How to become physically graceful

If  you are, like many women, prone to herky-jerky movements, you're not alone.  Natural gracefulness is gifted only to some, and even those lucky souls might benefit from working on it.  Clumsiness isn't your fault; we aren't taught how to be graceful.  The excellent news, however, is that you can teach yourself to be more graceful; you just need to educate yourself about graceful movements and then practice them over time.  There is no short-cut to grace; you need to incorporate it into your muscle memory.  This is one of the feminine arts that must seep into your very bones.


Grace begins with solid posture.  Tighten your stomach muscles, move your shoulders down and back, and make sure that your chin is parallel to the floor, neither sticking up or out nor sagging in or down.


Most of us move clumsily because we decide on the fly what is we are doing and where it is we are going.  Pause before you make a movement and decide those things.  What object is it, precisely, that you want to grasp? Into which room, precisely, do you want to walk? 


Then, once your posture is in place and you know what it is that you want to do, then perform that action at 3/4 speed.  Do what you do deliberately and effectively.   If you are standing up from a sitting or lying position, make sure to straighten all the way up  instead of staying in a half-hunched position.


You'll find that you're most graceful when your body is healthy and flexible.  Having a full range of motion makes all of our actions more graceful.  When you exercise, put some of your focus on gentle stretching and core strength exercises, and, if possible, have a personal trainer help you.

Dance classes are excellent for teaching you grace and for improving your flexibility and core strength.

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