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Called to Care

In the spring of 2013, Federated Church begins a new ministry of lay care-giving based on the UCC "Called to Care" program.  Eight trained volunteers will be providing visits and telephone contacts on behalf of the whole church to be a caring presence in others' lives.

The initial focus will be with those members of our church family who are home-bound or partially restricted from participation in worship and other events in the life of the church.  Called to Care ministers will also be on call for pastoral care when the pastor is out of town.  All conversations and information will be held in strict confidence.

Called to Care ministers will expand their roles in the future to visit with those who worship with us for the first time; to be a presence with persons facing life changes, health difficulties, grief or other challenging situations; and to follow up with persons after pastoral emergencies.

To request a contact from a lay visitor, or to suggest someone who might appreciate such contact, please call the church office: 589-1153.


Volunteers please download the form on called to care and fill out. Then email to the office and pastor.

Federated Church,
May 9, 2013, 7:02 AM