N1QY Second Op

The N1QY Second Op was Inspired by the W9IOP original, with enhancements for the digital age. This Windows app supplies all the essential information about the DX station quickly and simply. The program draws a great circle map centered on your QTH. Enter the DX prefix, and you get distance and bearing to the DX, along with other essential info, including the sunrise/sunset for you and the DX. The program normally operates in real time mode, using your computer's time and date to update the screen continuously. There is also a virtual mode, allowing display of any time and date. Once you've saved your home QTH, you can change the center of the map to anywhere, and return to your home QTH with a single click.


The Second Op is provided free of charge. To try it out, download the second_op.zip file. Extract all the files into a single folder, and launch second_op.exe. The first time you start up, the program finds no CONFIG.TXT file, and uses default values. Once you've entered your time zone and home QTH, you can save the CONFIG.TXT file so the program can start with that info next time.

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The latest version of the program is 10.1. It is suggested that you upgrade to that version. The zip package includes the most recent PREFIX.TXT file (11 July 2019) and BLOCKS.TXT (19 Feb 2019), . If your software is up to date, but your PREFIX.TXT and BLOCKS.TXT files aren't the latest, you can download (see below) the latest versions of the two files, and replace your existing files.

To download, click the downward arrow at the far right.