The white Hat Video frames

This is how the Feds brainwash the public into believing their lies
They said they had a video from a CCTV 
They just didn't tell you they made it all up and created it.
If there was a real video why would they have to make up another one to prove their case

  From this video

Facebook blocked me from posting it

The capture below shows what appeared on my screen This content is no longer available

The captures below off of the vid do not look like the Forum Restaurant and the victims, 
the tree and mailbox are not present in it
  but Jahar looks real enough
Could be Hollywood makeup and filmed on a staged scene, from the road no less. 
If they can make it look this real then they can make anything appear real 

How did someone film it from the street.

Click the pick to enlarge

They've done it before to make a case

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