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Under the Dying Sun

Under the Dying Sun is a fan supplement for the game Spellcraft & Swordplay.  It provides alternate and modified rules for taking the game out of the more traditional, pseudo-medieval fantasy setting and placing it into a grim Sword & Planet setting, heavily inspired by the work of Leigh Brackett with a dose of the Adult Westerns of the 1950’s and the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960’s.  Included are variant classes, races, combat rules, sorcery, and monsters.

 Where are the Lands under the Dying Sun?  The simple answer: I don’t know; where do you want them to be?  There is no official answer to that question.  In my thoughts, the Lands under the Dying Sun are some version of Mars of the far future, settled and semi-terraformed by humans; inhabited by a highly technical society until civilization collapsed under the expanding Red Giant that was once called Sol.  But that isn’t the answer.  It could be a Mars of an alternate reality, or a post-apocalypse Earth, or an entirely alien planet.  In my mind, it really doesn’t matter, though.

 Part One: Species & Sorcery describes how to generate a character and what that character can do.  Part Two: Arms & Artifacts presents the various types of equipment that a character may acquire during his adventures and what those objects can do (such as kill things).  Finally, Part Three: Lands & Monsters explain how to travel about the world, monsters that might encountered, and describes a sample starting region for play—the Plains of Kahira.

Spellcraft & Swordplay is Trademark ™ and Copyright © 2008 by Elf Lair Games. This document is fan-created and no infringement, challenge or claim to ownership is intended or implied in the content herein, nor is any association with Elf Lair Games assumed, claimed, or implied.

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