6. Why Muslims are blamed

Why Muslims are the Target

This is a Zionist operation to target Muslims. Do you know when the battle between Zionist and Muslims started and originated from?
Zionism started in the late 1800's with this man Theodor Herzl, who created the movement

Joe Biden is the Vice King of Zionists in the USA

They took the video down but there are always others

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LiveLeak.com - Joe Biden "I am a zionist"

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Feb 8, 2015
Isaac Herzog, of the Labor-led Zionist Camp, said he spoke informally with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden ..

We see That Zionism is a Jewish movement so let us go back to the roots of Judaism.  
 Judaism started More than 2000 yrs ago 

And in that time there was a battle for the land of Palestine.
This era is where Judah a son of Jacob broke away from the house of Jacob and went on his own to be king of the House of Jacob but was short lived because of his wicked ways This is where their clan was divided

Let us go back one more generation to when Jacob was a child and young man. It is at this point in time here where the trouble started between Jacobens/Arabians. It was between the 2 twin brothers Jacob and his twin brother, Esau, were born to Isaac and Rebekah

Jews  used to live among Arabs 

This is where the division started it was thru the jealousy of Rebekah because she favored Jacob above Esau. So she devised a plan and Jacob went along with it. First jacob had to trick Esau of his birthrights to become head of the family and it's wealth. He did this by stealing the birthright from Esau. Thru Esau's being hungered to a point of starvation. Esau said what good is my birthright if I die from hunger So he gave it to Jacob. Then Rebekah devised a plan of trickery to fool Isaac into thinking Jacob was Esau when he was on his  deathbed. She told Jacob to wear some fur on his arm to replicate Esaus hairy arms. Then the trick was played onto Isaac

Esau went on to be the Arabian state  

Jacob  went on to become the Jewish state thru  his son Judah 

The Book of the Law went with Judah seeing he was now heir to the family because he tricked Esau out of his birthright

There were no states of land in the days of Isaac They were all nomads since Abraham who was born in the land of Mesopotamia in Iraq

The Book of Law stayed in Jewish possession
and went into governments worldwide Coming to rest in America

Then the Secret  Societies of the wealthy started and with the Book of the Law  they  formed the:

Fast forward it to the 20th century 

The Jews wanted to escape their misery in Europe and return to the land their forefathers lived in which Judah lost when his kingdom was abolished. Jews have been trying ever since that day to gain control of it once more. The only problem with that is that these Jews of Europe intermarried with forbidden clans making the Jewish clan a mixed breed of intermarriage and no longer was the their seed pure it has become defiled with mixed marriages. But they teach Judaism to their young as if it were in the days of Isaac still. Which it is not. Zionism teaches that God gave the Jews the world and everyone else is under them as slaves.

And the Zionist Jews are teaching their young to do away with their enemies even the children of their enemies 

This is why Zionists around the world are targeting Muslims. to exterminate their enemies

The Talmud and Law teaches them that  it is God's plan

They teach their children Arabs and Muslims are the enemy today because when Jews flooded out of Europe because of Hitler Arabs rose up to stop the pouring of the Zionists Jews from flooding the land and taking it over by the Jewish Irgun Hagganah and Sterns gang who were terrorist groups sent into Palestine to clear the way for these Jews. That was in the early 1920's and 30's which started of the wars that led to the bigger wars right up to present day

YouTube Video

And so this battle between Jacob the Jew and Isaac the Arab persists to this day
Jews are doctrinated with Zionism since their childhood and it's hard to break a people who believe in it
It's up to non Jews  and non Muslims to break the chain of war with the story outlined above

And no I am not Antisemitic for I love these Jewish people as if they were my own family

Think back  in time Before European Jews flooded into Palestine in the late 1920's There were no wars between Arabs/Muslims and Jews

This is what started the whole war off and continues to this day. It's a battle for the Land that was rightfully Esau's

Now with the help of wealthy powerful people They take it by force

YouTube Video

And the Zionist who are in and run the US Govt are behind the terror  
thru the spreading of a corrupt Democracy in all the world.

YouTube Video

Right up to the Highest seats of power

Zionism's title derived from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion who made a plan to rule the world, just like Judaism taught them that God gave the world to the Jews to rule and Gentiles (all non-Jews or Goyim) are the slave servants  to them

This is all Historical fact and if you do the research 
you will see it is all true 

Who runs the Medias Banks Food commodities 

This Zionist band makes a joke about it but they are speaking the very truth they are trying to cover up

YouTube Video

It's all being uncovered folks thanks to the WWW  Do the research. I did for 7 years to find the Truths I posted

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