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Recent gigs and concerts

The Farey Family recently performed at Donyatt Village Hall...much fun was had by all!

The family performed for 2 45 minute sets where they sang a mixture of traditional folk, country and gospel songs and some original compositions. Jemima, the oldest daughter included several of her original numbers in the set, most of which the family joined her for. A delicious ham salad was served in the interval with a bar available too. Thanks to John Grabham for organising, the family hope to make a reappearance in the future!

The Farey Family singing 'Fly Away/Over in the Glory Land' at their concert in Combe St Nicholas Methodist Church on Friday 25th July 2014.

>'Over in the Glory Land' was written by The Stanley Brothers, an American Bluegrass duo in the 50's. Ralph Stanley died only a few years ago and recorded well into his 80's. His brother, Carter, had problems with alcohol and died as a relatively young man.

>'I'll Fly Away' was written by Albert E Brumley in 1929. 'I'll Fly Away' has been labelled the most recorded gospel song.

>The combination of these two incredibly cheerful songs about death provided the finale for the concert.

>Both songs were learned around the kitchen table after supper one evening and Dad's favourites have become family favourites!

The Farey Family performed at Rowbarton Methodist Church on 3rd May 2014.

>The concert was organised in order to raise money for the Dengaambo Health Centre Project in North India.

>A fantastic £1200 was raised for the charity and the concert was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.

>Pictured above (left to right) is the flyer used to advertise the concert, and one of the many photos taken of the family prior to the concert for use in the programme.