Black Ops Did it


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Here's the whole story when you get a chance to view it. All my research from the past 4 years....
Feds lied to the script writers on the BMB

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About The Backpacks
Jeff Bauman and Nick Voght
Trial Exhibits....Neither Tamerlan's or Dzhokhar's backpacks are listed in them
Collier shooting transcript was the 7-11 armed robber with a bucket hat

 The Feds did the BMB 

The Feds did the BMB


2nd Bomb site

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We have the proof they were set up 
     There were 4 packs involved 2 real bombs and 2 fake bombs




Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were set up as patsies
They said the 2 Brothers set their Packs down and left. 

Has anyone seen the remnants of those 2 Packs at Trial ? 
Seeing they collected Nails, BB's and Cooker parts from the scene.

Where is Tamerlans backpack and the cooker pieces from the 2nd blast site 
and where is Jahars white backpack in the evidence exhibits?



These 2 brave people lost their standing for speaking up 
As a lesson to all others who would attempt to speak up.

To test the Nations Security systems for efficiency


The following shows that the Govt does do these types of events written by their own hand. 
 A real Confession as it is

This whole event was planned out by the DoD and Law enforcement. 
A covert Black Operation was brought into the event without letting anyone know.

Urban Shield Drills 2

This info proves Tamerlan and Jahar were set up 
The pic of the second blast site below is in reference to the pack not the location. 
The black bag that matches the agents is the same found in the street at the 2nd site.
it's not Jahars bag obviously

Where is the white material from Jahars and Tamerlans backpacks in the evidence exhibits 

Seeing they collected BB's nails and bone fragments It should be there if indeed their packs were the bombs

Why wasn't this evidence ever shown at Trial ?

                         Why wasn't this Evidence ever shown at Trial ?

Why wasn't this Evidence shown at trial?

If you recall the DHS bomb pack drill was suppose to start at 12:53 that day and it was announced. 
But it never happened...... Why? 
No more was said about the drill. 
Then 2 hours later Tamerlan and Jahar came on the scene and the bombs were blown at this time. 
They were late is my guess... traffic.... parking or whatever delayed them. 
And they didn't even hide who they were is a dead give away they were part The DHS Drill  

Boston Bombing THIS IS A DRILL Announcement Heard Live

This was the DHS  bomb pack being detonated as part of the Bomb squad activities 
at 3:53 pm on 4/15/13

Firefighters on the scene

News clip 

The following was the original drill announcement that was made at 12:53. 
It never transpired and no more was said about it within the next 4 hours...
Why is that? 
Who called it off and Why?

This was the DHS  non lethal bomb pack that was detonated at 3:53. They used explosives to destroy it.

Bombshell: Prosecution Exhibit Shows Backpack Different Color Than One Tsarnaev Carried
Posted on April 8, 2015 by Publius

My main focus is on the backpacks not matching. 
They could easily now place a twin to T/J's packs and say here you go it's right here. But the loophole is if they did that then the Jury would say "Hey we never saw those packs in court evidence" If my calculations are correct this is where we have a foothold on a major factor for reasonable doubt then. 

That's just for scene 1 of the events. There are loopholes like this in each of the 9 crime scenes, including the packs scene mentioned above, (or as I like to call them "Acts and Scene cut and takes like in a movie) of.... 7-11 MIT.... to Danny..... to Shootout..... to Escape Boat,,,,,to Hospital..... and finally to Trial What are your thoughts on that friends? 

We have to move on this fast and quick if we are to get results in our favor. jmho 

Remember this if anything "we've said from the beginning the packs did not match. and we say at the end as well the backpack don't match." Innocent of all 30 charges that he was set up with. 

Bottom line...The court was never shown Tamerlan or Jahars back packs because J/T's pacs weren't in the evidence exhibits . See for yourself  EXHIBITS click

These were the 2 at the second blast area Not the same material. The white is inner insulation 

This was at the 2nd blast scene  Not the same material as Dzhokhars pack. 
The white is inner insulation fiber

Who placed these devices?

They removed the 2nd black bag from the trial exhibit picture...WHY?

        The removal of the other black bag from the trial picture tells me a 'Cover - Up' exists

Hundreds of police officers and firefighters descended on the scene immediately after the blasts, clearing out the finish-line viewing stands. FBI, State Police, and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were among the investigators, officials said.

Bomb squads searched the area, said Steve MacDonald, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department. Officials said another explosion, heard in the city around 4 p.m., was a “controlled blast” staged as part of bomb squad activity.

Davis, the police commissioner, said the two explosions had happened near the finish line 50 to 100 yards apart.

They were recruited into the drill and were told where to leave their packs via cell phone. No doubt in my mind about that, unless they had ESP about the location of the drill that day. and the 4 packs is proof of it. Feds said Jahar said they originally had planned to do the bombings on the 4th of July but seeing they had finished making the bombs early they decided to do the Marathon instead then go on to NYC to do more bombings after that. And we are suppose to believe that? 

Fireworks store owner and experts already said the purchase of fireworks would barely make one bomb never mind 5 or 6 and they were too complex for amatuers to make. But Black ops know how to make them and they have plenty of materials to make them…/the-charg…/the-fireworks-purchase

The fireworks that were found in the pack pictured above 
were what they lit off in the parking lot 
so they put the spent casings in the bag so as not to litter.

Children use these types of fireworks on the Fourth of July.

This was made by people who had technical know how 
and access to a lot of powder to make 5 of these plus pipe bombs 
Experts said no way 

Surveillance video shows two people approaching MIT officer's cruiser

Video Shows Suspects Approach, Flee Slain Officer’s Vehicle. No way ...
You can't see faces clothes nothing and 2 people were running from the south next to them who were they? 
And notice the People disappeared from the cruiser area. They said they wanted to block out the brake lights for the sake of Colliers family. 
Nonsense that is tampering with factual evidence
Proof this is fabricated. 
And the witnesses stories don't jive. First he couldn't identity the suspects then he says he can.

And how would they know Collier just pulled up there and parked 
Seeing they came from blocked vision of the area.

This was the first original report

Read the original Police transcript of that evening 

2nd report came out as

Hispanic with what one could describe as a cowboy hat. 
And he DID have a gun and a motive to shoot.
And he was only a 15 minute walk away from the 7-11 to the MIT

And how did they get away with Destroying Crucial Evidence before trial? 

That's a felony charge in an ongoing Criminal investigation.

And then there's this

More lies exposed They said Jahar got $800.00 from the ATM 
Then recently it was said to be $1000.00 
then there is this from earlier on

That scene with Jahar at the ATM could be from any day 
seeing Tamerlan had an account at that bank.

Article here

Witness: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Run Over By Cops, Not His Brother

You know the feds visited her house with gag orders. 
 Why would she lie? What would it profit her?

Tom's Posts And the feds covered it up using the media false reports and fabricated evidence. As if they can't create every piece of evidence involved in all 4 crime scenes to make it look like the 2 brothers did it 

The FBI's History Of Fabricating Evidence -- A Good Article On What To Expect When The FBI Attempts To Fabricate Evidence Against A Targeted Person

Other tactics have included obtaining the conviction and imprisonment of activists by introducing fabricated evidence against them at trial

FBI Fabrication of Evidence to Falsely Arrest (CoIntelPro)

More to come so check back every so often..Thanks  


But Silva is also a troubled witness. He’s currently locked up on other charges, and under cross examination, he admitted to lying to prosecutors. When asked by defense attorney Miriam Conrad why he was testifying, Silva admitted, “I’m hoping to get the best deal I can possibly get.”

My take is in the 5 + years they followed the families is that Tamerlan didn't comply with feds wishes, after 5 years of the Feds watching him and his whole family. I also think the uncle was involved in the same manor but he complied and did as they ask and so they dropped the ball on Tamerlan and his family and Ibragim Todachev had that information.

They tried to coerce Ibragim into a confession. He started writing it and waited for the right time to make a break for the door, (so maybe the public will see and hear his pleas for help) where he was shot both in front of his body and in the back of the head, just like an assassination...... to make sure he didn't talk.

On the 3 Waltham murders....Who besides the feds and the mob can afford to throw weed and money all over corpses, who would never know the money and weed were there seeing they are now deceased?. Tamerlan Dzhokhar and Ibragim were in no way that well to do to waste $6,000.00 in cash and weed on dead corpses but the feds and mob can afford it. They just used Tamerlan Jahar and Ibragim to close the case, . They already knew Tamerlan was a close friend to the victims. before the Marathon bombings.....Jmho.from what is available online.