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"How 'bout trying to get a life?" The words of my parole officer still echoed in my ears as I walked out of his crummy little office. I've been a burglar all my life and did some time in jail. I needed to make a living but had only a few options left. I decided to give it a try as a gumshoe. Why not? I'm into crime anyway so I might as well try the other side of it. I was always good at lock picking. I figure that skill will come in handy with my new job. Oh well, let's see what happens. If it doesn't work out I can always jump back in my former, eh, profession.

    Solve A Lot2

"How did I get involved in all this", I hear you ask. Call me stupid but I have a weak spot for the outcasts of society. I corresponded with BadAss when he was in jail. With a little bit of attention and caring he might stay on the right trail, I thought. When I heard about his plans of starting a detective agency I had my doubts about it... Maybe it will work out, just as long as I'm around and be his guardian angel. Who knows? *sigh*



njl13 was found on the southern shores of Iceland. No one really knew where she came from and all assumed she must have been the only one who survived while a ship sank to the bottomless depths of the ocean. This all happened on a Friday 13.... Soon it appeared she lost her memory and was unable to tell her name. All she could mutter was "paaskapaa, paaskapaa". Could that have been her real name? The villagers of Hafnafjordur decided to adopt her. Her speech abilities were back to normal after a while but she still didn't remember her past. An uncanny feature about her however was that she seemed to have a talent for playing financial markets. Soon all the people of Hafnafjordur trusted their savings to her and this little town became prosperous in no time. The newly gained wealth attracted con artists and other types of frauds to this little picturesque fisher town. Crimefighting became a bare necessity and njl13 developed a keen sense in being successful in this field also. Her achievements didn't remain unnoticed and soon enough she became an associate of an established London detective agency. Her favorite line when she captures a villain? I'm not your bloody Valentine! 



As a child, I always looked up to my older sister. When she became a detective, I became intrigued by the mystery and darkness of crimes;

I have set a goal for myself, to be as good, if not better than my older sister. In order to achieve that goal, she must never know that I too have entered this undercover world. Which is why, you will never see us on the same streets, at the same time;


No bio yet.


I had always been a solitary kind of person, a detective who likes to strike out on her own and work on a case all night until the answer came to her. But one day, I came upon the realization that everything can't be done alone. I met Roamie, who introduced me to a detective agency known as The Firm. It appeared to be a well organized group, surely formed of like-minded, quick-thinking gumshoes. So I packed my bags that night and left New York City. Once my flight arrived in London, I met BadAss, another director of The Firm. He may be a former convict, but no matter, as long as he had found himself on the right side of the law for now. So now here I am at the church our agency uses as our headquarters. I am eager to meet all of my fellow detectives here and take up challenging cases to right the wrongs of society!