World Leaders Prepare Like Never Before! The End Has Just Begun!!!

I really wish this subject would just go away and that we could just go on with life and have a good time. There are actually so many things to enjoy on Mother Earth—there are the spiritual realms all around us such as the “above beings” (Native American spirituality expression) that we may dance, intermingle and communicate with (pray to).

Fortunately we know for sure that one day we will join up with those who live beyond their bodies, meaning we are going to die whether we like it or not. It is our spiritual destiny to lose our bodies and let them go back to the dust from whence they came. The bad news is that it is going to happen a whole lot faster for the lot of us humans who will have to learn to survive on an increasingly contaminated planet. It wasn’t enough to cover the globe with lead, then mercury, plastic and a host of other chemicals.

Benjamin Fulford Member of the white dragon society speaks out on tyranny of Bilderberg, Trilateral Comission etc and the Illuminati. and in particular Henry Kissinger, Father George Bush, Prince Charles and the Rockerfellers. He warns them to stop the tyranny.

We have now made it more difficult to live on earth and that situation is going to get much worse. There have been severe nuclear accidents before, several very bad ones in Russia and farmers are still feeling the effects of Chernobyl. Hundreds of British sheep farmers still have to obtain a license every time they want to move sheep. Before anything moves off the farm it has to be inspected and scanned with a Geiger counter. That contamination has not gone away it is still burning people’s and animals’ bodies and will continue to do that for a long time.

Radioactive hell gets hotter depending on who and where you are, with babies and fetuses suffering the most. As today’s essay develops, the story does get worse. No one talks about Fukushima much anymore but it is one of the most dangerous and significant events in our history. How many of us are going to come down with cancer, go sterile? And what are we going to say to our kids? The world’s schools are certainly not teaching their students about it but that’s not surprising since schools do not really educate but instead indoctrinate the young in our civilizations failed ways. 

Wherefore the next official complaint to the United Nations (U.N.) & International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to "STOP" the emerging World War by given direct implementation of the on January 25, 1944 by King Leopold III completed "political testament"! Against the non democratic consultation on the Crimea during and after the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and March 25, 2014 in The Hague, with the intent to achieve "illegal" economic sanctions from an "illegal" European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA) against Russia,

This investigation has been endorsed by the engineers who designed and built Fukushima Diiachi (Fukushima Reactor Disaster Archive 1 / Archive 2)

And what exactly are they preparing for???

During this past 2016 Nuclear Summit Security (NSS), which took place on March 31-April 1, 2016, world leaders from over 50 nations, among the United Nations (U.N.) and European Union (E.U.), gathered together to discuss serious implications regarding “nuclear security,” “counterterrorism,” and possible scenarios regarding “terror drones.” Not to mention how they plan to go about their New World Order...

Now why would world leaders such as Obama even bring up the scenario of nuclear terror drones as an “imminent threat,” and even a scenario involving “fake” apocalyptic news clips… Unless, they are the ones funding and preparing for and staging such a “threat?” 

And why is Mr. Obama so concerned about a “nuclear weapon” going off in Manhattan specifically — what could be the bigger implications here, and could this relate to the New World Order?
Monju Nuclear Power Plant

The United States deliberately allowed Japan access to the United States’ most secret nuclear weapons facilities while it transferred tens of billions of dollars worth of American tax paid research that has allowed Japan to amass 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium since the 1980s, a National Security News Service investigation reveals. These activities repeatedly violated U.S. laws regarding controls of sensitive nuclear materials that could be diverted to weapons programs in Japan. The NSNS investigation found that the United States has known about a secret nuclear weapons program in Japan since the 1960s, according to CIA reports.

President Reagan and Vice President Bush

The diversion of U.S. classified technology began during the Reagan administration after it allowed a $10 billion reactor sale to China. Japan protested that sensitive technology was being sold to a potential nuclear adversary. The Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations permitted sensitive technology and nuclear materials to be transferred to Japan despite laws and treaties preventing such transfers. Highly sensitive technology on plutonium separation from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site and Hanford nuclear weapons complex, as well as tens of billions of dollars worth of breeder reactor research was turned over to Japan with almost no safeguards against proliferation. Japanese scientist and technicians were given access to both Hanford and Savannah River as part of the transfer process.

While Japan has refrained from deploying nuclear weapons and remains under an umbrella of U.S. nuclear protection, NSNS has learned that the country has used its electrical utility companies as a cover to allow the country to amass enough nuclear weapons materials to build a nuclear arsenal larger than China, India and Pakistan combined. 

An armed British ship carrying 730 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium left a port in Japan, destined for a secret mission to South Carolina.

Authorities have declined to say anything about the trip, citing security concerns. But Kyodo News has reported that the shipment is part of a 2014 agreement Japan struck with the U.S. to decrease its massive stockpile of plutonium.

The ship, accompanied by a second vessel, is headed for the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation in South Carolina, where the plutonium is to be downgraded and stored. 

The end result of a decades-long investigation, the article reveals a secret program through which the US helped Japan amass a stockpile of plutonium which the Japanese government could use to jump-start a nuclear weapons program.

Joseph Trento on the Secret US-Japanese Plutonium Program
United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium

Remember, nothing is ever a coincidence! The elite are letting us know what they plan on doing AHEAD of Time! And just what Time is it?!?!

Terrorists flying drones to spread highly radioactive material over a civilian area: That’s part of the nightmare scenario President Barack Obama urged world leaders to consider as they debated better ways of controlling nuclear material.

With the aid of apocalyptic fake newscasts, Obama told the group of 50 heads of state and foreign ministers in Washington on Friday to imagine that a terrorist group had bought isotopes through brokers on the so-called dark Web. One shipment was picked up in transit by radiation monitors, but others were thought to be still on the move. The terrorists were believed to be planning to use a drone to distribute the material. Would authorities react in time?

This hypothetical war-game was described by a U.K. official speaking on condition of anonymity because the meeting was closed. Obama’s aim was to push the men and women around the table to think about how their governments would respond. Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters the threat was serious.

‘Chilling Prospect’

“So many summits are about dealing with things that have already gone wrong and we are trying to put right,” he said ahead of the meeting. “This is a summit about something we are trying to prevent. The concept of terrorists and nuclear materials coming together is obviously a very chilling prospect. In the light of the Belgian attacks, we know is a threat that is only too real.”

Discussions on the sidelines of the two-day Nuclear Security Summit in Washington covered issues from the latest sanctions against North Korea to the Iranian nuclear accord. While originally a forum for Russia, the U.S. and other major powers to discuss nuclear weapons safety, counterterrorism issues dominated the official discussions in the wake of terror attacks in Brussels, Paris, West Africa, the Middle East and the U.S. over the last year.

Before reporters were asked to leave the summit meeting hall Friday, Obama said,“We will then be showing a video which focuses attention on the possible scenarios that might emerge with respect to terrorist networks, which will give us a good opportunity to test those areas where we still have work to do.”

Covert Warfare

The use of drones for everything from adventure films to covert warfare has soared worldwide. In a boom fueled largely by hobbyists, the Federal Aviation Administration predicts 2.5 million drones will be sold this year and annual sales will climb to 7 million by 2020.

The U.K. official said there’s evidence Islamic State has tried to get its hands on commercial drones. Evidence has also emerged out of Belgium that terrorists there had video footage of a senior official at the country’s Nuclear Research Center ahead of attacks in Brussels that killed 32 people.

“We must actively respond to the threat of drones being used to spread radioactive materials or infiltrate nuclear facilities,” South Korean President Park Geun Hye said at a working dinner on Thursday, according to her office. “As the threat of nuclear terrorism evolves, our responses, too, should be preemptive and creative.”

‘Dirty Bomb’

While building a traditional nuclear weapon requires a great deal of technical expertise, a “dirty bomb,” in which conventional explosives are used to scatter radioactive material over a wide area, would need little skill and could be highly effective at spreading fear.
At least 130 countries have radiological material, stored at places such as universities, hospitals, companies and research centers, which could be used in a dirty bomb, said former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, who heads the Nuclear Threat Initiative group in Washington.

That raises the possibility of radioactive material being sold in marketplaces on the dark Web, which doesn’t show up on Internet search engines and where users can buy and sell illegal products and services, from child pornography to stolen credit-card information.

At the end of the summit, Obama highlighted progress made to coordinate efforts to halt the illegal trade in nuclear material, saying the U.S. And its allies have “worked to install radiation detection equipment at more than 300 international border crossings, airports and ports, and we are developing new mobile detection systems as well.”

Create Fear

Nevertheless, Islamic State leaders have the intent to use any weapon they can to murder or create fear, according to a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the matter’s sensitivity. The group, also known by the acronym ISIS, doesn’t currently have the capability to deploy nuclear or radiological weapons, the official added.

"ISIS’s savagery, which may have included the use of chemicals as weapons, is limitless and there is little doubt that they would weaponize radiological materials if they could,” said Representative Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. The U.S. and other countries must “ensure we have appropriate measures in place to detect the movement of radioactive material across borders.”