H1B Visa Abuse

I'm an ex-Amazon employee. One thing that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention is how Amazon's management practices affect the H1B employees who work there. Like most similar tech companies, Amazon hires heavily using the H1B visa. Most of these H1B employees join Amazon straight out of college. Within a few weeks or months after joining Amazon, most of them will face the workplace abuse detailed on this site. However, contrary to other employees who have freedom to switch employers, these H1B employees can't just leave. They need Amazon to sponsor their H1B visa until they can get another H1B or their green card. Thus, most of them end up continuing to tolerate being abused until they can't take it any more. Then, they are forced out of the company through the PIP process ( Performance Improvement Plan) which Amazon initiates for anyone who stands up to abuse or they leave on their own. Either way, they need to immediately find a new employer who will sponsor a new H1B visa or they will be required to leave the USA within one month from their last work day at Amazon. The result is that most of them end up continuing to suffer in silence and enduring this modern indentured servitude.