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The First Starship Project

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Welcome and Congratulations on finding the Official Site for The First Starship Project.

This is a global grassroots effort designed to engage individuals across the globe to create an International Spacecraft. A craft that will be built in orbit, used as a technology testbed and capable of travelling to points of interest within the solar system and returning the crew safely to Earth orbit. 


Your Mission:  Visit this Website and pass along the link to those you know who may be interested:

You are aslo invited to join the newly established First Starship Facebook Group

In this way you will help begin the conversation that will ultimately lead to a peaceful and permanent space exploration capability for all humanity.


The core mission and goals of The First Starship Project are to:


  • Promote International Cooperation and Peace in Space by working together to imagine, design and create an international space exploration vehicle
  • Increase Manned Spaceflight capabilities
  • Build the capacity to construct increasingly complex structures and craft in space
  • Test in a practical way new propulsion technologies, construction materials and navigation techniques which will allow for a sustained and increasing space presence
  • Test viable human habitation modules for long journeys, including protection from radiation and the effects of long term exposure to the environment of space away from earth orbit
  • Brainstorm potential missions for the spacecraft such as rescuing failed probes and astronauts in jeopardy, perform maintenance on satellites, clear dangerous debris from orbit as well as provide transport to the moon, asteroids, space stations and other destinations
  • Enhance the Survival options of Humanity, in case of a planetary threat
  • Engage as many people as possible in this conversation and adventure

Thank you for visiting, we hope you will visit often to explore this site and share your talents.  You've discovered something amazing.  Pass it along and watch the future unfold. 




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