The Former And Current Employees (FACE) of Amazon

Trump says Amazon should be broken up. Biden says Amazon should pay its taxes. Let's unite against Amazon's abusive practices!

(Sorry for the delayed responses in recent months as COVID-19 quarantine has severely impacted our all-volunteer team.)

Amazon has a management abuse problem. This was made clear in the August 2015 article by the New York Times. Even worse is that Amazon is in denial about this problem and claims that all employees should report their management problems to HR or to Jeff Bezos himself. This site documents the cases where Amazon managers have mistreated their employees and escalating only made it worse and never helped the employees deal with their bad managers. 

Amazon is a great company for its customers. It's about time that it became a great company for its really hard working employees as well.

To add your story to this site, email theFACEofAmazon @ or anonymously text us or leave a voicemail at (425) 310-2347. We will never disclose your personal information, so please include as many details as you are comfortable sharing.
Use to email us and protect your identity from Amazon's illegal reprisals against people who speak out against abuse.

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