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Structural Problem of Pedophilia

 October 2013, Anon.

"You’re getting a lot of criticism, you must be doing something right.”

Stalkers have systematically destroyed former American University Professor Lori Handrahan’s life because she is exposing high-level criminal activity. This website is not about Handrahan. It’s about the structural problem of child pornography in American society that affects you, and your voice matters. 
  • “The widespread distribution of child pornography is an ugly by-product of digital technology. Encryption, key-chain storage devices, peer-to-peer networks, and Internet relay chat are used by child pornographers and pedophiles to correspond and share their illegal content with stomach-turning efficiency” (InformationWeek). 
“Child trafficking and pornography rings are painstakingly built for security and discretion to serve the hedonistic desires of the privileged, fueled by the moral fallibility of their depraved self-esteem, and sustained by impunity.” –theExtra.

Beyond Blurred Lines - Lawyer Names Dog After Girl He Trafficked from Former AU Professor Using Corruption in Maine

 October 2013, Anon.

Michael Waxman, a “family” lawyer, defended Igor Malenko pro bono and won him sole custody of Lori Handrahan’s daughter, Mila, despite:

Waxman himself remarried Malenko to Lily Cvetkoska and they had a daughter, Olga. The marriage ended when Cvetkoska filed domestic violence allegations against Malenko. Waxman helped Malenko retain half custody of Olga as courts ignored Malenko’s pattern of abuse. How long will it be before Malenko impregnates another woman to sustain this child trafficking ring? Stay tuned. 

Waxman vowed to use the “very substantial resources of his family” to take custody of Mila away from her mother, Handrahan. Waxman succeeded, often inciting that Handrahan has a mental illness although that has been officially dis-proven. Meanwhile, Waxman wrote about Mila that he “cares for Mila… had a birthday party for her… misses spending time with her… is developing a nurturing bond with… a beautiful little girl." Waxman had Mila sleep over at his house. Waxman named his dog Mila.

Waxman posted on Facebook that a little boy has “bedroom eyes.” (definition)

Waxman vacations at a private club in Jamaica, which recently started an outreach program to help local children, called the Tryall Club

Handrahan’s stalker is called Tyrrell. Look similar? 

Europol determined that Tyrrell is not an actual person but an account run by someone else. The nature of Tyrrell’s comments is directly characteristic of Waxman’s obsession with stopping Handrahan from taking Mila away from him. 

American University (AU) dismissed Handrahan for mixing her personal and professional lives despite AU’s acknowledgment that it was Tyrrell who constantly emailed AU administration and posted on social media, while Handrahan responded to protect her reputation. Additionally, AU ignored the facts that Handrahan never brought up her personal situation with students (as proven by them in a signed statement) and that she received top-notch student reviews.

Corroborating Reports of Child Trafficking 

The only way Waxman has gotten away with his actions is through a trafficking ring that Handrahan has subsequently unveiled. A recently discovered article deep in the archives of a local newspaper grants astonishing credibility to Handrahan’s confrontations with a child trafficking ring in Maine. A Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) employee testified in the early 2000s that her own agency covered up a child pornography ring in Maine. The case was dropped because of the statute of limitations, despite the reasonable consideration that the accuser was afraid to come forward earlier. 

This DHHS allegation powerfully authenticates current concerns about Maine corruption because a child trafficking ring does not just willow away since maintaining it requires vetting and grooming people with authority who then perpetuate it. Maine is not without proven history of corruption and child trafficking by officials. Among far too many examples of Maine’s trafficking problems are the mishandling of this DHHS case, the fact that Maine is the third worst state for sex trafficking, the ulterior motives (financial and personal) of the Maine Guardian ad Litem, which facilitates unjust custody decisions and parental alienation, and the wrongly ignored petition for appeal of Mila’s case because there is no oversight.

The Academic Connection
The dropped DHHS case also claims that members of the University of Maine staff and faculty were involved in a pornography ring. The academic connection to child porn is alerting. Here is a quick Google search for university professors charged with child sex abuse crimes since the Extra’s last publication only four months ago. 

It is common knowledge that the arrest rate for child porn crimes is a sliver of the committal rate since not everyone is caught, especially for a crime as covered-up as child porn. The quick search above reveals an unnerving list of prominent professors that were recently caught committing child sex abuse and a terrifying glimpse of how many perpetrators must exist and who are likely networked. With a watchful eye, notice in the news just how many powerful people are convicted of child sex abuse each week. It’s an epidemic in America. The U.S. is the number one producer and consumer of child porn in the world. 

At American University, there are:

  • A former male President, still on faculty today, caught calling day-cares and talking about a 4-year-old sex slave, but never tried because of a settlement. 
  • A former male Chairman of AU’s Psychology Department, still on faculty today, arrested for sex crimes against a 9-year-old girl on four occasions.
  • Two female professors, Reisman and Handrahan, dismissed for researching and vocalizing child porn crimes. 
  • An opaque board of trustees. 
  • A history of presidential corruption
  • A provost who replaced all Deans upon his arrival in a bid for control and who instills fear in staff and faculty. 

With Handrahan’s questionable dismissal from AU and the academic links to child porn aside, there is a clear connection between child sex abuse and Handrahan’s trafficked daughter. The evidence is here. Righteous law enforcement is at a standstill due to entrenched corruption that manifests as 'push-back' and intimidation. Child trafficking and pornography rings are painstakingly built for security and discretion to serve the hedonistic desires of the privileged, fueled by the moral fallibility of their depraved self-esteem, and sustained by impunity. 

Spread the word.

AU is happy to receive your questions about this situation, call Media Relations at (202) 885-5952.

Michael Waxman is also eager to clear up any confusion: (207) 772-9558.

Journalists– breaking this story is your big breakContact theExtra
Righteous law enforcement– justice awaits.



This article was not solicited by Handrahan or anyone, rather it was commissioned by my own review of the evidence and sense of morality.

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From Reisman to Handrahan: Child Porn Cover-Ups at American University

 May 2013, Anon.

American University has a history of axing professors who annoy the elite pedophiles within AU’s Board of Trustees and/or the President’s office. 30 years ago, AU elites silenced a child porn researcher. They just tried to do the same thing.

Dr. Judith Reisman
Dr. Judith Reisman, a fiercely intelligent and delightful woman, came to AU in 1983 with a large U.S. Department of Justice grant as the Principal Investigator to study both the child sexual abuse protocol employed for Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s child sexuality research and the effects of pornography on sexual behavior in our society. Reisman was finding disheartening results: “Over 9,000 scenarios in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler were identified as depicting characters under 18 years of age.” Reisman’s study was quickly connecting the dots between the dehumanization and habituation of widespread child porn in “mainstream” sex magazines and the growing problems of rape, violence, and abduction of children.

The elite pedophiles at AU and the sex industry lobbyists on Capitol Hill preferred those dots be kept separate. Reisman got initial approval from DOJ and was hired by AU below the radar of AU President Berendzen and Congress, who were on Christmas vacation.

However, once back from break, the commercial sex industry and their friends at Congress and AU got to work destroying Reisman’s research. They fired up their academic propaganda machine at the Kinsey Institute. They put slandering articles in all major newspapers, including the Eagle, before Reisman even uttered a word. A congressional investigation was led by “Congressman Ike Andrews’ aide, Gordon Raley, who later wrote for Penthouse magazine.” Reisman testified, “Present in the content of all three magazines is a documentable evolution of children portrayed as viable sex targets.” AU President Berendzen was at the hearing but could not look Reisman in the eyes.

Three months before Reisman’s study was due to the Department of Justice in 1985, AU administrators locked Reisman out of her files and insisted on finishing the report for her. Motivation for these actions became clear one year later when the chairman of AU’s department of psychology, Dr. Elliot McGinnies, a key foe of Reisman’s child pornography research was arrested for sex crimes against a 9-year-old-girl on four occasions… and even clearer still when 4 years later AU President Richard Berendzen’s own child-porn crimes cost him his job (temporarily). Berendzen called daycares, proposing sex with their children, and insisting that he kept a “4-year-old Filipino girl as a ‘sex slave’ in a basement dog cage.”

Fast-forward 30 years to 2012 when Professor Dr. Lori Handrahan published an article in Forbes called, “To Catch Government Workers With Ties to Child Porn, Call the IRS.” The piece details systematic trafficking rings in the Northeastern U.S. and the corrupt officials that facilitate them, revealing that the one bust in Kittery, Maine was clearly just the tip of the iceberg of Maine’s child trafficking problem. The article got 20k hits in a week and was posted on ‘SIS in the News,’ but when the AU pedophile elites got word, it was taken off SIS’s media site the next day. The AU President’s office banned AU media offices from pitching for Handrahan when reporters or TV stations called for interviews or articles.

The buzz from her Forbes article prompted Handrahan to write another op-ed, “Enable the Fight Against Child Porn” about two girls in Iowa who were ripped off the street and later found dead. Yahoo re-printed it and Handrahan believes it is the best piece she has ever written. It was not allowed on ‘SIS in the News’ either. (You can see everything else she published except the two pieces on tackling the child porn problem.) Handrahan emailed Goldgeier, “Is it only my work on child porn / trafficking that will not be posted?” His response, “No problems posting the Syria pieces.” Clearly, there was a specific problem with posting child porn / trafficking articles.

Child porn at the elite level is a pervasive problem and there is a sickening trend of academic pedophiles. (Also see: brief Google search). Birds of a feather fly together and criminals hire those below them who will keep their secrets. Both McGinnies and Berendzen (cured after just three weeks at Johns Hopkins) are still on AU’s faculty today. Shocking but unsurprisingly, top AU administrators in the Board of Trustees and/or the President’s office are still corrupt today, as brazenly displayed by Handrahan’s unjust firing for, like Reisman, researching child porn.

The edited Reisman report that AU turned into DOJ in 1986 was so watered down and altered that DOJ rejected it. Meanwhile, an original unedited version that Reisman salvaged at Liberty University was powerful enough so that the abstract alone convinced 8,000 stores, including 7-Eleven, to stop selling Playboy and Penthouse in 1987 because of depictions of child molestation (New York Times, June 16, 1986). In 1994, the new head of the DOJ’s Juvenile Justice Office wrote, “While the massive, affluent sex industry has employed nearly every technique in their arsenal, short of violence, to stop Dr. Reisman’s work, they have not shown her findings to be incorrect or methodologically flawed- in even the smallest detail” (August 25, 1994).

SIS Dean Goldgeier
In fall 2012, Goldgeier gave Hadnrahan a merit award for outstanding service and her superior evaluations, and he said to his Dean’s council, “We need to find out what Lori is doing in the classroom because we need more professors like her.” In December 2012, Handrahan met with Goldgeier. He thanked Handrahan for embodying everything SIS stands for: scholarship, moral leadership, and service. Goldgeier decided to address Handrahan’s stalking and smear campaign problem (Handrahan is not mentally ill) by personally involving the head of AU’s Public Safety. The meeting was going well, then Handrahan asked why her “Enable the Fight Against Child Porn” article could not be published on the ‘SIS in the News’ page. The meeting’s tone quickly darkened. Goldgeier became visible distraught as he said, “I’m trying so hard to keep you from getting fired.” Handrahan was a model professor… what was going on? Goldgeier wouldn’t say. Handrahan pledged full cooperation and they left on good terms.

One month later, and one week before classes started in January 2013, Handrahan unexpectedly received a dismissal email from Goldgeier. The powers above him smashed Goldgeier’s moral commitment to protect academic freedom. The AU pedophiles decided, probably with financial incentive from their friend Michael Waxman, that Handrahan was becoming too credible and annoying now that she was trying to fend off Waxman’s stalking. They silenced her research and fired her. Are you against enabling the fight against child porn? AU is.

In 1984, AU’s School of Education Dean, Myra Sadker, said, “I feel very confident that Dr. Reisman’s research is well conceptualized and developed.” Although Sadker personally backed Reisman, just like Goldgeier personally backed Handrahan, pressure from AU administration broke Sadker and Goldgeier like twigs. In 1985, Sadker told Reisman that AU was taking over her project. Unlike Goldgeier though, Sadker displayed moral courage and resigned, citing distaste in how AU handled Reisman’s research.

Reisman wrote, “The reasons for AU’s efforts to stop my investigation of child sex abuse in mainstream pornography were glaringly obvious, even to the most naïve observer.” The taking down of Handrahan’s article on fighting child porn from “SIS in the News” is just as glaringly obvious.

When this kind of research is so publically destroyed, what message does that send to current and future students about the mission that AU was founded upon? Handrahan’s behavior in the classroom that Goldgeier said he wanted to duplicate was her leadership by example and her ability to teach students how to have moral courage. Handrahan explains, “The biggest problem with my firing is that it sent a message to all the students at SIS: ‘Even though we are telling you guys to go out on the front lines in the world and promote moral courage, we are not going to promote it here on campus.’” Every one of her students clearly got that message.

Reisman’s biggest disappointment is not getting the opportunity to teach and influence young people. For someone who speaks truth to power as compellingly as she does (see the Introduction to her book), Reisman’s absence was detrimental to students and for major legal decisions about pornography as a social toxin and its especial harm to children, but now her voice is heard. This is the first time Reisman’s story is being told at AU because the Eagle unsurprisingly obeyed the hand that feeds them. With Handrahan, the Eagle proved once again to be a mouthpiece of the elite by not publishing a word on Handrahan. Perhaps the Eagle’s recent award most suitably characterizes its dog-and-pony show: “best all-around non-daily student newspaper.” No hard feelings, you were only an accomplice in two child porn cover-ups. Mull it over this summer and reply in the fall, we’ll wait.

Reisman had no students to stick up for her, Handrahan does. Handrahan’s students will prove, as students have done time after time, to be a powerful force for change and accountability. Please sign these petitions to Goldgeier & Congress, protest, tweet at media outlets, call your congressional offices.

The Extra’s first article explained that Handrahan’s 6-year-old daughter Mila is stuck with her father who, as new evidence revealed, was accused of abuse by his second wife as well. The new evidence is vindicating because it proves that this case is not simply about custody, because if it was, the case is so blatantly obvious that someone would have done something a long time ago and Mila would be with Handrahan. No, this case is about a robust and corrupt child trafficking network involving Michael Waxman that AU has conspired in, if not directly then unacceptably indirectly. The truth will prevail. Pedophiles will fall. Mila will be saved.


This article was not solicited by Handrahan or anyone, rather it was commissioned by my own review of the evidence and sense of morality.

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AU Professor Fired Without Due Diligence, Vindicated by New Evidence
April 2013, anon.

Dean Goldgeier, of American University’s (AU) School of International Service, relieved International Development Professor Dr. Lori Handrahan of her teaching duties one week before the start of spring 2013 classes citing, “despite repeated requests to minimize the impact of your personal affairs on campus, you continue to send communications.” The communications that Handrahan sent were to campus safety in which she reported death threats sent to her AU email address. The out-of-the-blue dismissal came after Handrahan had a meeting with Dean Goldgeier in late fall 2012 where he assured her that AU was behind her.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) wrote a letter to AU President Kerwin on 31 January 2013 stating, “We accordingly urge that the American University administration rescind the dismissal and reinstate Dr. Handrahan to the faculty.” AU’s response was that they did not technically “fire” her and President Kerwin referred back to Dean Goldgeier’s deficient explanation. AU’s newspaper, The Eagle, was poised to do a story on this but it was shut down by the powers that be.

So what happened? Handrahan’s research on ending impunity for child porn was gaining popularity on CTVForbes, and Yahoo. Little did she know, AU has a child porn scandal it would like to prevent from resurfacing, especially after Penn State’s scandal. AU’s President from 1980-1990, Dr. Richard Berendzen, never received a fine or a day in jail for his large child porn collection that he used in his President’s office that overlooked the on-campus day-care playground while he called day-cares around the region and talked about having sex with children. Police recorded some of the calls until the phone number was traced. Berendzen spent only three weeks in rehabilitation yet used a well-played “victim” card to sell his book about how he had to overcome the hardship of being sexually abused as a child himself. By the logic of his excuse, drunk drivers could avoid prosecution by claiming that their parents were alcoholics. Berendzen’s own child abuse has nothing to do with accountability, then and now, for the crimes he committed against children while at AU. Yet, he reclaimed a spot on AU faculty where he remains on record today. Hard to believe? Check the sources.

Even if Berendzen and child porn research had nothing to do with Handrahan’s firing, does AU’s idea of fixing a problem of death threats sent to a professor mean getting rid of the professor? Death threats were sent to Handrahan in a fierce custody battle for her now 6-year-old daughter Mila. Handrahan filed for divorce from Igor Malenko in May 2008 after two years of marriage based on abuse, citing specifically: (1) Malenko threw food at her, (2) threw a jar that hit her in the head, and (3) threatened to kill her. Malenko pled guilty to domestic violence and said, “I brushed an empty jar off a table in anger on one occasion.”

In the heat of this traumatic time, Handrahan noticed signs that Mila was sexually abused. A Yale pediatric doctor testified that he found a methamphetamine level in Mila’s urine that “warrants an in-depth investigation.” When interviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), “Mila stated in response to an open-ended question that her father poked her vagina with his penis at his house.” DHHS noted that there is always potential for influence when a child, especially a younger child (Mila was 2 yrs 6 months) is in the midst of a high level of parental conflict. However, DHHS also noted, “the specificity of Mila’s statements is quite compelling and difficult to dismiss merely as the result of suggestion.” DHHS strongly recommended that any contact with Malenko be supervised. Yet, Mila has been alone with him for two years now.

Maine’s courts, a judicial system that SaturdayNight Live likes to mock for incompetence, sided with Malenko. MSN ranks Maine the third worst state in the country for sex trafficking. Moreover, Maine has not enforced its own joint custody ruling. Malenko has engaged in parental alienation with the full support of his attorney, Michael J. Waxman, in violation of court-ordered visitation rights. Handrahan has not seen her daughter in two years.

Maine Family-Lawyer Stands on Side of Abuse

Why is the custody battle so fierce? Malenko’s attorney, Waxman, has consistently displayed a very suspicious level of emotional investment. In one of Waxman's many unprofessional emails (whose IP addresses were verified by Anonymous) to Handrahan, Waxman vowed to use his “substantial family fortune” to take her daughter from her: “I shall not stop doing everything in my power to protect Mila and Igor [Malenko].” He has done just that. When Maine Judge Jeff Moskowitzstated from his bench that a court order allowed Handrahan to visit Mila, Waxman stood up, pointed at the Judge, and with a raised voice told the judge that his client would not obey the order.  Waxman went on to inquire if doing so would be committing civil contempt or criminal contempt.  The judge refused to give legal advice, did not hold either Waxman or Malenko in contempt, and did not attempt to enforce the court order.

Could Waxman’s ulterior motive be money? Waxman is rich and has worked on this case for four years, pro bono. Power? Waxman is powerful. He is part of a family with vast corporate real estate holdings. Righteousness? You be the judge. Sex? Waxman’s behavior fits the psychological profile of a pedophile. Narcissistic pedophiles claim to be infallible and often lie to justify their actions. Waxman wrote in an email, “And the more I think of it, the less I am convinced that this Court has any power over ME in any fashion.”

From Waxman to Handrahan: “Focus on getting yourself mentally healthy so that you can be a mommy to your little 6 year old girl who is probably starting to forget you. How terribly sad. Isn't being a mommy more important to you than getting all this silly attention? We both know that this is not going to end well for you. All you are doing is harming your
 child and allowing another day to go by in which you do not say ‘good night’ or ‘I love you’ to your child. Again, that is truly sad.” To a pedophile, ‘love’ means clinging and includes strong separation anxiety. 
Noyes, a Mainecourt-watcher (civilian who sits in on court proceedings) stated, “Waxman says he has considerable contact with Mila, has developed a deep attachment for her, an affection so deep in fact that it is he who states that he refuses the court order to permit this child to even see her mother, and wishes to erase any memory of her mother from this child's mind.” Pedophiles’ sense of self rests on blaming others. Waxman wrote to Handrahan’s lawyer, “[Handrahan] is a despicable human being!  She does not care at all about her child. That is who your potential client is.”

Waxman stalks and/or hired stalkers to attack and threaten Handrahan on the Internet. They have run a successful smear campaign.Alias “Sarah Tyrrell” reports suspiciously timely and accurate court information. Among the completely undeserved harassment, Tyrrell wrote to Handrahan: “You sick, twisted, demented woman.” In November 2012, Tyrrell wrote to AU President Kerwin advocating for Handrahan’s firing. This spring, Tyrrell posted online, “we were instrumental in getting [Handrahan] sued, getting a lien on her house, and getting her fired.”

Thereby two worlds collided-- a personal custody battle and a job at AU. Using intimidation tactics, Waxman fought to raise Handrahan’s child support to a level where she could barely pay rent. Waxman threatened Handrahan with arrest for posting reports of Mila’s abuse online, an activity “trying to rally supporters to harm Igor [Malenko] or Mila.” Waxman hired a man to wait outside Handrahan’s classroom each class in anticipation of an arrest warrant that never came. AU police acquiesced his presence. Handrahan printed out and carried Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birmingham Jail Letter for personal strength and in determination to turn an arrest into a dignified teaching experience for her students. The letter states, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Yet, as instructed by AU administration, Handrahan never brought up her personal life with her students.

In early 2011, Waxman was brought before the Overseersof the Bar on 13 counts of violating the Bar (including threatening the prosecution, conflict of interest, and misconduct). Seven of Maine’s top attorneys testified vigorously against Waxman but the judge ruled that the prosecution did not present enough evidence.Two years after Waxman’s Bar review, further testimony against him by the court-watcher: “I am at a loss to understand how Mr Waxman is permitted to continue to "practice" law in this state… There seems to be no avenue for appeal to a higher authority in family court, [attempts to file an Emergency Title 22 Petition with Maine’s Supreme Court were denied]… To me, the entire judicial process has abused this child and her mother from the very beginning.”

The Smoking Gun

Even if Malenko and Waxman have spared Mila sexually, for the past two years Mila has been with a serial abuser. Shocking new court documents reveal that Malenko’s second wife, who he married in August 2011, Liljana Cvetkoska, tried to leave him multiple times over their first year of marriage and filed for divorce in March 2013 based on (1) verbal abuse from Igor on a consistent basis, (2) numerous threats to throw her and their baby out of the house, which actually happened in August 2012, and (3) Malenko made Cvetkoska spend all of her savings, including hospital bills for delivering their baby.

Leslie Steiner, survivor of domestic violence, gave a TEDtalk: “It is dangerous to leave an abuser. When partners leave abusers, the abuser has nothing else to lose and it too often results in murder. Other outcomes include long-term stalking, denial of financial resources, and manipulation of the family court system to terrify the victim and her children, who are regularly forced by family court judges to spend unsupervised time with the man who beat her mother.”  Handrahan and Cvetkoska have a textbook case. Handrahan, like Steiner, is breaking the silence of her abuse by reporting everything to everyone, while Waxman threatensmedia outlets that publish her with lawsuits. Every domestic violence victim should have the courage to speak out in a receptive society. Handrahan reported cyber-stalking to AU. Let it be known where AU stood, with this and with Berendzen.

Abuse, like drugs and pedophilia, is an addictive disease. Malenko has a history of abuse and violence, which has now manifested in U.S. courts by two independent accounts. How is Waxman responding? He is trying to get Cvetkoska deported and keep her American-born child with Malenko. Whether or not the intent is human trafficking, justice is at large. Mila is in danger.


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This article was not solicited by Handrahan or anyone, rather it was commissioned by my own review of the evidence and sense of morality.


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