DIY Sump Refugium Aquarium Filter

How to make a sump tank with a tank of your size quick and easy with instructions, diagrams and 10 gallon sump measurements. For larger sumps add your own measurements. Make your own aquarium filter with parts from the hardware store.
1. Find out the size of the inside openings of your tanks. And write down the W and L.
2. Cut 1 piece of acrylic the L which is usually the long measurement.   10 gallon tank sizes here: (19 3/4"L) x (between 9 and 11" High)
3. Cut an opening for flow on the left. Also the right cuts for the filter openings. Cut the RED highlighted in the picture below. 
4. Figure out the size of your "Bio Box". 
5. You will need Length x Width x Height. For standard 10 gallon tank use these for best results up to 120 gallon tank filter. 
    (7 1/4"W x 11 3/4"L x 11 1/2"H)   These are total lengths you will need to figure out the thickness and overlay measurements
5. Get Bio-Balls or equivalent and figure the amount for the size of your tank (in cubic feet per gallon). Crushed Coral and Saltwater Sand is great for refugium tanks.
6. You will need filter material if you dont have another filtration device. I would buy pond filter material in rolls and cut to size.
7. Measure Piece 3.  Measurements for the 10 Gallon with gap for rim 7 1/2"W x 11"H. 
8.  Measure Piece 2; considering the size of your "Bio Box" and your tank opening. Making sure it all fits before silicone.
Here is Piece 1.

Disclaimer: always use eye protection and safety measures when building diy projects, see disclaimer we are not responsible for accidents or injuries because of any information from this website, we offer informational service only.