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"Script(ure) for God's Plot now demystified! Tell Your Cleric: The correct interpretation of the advanced 4-layer allegory of bible scripture and Jesus' REAL meaning is now openly available for the first time!"

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Authentic Prophecy, Hidden From The Ancients, 

Now Expressed For Today's Thinking Minds

(discovered since 1994- most recently written down, in 2016)


To This Day Of 1st Publication, Nobody! (but TheFig) Knows 
The POINT For Their Existence On Earth!



2- Access|Download The Formerly Secret Odessa Files

(Concerning Eternal Life: Attainable here & now- IF you qualify for membership in Jesus Of Nazareth's eternal royal court...)

First published August 9th, 2016 --> Last updated August 16th, 2016

...because many in the world- not OF it- are now equipped to understand...

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