So, you've stumbled upon The Fakie Hideout. Love fakies? Me too! That's why I decided to make this website. I wanted to create a resource that had all the information about fakies in one place. This is still a work in progress so don't mind the mess!

Maybe you have no idea what a "fakie" even is. "Fakie" is a term used by My Little Pony collectors to refer to toys made to look like My Little Ponies... like what you'd call a rip-off, knock-off, or a look-a-like. A lot of MLP collector's detest fakies. When you do a side-by-side comparison, most fakies indeed look much cheaper and less attractive than the real thing. But, there's something to love about these little buggers.

There is a growing number of MLP collectors who are starting to collect fakies as well. Some fakies are even becoming as sought after as rarer MLPs!

This website is attempting to be a more comprehensive and detailed resource on fakies that previous websites, however, there are some great resources to found on the LINKS page!

You will find a comprehensive rundown on common types of fakies, as well as photos of my own collection. This website will be continually growing as collectors are gathering more and more information on fakies each day. It is important to note that not much is known about the origins of most fakies, but we are working to find out more.

Sorry for the site's 90's esque appearance. I am working on making it look nicer.


About the Author: 

Krystle is a twenty-two year old writer and recent college graduate. Collectiong is one of her most loved hobbies. She collects books, horror movies, marbles, My Little Ponies, and of course, MLP fakies. She can be found at the MLP Arena (a collector forum) under the username "ThriftyPony." She writes a thrift store fashion blog called Thrifty Cent:
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Some useful terminology:

Fakie: A toy made to look like a My Little Pony not manufactured by Hasbro.
Hasbro: The company who make My Little Pony toys.
MLP: The abbreviation for My Little Pony
G1: The first line of My Little Ponies, which was started in the 1980s.
G2: The second line of My Little Ponies, made in the 1990s.
G3: The third line of My Little Ponies, still being produced now.
G3.5: What some people call the newest design for MLP. These are smaller, and more "chibi" like.