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About our Church

The Mission of our church is to foster recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and the acceptance of all people as children of God. This we will do by nurturing spiritual growth through Christian education, worship, fellowship, and guidance for daily Christian living. Our church is a channel, through which we willingly offer ourselves and our resources in service to those in need. By accepting people of diverse backgrounds we are enabled for and united in this common mission. 5/1/88

The Federated Church of Morris is a union congregation of the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church.  The congregation relates to both denominations.  Joining together in 1928, it has welcomed people from many denominations and experiences who were looking for a welcoming congregation that is willing to struggle with some of the questions surrounding faith.   Communion at Federated Church is open to all baptized people.  Recognizing the traditions of its two denominations, the serving of communion varies between the elements being passed in the pews and the congregation invited forward to surround the communion table .Federated Church is located south of the hospital, across from the elementary and high school.  The church is handicapped accessible.