Acrylic Aquariums - Complete DIY Plans Instructions and Guide's

 Bringing you DIY info and how to Build Acrylic, find parts to build a tank. Try our search to find a fish tank or DIY parts from special suppliers.
 Step by Step guide's how to build aquariums, overflow boxes and sump refugium tanks!!
Help Understanding How they Work with diagram's, Inverted fish tanks, overflow boxes.
5 Tanks Connected! Twenty gallon overflow terrarium setup. 130 gallon capacity and has a fail safe method of overflowing 1200-1800gph into bottom tank.


 See our instructional page how to build the all in one tank seen ABOVE!!! Guide with step by step instructions and video's.
Easy guide to building this amazing tank shown below!!! With Video's, Picture's and Diagram's.
See our other video's on youtube or our VIDEOS PAGE!!
Instructional guide's with step by step instructions, how to build a fish tank with acrylic sheets, how to make an overflow box and how to make a sump refugium!!!

How to make a custom tank of your own.

Working with acrylic and how to prepare your material.

Video's of how to acyrlic tips how to build your all-in-one tank.

Tips and how to build acrylic tanks and full DIY parts list.

Everything you need to know to repair acrylic fish tanks.

All the information you need to connect your fish tanks. Vertical Aquariums are now easy and require no maintanace. See our tank filling and topping off here!! Video of our fish tank connector in use and filling, easy to use and no wasting money on expensive controllers!!

Fish tank connector topping off, filling and shutting off with electronic circuit, the end is where it all happens. Specially designed tube lets you top off fast. This is optional and will make expanding and connecting your tanks allot easier. Self maintaining electionic system continiously monitors your water level.


To order KITS or ASSEMBLED Plug and Play vertical tanks go to our Custom Fish Tanks Page.

While it's full the LED will turn on.

Custom pump cylinder head. DIY version.

Amazingly Clear Tanks for any use.

Includes TWO WATER LEVEL SENSOR HOLDERS and velcrow for battery/buzzer placement.

Fish Net Included (for quarrintining one side). See video of Huge Oscar with 13 baby cichlids separated with our NET.
Oscar flying Between Tanks!!

DIY Overflow video, see our instructional page how to make this overflow with parts from in town!
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