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Do you have piles of papers on your counter tops, desk, or tables?  Do you ever waste time looking for a specific file, paper document, receipt, or bill?   Have you lost receipts and as a result couldn't return the item?  Or, have you had to pay late fees because a bill got lost?  What a waste of money! 

  • Do you find yourself dreading tax time because the thought of gathering up all of your information is daunting?
  • Are there piles of papers on your desk, tables, or counter tops?
  • Do you wonder what to do with all of the mail, bills, receipts, files, kids artwork, school work, and forms? 
  • Are you scared to file some things because you fear you will never be able to find it again?

Man Overwhelmed by Papers & Files

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

the Fast-Filing Method is for YOU!

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"Stop wasting your precious time

looking for papers, files, mail, bills & receipts."

  How frustrating is it to search for information like papers, bills, business cards, receipts, and sticky notes containing important information?  

Searching through Piles of Papers


"The Fast-Filing Method is a unique and effective method

for filing, organizing and systematizing

your papers and files so that you can find what you need fast!"

I have personally helped over 1,000 clients organize their homes, offices, and lives.  Over the years I noticed that the NUMBER ONE complaint my clients had, was that they spent too much time looking for papers and files.  It became my goal to create an EFFICIENT EASY-TO-USE filing system that would accommodate everyone's papers. 

After a couple of years of research and testing, I developed The Fast-Filing MethodIt is a SUPER SIMPLE system that ADJUSTS as your life adjusts. 

After successfully implementing The Fast-Filing Method for over 1,000 clients, I created a "play at home" version of this program, which is available to YOU today.

Several clients have reported an increase in their overall energy after implementing this filing method.  There is a freedom in knowing the location of all of your important papers, and in knowing that you can find any particular one in a matter of seconds.

I know you will find tremendous value in this filing method, in fact, I guarantee it!  After implementing this simple method with all of your papers and files if you cannot find what you need fast, I will give you 100% of your money back, no strings attached, no questions asked.

"With this program you WILL conquer your
paperwork, once and for all!"  

You will discover...
  • The secret to ELIMINATING PILES OF PAPERS on your counter tops, tables, and desk with the "Active Paper System".
  • How to MAKE FAST DECISIONS on what to keep and what you can let go of.
  • The secret to dealing with all of your incoming mail and bills in just minutes each day.
  • How to create an organized and SELF-CLEANSING system for receipts
  • A super simple method for organizing your INCOME TAX PAPERS and receipts. You will be prepared for tax time each year, NO STRESS, NO FUSS!
  • How to have your COUPONS available when you need them, which will SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • One mistake that most people make when setting up filing systems, which is why it is almost impossible to find anything quickly...you'll be surprised how EASY it is to fix.
  • The key element that is missing in most filing systems. 
  • How to put your hands on important documents, such as, insurance policies and investment accounts, WITHIN SECONDS.
  • A SELF-CLEANSING system for your magazines and newspapers.
  • An EASY way to organize greeting cards and stationery.
  • And much, much more!

Plus, this system has been put together so that is SUPER SIMPLE to implement!  

You will get a complete step-by-step, simple and effective filing method that's ready to go.”

You will get immediate access to the entire system  

upon placing your order!

You will NEVER LOSE another important document, file, receipt, or bill again!  Preparing for your TAXES WILL BE A SNAP!  Plus, there is PEACE OF MIND in knowing you can put your hands on ANY important document in 30 seconds or less.  No more frustration and anxiety over papers and files. 

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Exceptional Value

I have personally implemented this filing method for over 1000 clients, who each paid me an average of $500. You get the benefit of me walking you through this simple and effective system!

This complete system is only $34.95!

You will discover the secret to organizing your papers & files, so you can save time, money, and GAIN piece of mind. 


PLUS, I am throwing in

4 FREE Bonuses!


#1 -- How to Efficiently Organize Your Emails into Folders


#2 -- How to Organize Your Bookmarks So You Can Find Links FAST!


#3 -- How to this Method to Create an Efficient Office/Business Filing System


#4 -- 2 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Paperwork & Make Your Life Easier


  This system is tax deductible for most people.

Fast-Filing Method home filing system

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100% Unconditional Guarantee!

  • Find any paper or file in 30 seconds or less guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with the product, then:
  • I will refund 100% of your purchase price
  • Call me within 30 days of your purchase date, and you will receive a FULL refund.
  • No strings attached, no questions asked
  • If you have questions about the product, are unsatisfied, or want to place your order by phone, call me at 612-821-1426.

Professional Organizer, Heidi DeCoux

You can use this filing method for all types of papers, such as, home & work papers, recipes, research materials, and so on. 

Professional Organizers across the US & Canada have purchased this system and are successfully implementing it with their clients.  Now YOU can have access to the system that the professionals are using! 

Stop being overwhelmed by paper. 

Overwhelmed by Papers & Files

Find what you need fast.

Get access to the Fast-Filing Method TODAY!

"What will YOU do with the extra hour YOU SAVE everyday?"

What Supplies You Will Need

Probably none!  Most people already own all of the supplies they need.  You just need some hanging file folders (cheap green recycled ones work great) and some manila (or any color) folders with left, right, and middle tabs.  I recommend that you first reuse all of the folders you currently have on hand. 

You can color code this system and use graphic folders to make it pretty, but I encourage you to not do that.  This method is designed to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.  Color coding is often times complicated.

You can hand write your labels with a marker or pen.  If you prefer printed labels, get the hand-held Dymo LetraTag label printer, available at Target for about $20.  It is SUPER SIMPLE TO USE and prints nice bold easy-to-read labels.  A label machine is NOT necessary, but CAN make reading your labels easier.

Make Your Selection Now ...


The Fast-Filing Method Complete Program

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Audio recording that walks you through step-by-step
  • Transcript of the recording (e-book)
  • Full color visual aid Handouts


$34.95 !

This is a digital product and includes the complete program

This program is online and can also be downloaded.





You get everything in Option 1, plus the entire system mailed to your home.

  • Audio CD
  • Complete Manual



This is a digital & PHYSICAL product and includes the complete program


You get the recording, transcript, handouts and bonus features -- 

All shipped to your doorstep!

Fast-Filing Method home filing system

Plus, you get immediate access to the digital program.

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