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Here are a few hints that might make it a lot easier for you to work on cases...

1) Visit the Crime Scene to check out physical evidence

2) Go to the map and ask every suspect about motives. Wait to check out alibi's.

3) To make sure you're list of suspects is complete, pay $20 to the Fortune Teller. If she says "all the actors have taken the stage and are ready to deliver their final lines", you know for sure your list is complete.

4) If you have the "research" skill, pay a visit to City Hall and see what suspects had a good reason why he/she couldn't have been the killer.

5) If you don't have the "research" skill yet, check out the alibi's of every suspect. Write down on a piece of paper all the names of suspects with no or fake alibi.

6) If you have advanced analysis skills you can check out if suspects match or don't match with a piece of physical evidence. Suppose you find two curly hairs, a thread from male's clothes and a note from a left-handed person. That automatically means that a straight-haired female that also happens to be right-handed is excluded and therefore CAN'T be the killer.

7) If you don't have the advanced analysis skills, go to the townies that give hints (Fortune Teller, Holy Man, Bartender, Concierge, Missionary) and ask if they heard anything about the case.

8) After you gathered the info from the townies go back to the suspects and start with the ones "who think they know something". Mind you, this doesn't give you a full proof guarantee that they really give you the name of the killer.

9) Another smart approach is to start examing the suspects that have no or fake alibi's. They won't accuse themselves which drops at least one name you can question them about.

10) To be sure you got the right person to accuse, I refer to "How to avoid false accusations"


Every skill is useful but there is a certain trail that needs to be followed;

1) Depending on your Archetype, go for charm or tough interview skills and work up to advanced level

2) You MUST have basic hair & thread analysis from the very beginning or you end up with cases in which you can't find all pieces of physical evidence
3) research
4) lock picking
5) analysis skills (adv hair & thread, footprint, handwriting)

Special note on the analysis skills; get the most expensive one first as it will become harder to get skill points when your experience level increases.

Case Information

You can find a link to the Sleuth Helper on the Sleuth Website
City Hall/Sleuth Community Sites
People Suspects Evidence
Intermediate 7 3 2
Hard 8 3 3
Really hard 8 4 3
Really really hard  8-9 5 3
Incredibly hard 8-9 5 4
Stupendously hard  9-10 6 4
Ridiculously hard  10-11 7 4
Almost impossible  11 7-8 4

Faction Special Skills   Also See :  Faction Special Equipment

Charm Skill      Hypnotism                                The Order of Socrates

Charm Skill      Underworld Connections           Eastern Triads

Smart Skill        Safe Cracking                           La Cosa Nostra

Smart Skill        Surveillance                              The Circle of Light

Tough Skill       Pugilism                                    The Green Hand

Tough Skill       Pick Pocketing                         The Dies Arcanum Brotherhood

How to Avoid False Accusations

Everybody in this agency has experienced the dreadful event of making a false accusation (FA). The more experienced players learned the hard way how to avoid that to happen.

For the newcomers amongst us there are some rumes of thumb you should live by. It saves you a lot of agony and money if you carefully pay attention to the following;

1) If you're not a 100% sure, NEVER guess. There's no such thing as a gut feeling in this game!

2) I you have a piece of physical evidence (hair, thread, etc.) against a certain suspect and that suspect has a fake alibi or no alibi at all that means automatically he/she is guilty. No need to look for further evidence.

3) If you have a witness evidence against a certain suspect and that suspect has a fake alibi or no alibi that also means he/she is guilty. No need to look for further evidence.

4) Sometimes a physical evidence contact (barber, tailor, etc.) clams up and you're not able to find out to whom this piece belongs. If you have TWO times a WITNESS evidence against a suspect that also automatically means he/she is the killer.

5) Sometimes a suspect that has a piece of physical evidence against him clams up before you're even able to find out about his alibi.

This person is guilty for sure when;

-he/she has 2x witness evidence against him
-when he/she has a piece of physical evidence against him and the other suspects with physical evidence against them ALL have a valid alibi.


The Formula

Liar/no alibi + PE = Guilty
Liar/no alibi + 2 WE = Guilty
WE + WE = Guilty

Lock Picking

What ever you find behind the first locked door (motive or alibi) is what you will find behind the second locked door.

If you find 'nothing of interest' behind a locked door, in fact that person has no alibi.