Dykeman's of Jemseg

Here is a map of Jemseg's location and its relative distance from Portland, Maine.  The blue line shows the likely route the Siulinskis took on their long and grueling summer trips on mostly dirt roads in the 1930's.

Portland to Jemseg

In this picture, Jemseg is in the lower right center  and shows how close the town is located to Grand Lake which is where the lighthouse was located at Robertson's Point.  My father used to get up at 4:30 in the morning to help his grandfather, Joshua Dykeman, maintain the light.

Jemseg near Grand Lake

Now let's look a little at the past and present:

Here are
 some of the
Dykeman's and Siulinski's
enjoying a warm summer day
under a tree
in Jemseg. 
Ouida is on the far left
and her husband,
Adam, is on the far right. 
My guess is
that this picture
was taken
around 1970. 

Here is a picture
of the last surviving
sibling of Ouida named Roberta,
pictured with her daughter, Marilyn. 
I believe this picture
was taken in 2008
when my parents
went to a
Dykeman Family
New Brunswick.