position. Rotated about 170 degrees clockwise.
8. Reinstall back into the pump and your ready to suck!! 
To Do the other side, flip it so the knob is between the two openings. Cut a slit or a hole exactly 180 degrees from the original. Install the blue valve piece the same.
Note: These converted air pumps ONLY work when dry. When water gets into them they are an electrical and fire hazard and does NOT work properly. If you get water into the unit take it apart again and dry the pieces with a rag and blow dry then reassemble. Never work on pump while plugged in. Use a water container between pump and water source to prevent water from entering device.
How to fill a your tank connector with a converted air pump, piece of foam and an air nozzle (found with most powerheads) removes air from the tank easily and for less than an electronic water level system.
See this vacuum pump on youtube with the switch installed. Control your vacuum tank for the price of an aquarium air pump and an on/off switch.
 Here is a demo of water build up. After a couple weeks there will be some bubble that will accumulate in the top tank. To compensate install a floater switch at the water level to automatically return the tank to original level. Prevent water spills with an automated water level system from the hardware store.
Disclaimer: always use eye protection and safety measures when building diy projects, see disclaimer we are not responsible for accidents or injuries because of any information from this website, we offer informational service only.