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X-Acc, pronounced (Chi-Acc) or simply Kayak.
A mini-statistical package for educational purposes. Test scores analysis mainly.

X(chi)-Pro Milestone

Computerized and partially computerized exams rely on item banks from which items are selected to produce tests; however, studies show that the availability of item banks is rather limited because the development of an item bank can involve investing a great amount of time and effort. X-Pro Milestone is a portable, personalized, featured, and syllabus-specific item-bank software tool that is capable of helping users maintain high-quality item-banks and producing printer-friendly multi-form exam instances along with proper answer keys for each exam-form. Motivated by the acceptance the earlier versions of this software tool, it is thoroughly re-engineered and re-implemented based on a comprehensive set of requirements that are responsive to user needs. 

Compared with similar software tools available in the market,  X-Pro Milestone is superior to other software tools based on a wide spectrum of features and functionalities that are not available in other software tools.

Click the following link to download the software, please. The software runs on Windows 7, Vesta, 8, and 8.1, 10.