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Southern States

Southern States has a horse feed that will provide maximum benefits to every type or age of horse. And every Southern States feed incorporates the latest nutritional guidelines, the strictest quality control and the most nutritious and palatable ingredients. They are also value-priced, especially when you consider how much the health and performance of your horses is worth to you. To help your horses achieve their fullest potential, give them quality feeds from Southern States. At Southern States, they go to tremendous lengths to offer the highest quality feeds available. But don't expect you to just take their word for it. All Southern States horse feeds are backed by an unconditional guarantee: We will replace any Southern States horse feed you are not satisfied with, at any time, for any reason.

Triple 10 (T) Textured

Southern States Triple 10 Horse Feed is a "sweet" feed made for mature performance horses who require less protein in their diets. The special formula is high in fat, other energy sources and has optimum levels of vitamins and minerals for body condition maintenance and maximum digestible energy levels! Best of all, it eliminates the need for additional supplements, so it's 10% more economic.

This energy-dense, high-fat feed is recommended for horses in demanding show and performance activities. Features include:

  • 10% fat:
  • High fat content improves body condition and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Increased energy level allows for lower feeding rate
  • Added biotin, organic trace minerals and yeast culture

14-Six  PELLET

Provide a perfect diet for your horse with Southern States Solution Horse Feed. This special blend contains 14g protein, 6g fat and 12g fiber, which is great for growing, breeding, older, show and performance horses. Each pellet provides the nutrients needed to keep your horse strong and active.

A high-fat textured feed designed for growing horses, breeding and lactating mares, breeding stallions and mature show and performance horses.

Features include:
-Added soybean oil increases body condition and improves hair coat
-Organic selenium supports improvement  of muscle, reproductive and immune system function.

11-Six (P) Pelleted

Southern States 11-Six Horse Feed - textured (11% protein, 6% fat and 12% fiber) and pelleted
 (11% protein,6% fat and 15% fiber) formulas for horses with maintenance and work requirements. Added organic selenium.

This group of textured and pelleted feeds offers high-fat and balanced nutrition.   Recommended for mature work, show or performance horses.

Features include:
- Added soybean oil increases body condition and improved hair coat
- Organic selenium supports improvement of muscle, reproductive and immune system function.