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This is the message sent out to all US Officials 

Attn: Urgent 

It is a matter of Life and Death

This flier is being sent to all Washington DC Officials, 
State Legislators and Officials from all 50 States 
along with News Medias and other Professionals: 
Journalists - Lawyers - Religions - Activists - etc. 

To whom it may concern 

On behalf of the American People and American Justice

The Truth Will Set Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Free

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Research posted as it happened

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In Memory of the Fallen and Injured


Ironically Tamerlan and Jahar are supposedly to have set off bombs at the very same location that the DHS and local agencies
 were staging an elaborate bomb pack drill that day, even though Officials have denied any such drill was taking place 


" We want to do an exercise in Boston that has never been done before 
" We want to involve over 500 first responders in a 24 hour period " - Rene Fielding 

Someone Lied

I am a member of the Free Jahar Support Team in which there are 10's of 1000's of members. 

We all can't be wrong in this people, seeing we have the proof backing our findings

That's why after 9 months of intense research into the case we set forth in this quest, 
To reach the eyes and ears of the people unaware of what really happened outside the walls of the Govts report 
that was given to the MSM.....which was a confusing story 
of multiple different happenings - common protocol for false flag events

and what I am about to show you is 

Please take notice of the false truths made up of lies given by a few upper level people

To all people who stand for Truth Justice and the American Way 
A 'Public Inquiry' is needed in the Boston Marathon Bombing concerning false claims and fabricated evidence

Accused of Building and Detonating WMD's >  Evidence shown = none

Murdering MIT Officer Sean Collier >  Evidence shown = none

Carjacking and Robbery of 'Danny' >  Evidence shown = none

Attempted Murder on Police Officers > Evidence shown = none

What really Happened 

There are 3 possibles and I disregard the first one....There are 3 scenarios that could have taken place that day

1st scenario. 

Guilty as Charged if credible proof is presented but 
None has been shown up to now - April 15/2013 to January 5. 2014

2nd scenario . 

Innocently recruited into the DoD/DHS/FEMA Explosive Bomb pack Drill that was planned for on April 15, 2013.
In which case the sponsors, the DoD, would have supplied the packs and told them where to go and what to do, making their actions guiltless, thinking they were carrying dummy bombs, not real ones, as was the same scenario for the 1993 WTC bombing

3rd scenario . 
They were never at the Boston Marathon at all. 
Their presence there could have very well been edited video splices from other days and Photoshop pics placed into the scene to plant guilt.
In which case the Govt has the know how and their pros have advanced technology to do this.

Photoshop click

And the only reason to release numerous diverse stories is to cover up the original true one.

Why was Officers Collier's Cruiser destroyed a couple of days after the crime? 
It's a Federal crime to destroy evidence in an ongoing investigation. Where's the Justice here?

 And these drills take place with the public being unaware of them 



 Justice for Dzhokhar (Jahar) & Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Proof that Jahar is innocent

Jahar did not have a black insulated nylon backpack on as Officials claim he did
His bag was a white Canvas rucksack/backpack with no insulation in it

Please take a few moments to review the following few pages.
It is a matter of Life and Death 

Contact me  thms.fontaine@gmail.com

Kimberly Gibson wrote:

  Imagine thinking you were participating in a drill. Supposed to be 'fake' bombs going off and you believe the injured are just actors and go about your daily routine...buying milk, returning to school, etc. ....but....later you learn that people were really injured because real bombs went off, the FBI is asking for photo evidence of who might have done it and then just days later.... suddenly the whole world can see you on television ....YOUR photos.... the FBI wants YOU identified because YOU are being blamed for it and the manhunt begins...you are being hunted down like dogs.  What were these brothers to do?     Sounds reminiscent of some Hollywood movies. Perhaps over the next few days, in their desperation, they hurried to tell a few people what really happened.  Ibragim Todashev perhaps... later murdered. 
Perhaps they reached out to the only LEO they 'kind of' knew for advice or help. 
Then the MIT officer....later murdered. 

Even IF Jahar was capable of writing something in that boat, imagine what he must have been feeling about the govt. at that point.....
But he DID NOT confess to anything.