Alberts of Caraquette

Jemseg to Caraquet NB Canada

The blue dots represent the distance between Jemseg NB and Caraquet NB in the same province which are the two towns the Dykeman's and the Albert's come from.   Jemseg was a farming community and Caraquet was a fishing community. 

Caraquet was founded around 1731 but the area had been visited by the Mi'kmaq as early as 4000 years ago.  The Vikings were there around 1000 AD.  Then Basque, Breton and Norman fishermen came in the 13th century, and Jacques Cartier explored the area in 1534.


Auguste Albert's father, Ferdinand Albert, was born in Caraquet in 1864.  He died in 1929 in Westbrook where he is buried at St. Hyacinth Cemetary.  Below I have posted two pictures from the gravestone site  taken in June 2009. His grandson, Roland Albert, stands next to the front side of the stone.