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In the summer of 2009, a few intrepid ladies decided to band together to discover the best eats that LA had to offer.   From the very beginning, the end of every adventure brought a ruling:   Is this place ON or OFF The List?   Then it occurred to us that we should probably begin actually keeping said list.    Just in case someone asked.  

Another FG adventure just posted!  Here's a preview: "I was only half listening until my foodie girl subconscious picked up on the phrases "best burrata salad", "incredible fries" and "unbelievable menu" where I should have been hearing "coloring books", "chicken nuggets" and "ketchup." - From Episode 19 - We pounce on 8 oz
 "His eyes practically rolled back in his head as he described the crusty bread and piles of thick-sliced, peppery smoked meat on top.    The salivating was not my imagination, either.   With that kind of recommendation, the voyage to the edge of MacArthur Park jumped straight to the top of our to do list."   From Episode 17 - Kickin' it Old School at Langer's Deli

"The level of discourse rose from grunting with our mouths full to normal conversation, and at last, to an almost philosophical discussion of one of life's great mysteries:  Why on earth would anyone eat dry, crumbly cupcakes when moist, tender, warm bundles of chocolate heaven like this exist? " - From Episode 15 - Hey, Butter Butter!

"Sirens wailed.  Through the open doorway, we could see paramedics, police and fire engines were surrounding a derelict hotel across the street.   An EMT rolled an empty stretcher down the sidewalk.   Someone said something about a stabbing.   But then it was our turn at the register." - From Episode 12 - Doubling Down on the Dogs

"Then the burgers arrived, and blew thoughts of overpriced cocktail onions from our minds. These were like works of art...just the right size, with improbably glossy buns topping a stack of ingredients that melded together into what a gourmet burger is meant to be." - From Episode 9 - Umami Burger to the Rescue

"Him: It's not a misprint.
The kids: Why is Mom down on her knees praising the Lord? It's embarrassing. Make her stop.
Him: I'm going to take a shower. You deal with her.
I was beyond their help. This was a job for the Foodie Girls." - From Episode 8 - The Hope of O'Groats

"Either of you been to Little Dom's? Have I gone completely ape s***, or does this place look amazing? I know it's far, but we should really put it on the list. Wait, do we even have a list?" - From Episode 4 - The Slow Food Movement

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FG Essential Reading
ugust 14 2010

It's all well and good to go out as a group and critique the efforts of a hard-working chef and the staff at restaurants around town.  In fact, it's quite fun.  But every once in a while it's time for all good foodies to put themselves in the hot seat.  And there's no better way to do that than by entering a good, old-fashioned, bake-off.    Luckily for us, Evan Kleinman, of KCRW's wonderful Good Food show is hosting just such an event this Labor Day weekend.   Last year's inaugural pie contest drew hundreds of local bakers to be judged by local pastry experts and Evan herself.  This second go round will, I'm sure, be even more popular.  I confess that I, FG1, will be entering a sour cream apple number, and FG9 and FG4 will be right there with me.  How about you guys?  Give it a try...bake a pie...come say Hi!  I'll have full FG coverage, from a petrified contestant's point of view, on the blog for you guys.   

In case you are thinking about it, here are some great tips from our hostess, straight from the Good Food blog

"Above all, remember this is supposed to be fun.  If you’re worried about entering because of who the judges are then your worries are over.  They don’t bite, at least, not people.  The contest should be an excuse to do your best on that given day and to join a community of like-minded folks having a good time.

Here are some common sense tips:

  • Make a pie.  Don’t make a tart.  Or, make a tart and know that you won’t win.
  • If making a fruit pie, go to bed early the night before so you can wake up early and make a fresh pie.
  • If making a cream pie, make the fillings the night before so that they settle and are well chilled.  Make the crust the night before too so it will be completely cooled.
  • If you really are hungering for a ribbon make a savory pie.  You will have less competition in that category.
  • Enter a pie you’ve made before or you plan to make several times before the day of the contest.
  • Experiment with different crust recipes.  Pick one.  Make it many, many times.
  • Don’t put your pie in a fancy dish.  You may not get it back.

From the Judges: “Simple is good.

You can enter online right here. 

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