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A good many of the books by Harold were prepared under the auspices of The Brookings Institution.  They are the result of a joint effort and individual names are listed inside the book as "and Associates".
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The Brookings Institution, 1916-1952 Donald T Critchlow 1985 Harold was hired on as the first president of the Institution and remained so until he retired in 1952. 
Readings in The Economics of War ed. Clark, Hamilton & Moulton 1918  
The Formation of Capital Harold G Moulton 1935  
Fundamental Economic Issues in National Defense Harold G Moulton 1941  
La Organizaction Financiera Y El Sistema Econommico Harold G Moulton 1944 (1938 for copyright and first English printing)  
Can Inflation be Controlled Harold G Moulton 1958 See separate dust jacket remnant below 
Controlling Factors in Economic Development Harold G Moulton 1949  
Income and Economic Progress Harold G Moulton 1935  
Waterways versus Railways Harold G Moulton 1912 One of the Hart, Schaffner & Marx Prize Essays 
The Financial Organization of Society Harold G Moulton 1921 (this 2nd Ed is 1926)  
Los Factores de Control en el Desarrollo Economico Harold G Moulton 1953 (printed in Spain; first in English 1949) Looks like a proof; it's a ragged paperback with some of the pages still folded/uncut. 
Controlling Factors in Economic Development Harold G Moulton 1949  
The American Transportation Problem Harold G Moulton and Associates 1933  
Germany's Capacity to Pay: A Study of the Reparation Problem Harold G Moulton and Constantine E McGuire 1923  
Collapse or Boom at the End of the War? Harold G Moulton and Karl T Schlotterbeck 1942 soft 40 page booklet 
Should Price Control be Retained? Harold G Moulton and Karl T Schlotterbeck 1945 soft 43 page booklet 
War Debts and World Prosperity Harold G Moulton and Leo Pasvolsky 1932  
The Dynamic Economy: A Dialogue in Play Form Harold G Moulton with the collaboration of Frank Palmer 1950  
America's Capacity to Consume Leven, Moulton & Warburton 1934  
The Recovery Problem in the United States The Brookings Institution 1936 (this is 3rd printing 1938) Harold G Moulton, President 
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