Who is behind the fascist European Union structure?

Europe, our entire World is in big trouble if you understand that nazi chemical-pharmaceutical & petrochemical industry was not defeated during WWII and went underground to conquer the World as revealed in the secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich ...in the EU

The ‘Brussels EU’ is not a democratic body. Neither its president nor its executive body, the so-called ‘EU Commission’ can be elected – or unelected – by the people. The 27 members of this ‘EU Executive’ are appointed on behalf of corporate interests – namely, the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, the ‘Oil and Drug Cartel’. These ‘Commissars’ rule Europe with the help of more than 50,000 paid bureaucrats – none of whom are democratically legitimized either. The ‘EU Parliament’ – parading as a democratic institution – is little more than a ‘fig leaf’ – and lacks crucial hallmarks of any democracy, such as the right to initiate new legislation. WHAT HAPPENED!!!

The blueprints for this undemocratic construct derive from the intended post-World War II plans of the Nazis and their main corporate financiers, the infamous IG Farben Inc. (BAYER, BASF, HOECHST etc.), the world’s largest chemical, pharmaceutical Cartel at that time. The first president and chief architect of what is known today as the ‘Brussels EU’ was Walter Hallstein, a German lawyer. Before and during WWII, Hallstein had been a key architect of the new dictatorial ‘world order’ via which the Nazi/Cartel Coalition had planned to rule Europe and later the world. - See more

To understand the whole problem will be discussed various scandals, not to offend, damage or destroy, but to reflect, rebuild, inform and educate public opinion. 

Violations of laws and regulations should be addressed directly, so injustice, discrimination and current implemented stealth genocide belongs to the past and human rights can be respected again. Governments are actually hostage by corporations that have undermined sovereign nations by stealth, disabling constitutions and dismantling sovereign and democratic countries, despite: The Nuremberg Principles.

It's now abundantly obvious that a full-scale war has been declared against medical progress and the pioneering doctors and democratic opposition who are trying to save lives. (video)

We like to highlight The Dr.. Rath Health Foundation for their extraordinary work on health, peace and social justice. 

How the nazi chemie-pharmaceutical & petrochemical industry conquered the World.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has a decidedly nazi past. The in Jena 1911 German born Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld joined the nazi party NSDAP in the early 1930’s and enrolled in the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Reiter-SS (SS Cavalry Corps), and to the NSKK,

Here you will find his membership card of the Student Landschaft  membership card of the Student Landschaft, which Prince Bernhard had filled in as a member of the NSDAP and SA since 27 April 1933. The document in question is located under number S II 1849 Act 28 in the archives of the Humboldt Universität, he was a member of the SS.here the official registration of Prince Bernhard in the register of the NSDAP.

Bernhard ended his doctoral in 1935 end get gainfully employed in I G Farben’s intelligence department NW7. IG-Farben that took the Holland-route to the U.S. with the services of the de Hollandsche Koopmansbank in Amsterdam (HKB) supported by the BBH, UBC and Dillon Read. Bernhard was a IG-Farben spy within the secret intelligence department NW7 which became the Third Reich’s private eyes and ears during World War II. This company supplied Zyklon B gas to Auschwitz,(a cyanide based made pesticide).

The German Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (IG-Farben spy) married on January 7, 1937 to Princess Juliana, the daughter of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, reportedlyarranged by Farben director, Gerhard Fritze, a relative of NW7’s chief, Max Ilgner. At their marriage ceremony, the Prince’s closest friends struck up the old favourite, the Horst Wessel song, which was the anthem of the Nazis, they did the Nazi salute.

Shortly after the marriage, the noble prince travelled to Berlin for a private meeting with Hitler, who had publicly intimated that the marriage represented an alliance between both nations - which was refuted by Queen Willhelmina. 

However, IG-Farben Spy Bernhard, could blackmail Queen Wilhelmina and his wife Princess Juliana because of the fact that the line of William of Orange stops at the great-grandson of William III also King of England, meaning that Wilhelmina, Juliana and the current representatives of Dutch royal family have no right to the throne of William of Orange. (read the next book by the Dutch writer Ine Veen:Deception to the crown, the secret of Juliana and Beatrix).

In May 1938 Hitler met with Mussolini in Rome, Italy, to plan the military conquest of the world – and to plan the post-WWII world under the rule of the Nazis and their corporate financiers, the Chemical, Oil and Drug Cartel (left). 

One month later, in June 1938, German lawyer Walter Hallstein was part of the official Nazi State delegation to Rome that finalized the legal framework of the intended ‘New World Order’ – to be implemented after an anticipated Nazi/Cartel victory. On January 23, 1939, Hallstein revealed these outrageous plans in a public speech in Rostock, Germany (center). 

On May 12 and 13, 1940 nazi-SS Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld(IG-Farben NW7 spy) guided Queen Wilhelmina and his family at their crossing to England, with the knowledge that, under Article 21 of the Dutch Constitution, the Dutch governmenttherefore has been disbanded and the Netherlands has become part of Germany, which was driven by the Hitler Cabinet.

Article 21 of the Dutch Constitution

"Under no circumstances can the seat of government
be placed outside the Empire"

Jan Donner was a judge at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, he resigned on March 13, 1944. without departing distance from the policy of the Supreme Court during the occupation, after the occupation on May 5, 1945 he could return again as judge at the Supreme Court for the continuation of the Hitler Cabinet. Nobody better then Jan Donner was aware of the fact that the flights of the Dutch government and head of state Queen Wilhelmina to London under Article 21 of the Dutch Constitution, the Dutch government has lifted itself from May 13, 1940, whereby the Netherlands become official part of nazi Germany which was driven by the Hitler Cabinet. Seyss-Inquart asReichskommissar could take over. Thus the place of Wilhelmina.

That there was intent was confirmed by the fact that the same day British Foreign Secretary was visited by the French ambassador who told him that the French government was very troubled by the letter that Queen Wilhelmina had sent to the French President. According to the ambassador showed Wilhelmina's writing that the Dutch government was perhaps planning to negotiate with the Germans. This all the more six days earlier, on May 8, 1940, the Dutch press had heard from the mouth of Princess Juliana that the House of Orange never leaves his post. (source: Gerard's blog WWII). 

° More telling was the fact that when IG-Farben NW7 Spy Bernhard zur Lippe- Biesterfield arrived in England asked to work in British intelligence, his offer was declined by the Admiralty, because they didn’t trust him.  Nor did the Supreme Allied Commander, General Dwight Eisenhower who refused him access to sensitive intelligence information.  However, with the intervention of King George on Prince Bernhard’s behalf, he was eventually allowed to work in war planning councils.  Whoops.  

By the illegal 'transfer' to England, the Netherlands got next to a military occupation also a German civilian administration under  Seyss-Inquart.

° On May 18, 1940 brought Adolf Hitler Decree No. 1 on the governmental powers in the Netherlands.

On June 15, 1940 the Belgian government (France) decided to go to England, but 48 hours later joins the French government for her flight to Bordeaux. The next day, when the end of the battle appears imminent, Prime Minister Hubert Pierlot prefers to follow the French Government, which Pétain has the last few days, the leadership of. Three Belgian ministers voted against: Camille GuttMarcel-Henri Jaspar and Albert De Vleeschauwer. Jaspar breaks the collegiality and leaves the same day to England, without permission and get deposited immediately. The Vleeschauwer get an unlimited mandate as Administrator General to defend the interests of the Belgian Congo. He leaves to Lisbon where he arrives on June 22, accompanied by Fernand Vanlangenhove, who had asked socialist Paul-Henri Spaak not to carry out his position as Secretary General of Foreign Affairs in occupied territory. The next day they sent a telegram to all Belgian diplomatic representatives and to the Governor General of Congo to announce that an authorized member of the Belgian government is outside of German range and that the war will continue. The Governor General responds to this message with his famous radio speech. Another recipient, Baron Emile de Cartier de Marchienne, Belgian ambassador in London, notifies the Vleeschauwer that M. H. Jaspar, with the support of Camille Huysmans, hopes to establish an against government and that its presence is needed in London. Thus flies Vleeschauwer on 4 July to England.

° From that moment on the Belgian Government works from London, very closely with Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Juliana and nazi / IG-Farben spy Prince Bernard zur Lippe Biesterfeld. This included the Belagian socialist Paul-Henri Spaak and his cabinet employee Robert Rothschild who made ​​his way to London after, to support the Belgian government in exile. This all without King Leopold III his approval what supposed to be constitutionally.

On 21 October 1943, the Belgian Paul Henri Spaak has in London on behalf of the Government of His Majesty the King of the Belgians, closed the Monetary Agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  This signature Paul-Henri Spaak has done without authorization or consent of King Leopold III in contrary to Leopold his later "political testament" of January 25, 1944, which all treaties concluded in London are rejected.

Written to be handed personally and confidentially to Mr. Pierlot, (32nd Prime Minister of Belgium), withheld from the Belgian and European citizens.

8. The foreign and colonial policy

On the international status I demand in the name of the Constitution that Belgium would be restored to its full independence and that it would accept no commitments or agreements with other states, of any kind, then in all sovereignty and provided by the necessary reciprocation.

I insist that no prejudice can be done to the ties between the colony and the mother country.

Moreover, I recall that according to the constitution a treaty has no value if it does not bear the royal signature.

King of the Belgians,
prisoner in the castle of Laeken
January 25, 1944

Wherefore our request to King Philip I of the Belgians dated, February 26, 2014, whereby "WE THE PEOPLE" request to restore the Constitution as like the Constitution demands?!!!

Any public officer in performance of his duties who becomes aware of a crime or misdemeanor must respect the Constitution and is obliged to inform the public prosecutor immediately, therefore We The People request to take knowledge of the content, to consider this content as repeated and inserted. read here

On August 10, 1944 at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg (France) a secret meeting took place. Nazi officials gave an elite group German industrialists instruction to prepare for a strong German empire.

In other words: The Fourth Reich. 

Nazi Germany then moved large amounts of capital to neutral countries. German companies began to form a secret network abroad. (video)

The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but the powerful bankers, industrialists and officials in Nazi Germany, reborn as democrats, quickly began to pursue in Europe an economic and political integration. The Fourth Reich, as provided by the Nazi industrialists, is in any case, realized in a verry large part! After the meeting, a report was sent to British officials and the U.S. Secretary of State

The report after the secret meeting was prepared by a French spy. The meeting was led by SS-Obergruppenführer Dr. Scheid. He held a high position within the SS. Incidentally Josias of Waldeck-Pyrmont, was first cousin of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, and Obergruppenführer in the SS.

Dr. Scheid gave the command to make contact with foreign industrial firms. After the war they had to borrow large sums of money from other countries. The corporations would first finance, the Nazi party, which would continue in the background. Then the government should give to German industrialists huge sums of money. After German companies would then form a secret network of foreign subsidiaries who would do supposedly military research. The officials would start up a secret network of foreign companies, mainly from IG-Farbens chemistry-pharmaceutical industry, the real reason why efficient natural products against cancer (such as Flaraxin) are undemocratically suppressed.

Matin Borman and Adolf Hitler in Argentina

Car­ry­ing for­ward Mr. Emory’s cov­er­age of the evo­lu­tion of Ger­man fas­cism and impe­ri­al­ism, this pro­gram fea­tures two impor­tant arti­cles by heroic jour­nal­ist and author Paul Man­ning, author of the vitally impor­tant 1981 book Mar­tin Bor­mann: Nazi in Exile (Lyle-Stuart, copy­right 1981). MUST LISTEN: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 | Real Au­dio

Writ­ten in 1982, these arti­cles detail the sup­pres­sion of Manning’s book, as well as telling the story of the remark­able and deadly Bor­mann flight cap­i­tal orga­ni­za­tion. (As indi­cated in pre­vi­ous broad­casts, Mr. Emory believes the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion will prove to be the deci­sive ele­ment in human affairs.) Con­trol­ling all the liq­uid wealth of Europe at the end of World War II, the Bor­mann group con­trols the economies of the Fed­eral Repub­lic of Ger­many and Europe. As one banker put it, the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion is the great­est con­cen­tra­tion of money power under one con­trol­ling author­ity in his­tory. Through its con­nec­tions with major Amer­i­can cor­po­ra­tions, the Bor­mann group was able to suc­cess­fully pres­sure pub­lisher after pub­lisher to decline Manning’s man­u­script, as well as pre­vail­ing on major pub­li­ca­tions to avoid review­ing it. Of par­tic­u­lar sig­nif­i­cance in the sup­pres­sion of Manning’s superb book was the Thyssen fam­ily (patri­arch Fritz Thyssen was Hitler’s ear­li­est and most promi­nent backer among Ger­man indus­tri­al­ists.) His grand­son, Count Zichy-Thyssen put the word out that it would be very much appre­ci­ated if Amer­i­can pub­lish­ers stayed away from the Man­ning text. (In FTRs 122 and 123, Ger­man Cor­po­rate Con­trol of Amer­i­can Pub­lish­ing, Mr. Emory high­lights the pro­found con­nec­tions between the Bor­mann group, the Thyssen inter­ests and the Ber­tels­man Cor­po­ra­tion. The lat­ter dom­i­nates Amer­i­can pub­lish­ing, along with the Ger­man Von Holzbrinck firm.) read more

Text "Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II. On April 30 1945 (video), Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten? No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentinia." 

Wherefore our letter request, dated february 11, 2014 to the Argentinian Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Franciscus).

This to STOP the emerging mass genocide, and get back the sovereignty into all the global countries including the since World War II hostage Netherlands where you recently became Queen of . A responsibility from which you and your husband King Willem Alexander can play an important role for the survival of mankind with the aid from the Holy See through the United Nations. Hereby a total destruction of the earth and its 7 billion inhabitants can be prevented as God has imposed on Saint Peter and thus its current representative, Pope Francis. Read more

the same year (1954) Robert Rothschild became head of the cabinet of Paul-Henri SpaakBelgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The same year the Bilderberg conferences where established in the by nazi hijacked Netherlands (Oosterbeek) an annual private conference of 120 to 150 people of the European and North American political elite, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media. 

The Bilderberggroup (video) operates with a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its global market interests with founders like: Pool Józef Retinger, Unilever CEO Paul Rijkens, the former Belgian prime minister Paul van Zeeland and IG Farben spy Prince Bernhard of Lippe Biesterfeld. The next two years Robert Rothschild worked with Paul-Henri Spaak and Jean Snoy et d'Oppuers on the Treaty of Rome

Read and listen (full 19:43) John F. Kennedy last Speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs."

"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings."

This in contrary to the Belgian Constitution by Paul Henri Spaak in London closed Monetary Agreement, on behalf of the Government of His Majesty the King of the Belgians, between the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has resulted in the signing of the on August 5, 1955European Monetary Agreement with the countries listed below, this provoke great economic problems at global level.

The Federal Republic of Germany, The Republic of Austria, The Kingdom of Belgium, The Kingdom of Denmark, Spain, The French Republic, The Kingdom of Greece, Ierland, The Republic of Iceland, De Italiaanse Republiek, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, The Kingdom of Norway, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, The Portuguese Republic, The United Kingdom of Great Brittany, Northern Ireland, Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation, Turkish Republic,

On March 25, 1957, less than two decades after de German lawyer Walter Hallstein was part of the official Nazi State delegation to Rome that finalized the legal framework of the intended ‘New World Order’ he was in Rome again. He became one of only 12 signatories of the ‘Treaties of Rome’ – the founding documents of what is known today as the ‘Brussels EU’ (right). From 1958 to 1967 he was first ‘president’ and the ‘chief architect’ of this construct.

The EEC and Euratom shall be established by the Treaties of Rome, signed on March 25, 1957 by:

°  Christian Pineau and Maurice Faure on behalf of France.

°  Antonio Segni and Gaetano Martino on behalf of Italy.

°  Joseph Bech and Lambert Schaus behalf of Luxembourg.

°  Joseph Luns and Hans Linthorst Homan behalf Netherlands.

Shortly before the treaty was signed Robert Rothschild stood beside Paul-Henri Spaak staring at the Roman Forum in Rome, then Spaak said:

"I think we have restored the Roman Empire without having fired a single shot".

The same cartels who funded Adolf Hitler before, during and after the WWII, implemented in collaboration with the Belgian Paul-Henri Spaak and Robert Rothschild the on Januari 1958 "Treaty of Rome".although unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

On March 25, 1957, less than two decades later, the same Walter Hallstein was in Rome again. He became one of only 12 signatories of the ‘Treaties of Rome’ – the founding documents of what is known today as the ‘Brussels EU’ (right). From 1958 to 1967 he was first ‘president’ and the ‘chief architect’ of this construct.

The center piece of this plan was to rule the conquered world by means of a ‘Central Cartel Office’ that would set the rules for all sectors of life – including economics, finance, trade, patents and any other aspects of civil and criminal law – outside of any democratic control. Two decades later, Nazi-planners like Walter Hallstein copied this system for the ‘Brussels EU’ saying: “Every action [!] is initiated by the [unelected] Commission as the executive organ of the Community.”

With the help of Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, Paul Henry Spaak, Robert Rothschild, jan Donner, Frans Houben and thousand bureaucrats at that time, Hallstein built the ‘Brussels EU’ as an almost exact replica of the Nazi/Cartel plans. Astonishingly, none of the politicians who supported the build-up of this political construct over the past decade felt a responsibility to alert the people of their countries and the world about the undemocratic nature of the ‘Brussels EU’ – or its Nazi roots.

With the help of Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, Paul Henry Spaak, Robert Rothschild, jan Donner, Frans Houben and thousand bureaucrats at that time, Hallstein built the ‘Brussels EU’ as an almost exact replica of the Nazi/Cartel plans. Astonishingly, none of the politicians who supported the build-up of this political construct over the past decade felt a responsibility to alert the people of their countries and the world about the undemocratic nature of the ‘Brussels EU’ – or its Nazi roots.

Meet the financiers of the “Brussels EU”

The information on this website marks the beginning of the end of the undemocratic experiment of the “Brussels EU.” The immediate and fierce reactions to this exposé of the historic roots of the “Brussels EU” on the Nazi drawing boards leave no doubt: the construct of the “Brussels EU” cannot survive the publication of information on this website with thanks to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

On April 24, 1964, the key architects of the “Brussels EU” – all of them active members of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII – met at the “Brussels EU” headquarters to stake their claims on the future of the European continent. Apparently they were so sure about their success to take control over Europe in their 3rd attempt, via the “Brussels EU”, that they posed proudly for this picture. The men shown in this picture are:

1. EU Commission President Walter Hallstein – the boss of the “Brussels EU”. 

2. German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard

3. Ludger Westrick, Head of the German Chancellery

4. Karl Carstens, German Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5. Karl-Günther von Hase, Head of the Press and Information Service of the German government

Who is Who, Meet Big-Pharma (IG-Farben) and their financiers of the “Brussels EU”

The above picture is provided by the European Commission. It can be used anywhere free of charge for educational purposes. Unfortunately, the information provided on the EU Commission website about the participants of this meeting leaves out key aspects about their background.

Following is a more complete description of the men in this picture, who met in April 1964 at the EU Commission in Brussels. It reads like a “who is who” of characters from the Nazi/IG Farben-coalition: 

1. Walter Hallstein, 

a German lawyer, had been appointed the founding president of the so-called EU Commission, the highest body within the “Brussels EU.” In 1964, the time above meeting took place, he had already been the chief architect of the “Brussels EU” construct for seven years. Hallstein, not legitimized by any democratic vote anywhere in Europe, ruled like a “tsar” – imposed by the successors of the IG Farben oil and drug cartel – over an army of 3,000 administrative servants in Brussels and a budget of billions of Euros (in today’s currency). 

Before and during WWII Hallstein had served the Nazi regime as a fervent advocate of Nazi law, including at the University of Rostock, Germany. In January 23, 1939, three years after his Nazi law colleagues had issued the Nuremberg racial laws – and only months before the Nazi/IG Farben coalition launched WWII by attacking Poland Europe – Hallstein talked about future European law under German leadership (“Rechtseinheit Großdeutschlands”). He left no doubt to whom his loyalty belonged, saying that:  “One of the most important laws (in Nazi occupied European countries) is the protection Law for German blood and honour.”

2. Ludwig Erhard,

had been an economic consultant to the Nazi/IG Farben-coalition. He was founder and head of the Nazi-financed “Institut für Industrieforschung” (“Institute for Industry Research”) from 1942. He was married to the sister of Dr. Guth, the head of the infamous “Reichsguppe Industrie” – the Nazi’s official association of the German Reich’s industrialists. In 1944, Erhard wrote “War Finances and Debt Consolidation” (“Kriegsfinanzierung und Schuldenkonsolidierung”), a study about the reconstruction of the economy in a post-war Germany. 

After World War II, Erhard became an economic consultant to the Allied forces and later Minister of Economic Affairs and Chancellor in post-war Germany. He was then a member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). In his functions, he was responsible for the reintegration of the IG Farben managers sentenced in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity into leading corporate positions in post-war Germany. 

One of those to be “reintegrated” was BAYER's WWII director Fritz Ter Mer. This executive of the world’s largest pharmaceutical (!) company was convicted in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal No. VI for genocide in connection with the deadly human experiments with patented Bayer drugs in the KZ Auschwitz (www.profit-over-life.org). With the help of Erhard – then Germany's Minister of Economic Affairs – Ter Mer was released from prison and reinstated as the chairman of the board of BAYER by 1956. 

Erhard publicly defended such an unspeakable act by stating that the selection of Germany’s post-war industry captains was necessary because of their “expertise in the field of economics and chemical technology.” Obviously, it did not bother Erhard that Ter Mer and the other pharmaceutical drug lords had been tried in Nuremberg for war crimes. As part of the “give and take”, Erhard was rewarded with the appointment of vice-chancellor of Germany only one year later.

3. Ludger Westrick,

was chairman of the board, president, and later central trustee of the state-owned “Vereinigte Industrie-Unternehmen AG” (VIAG) during the Nazi era. In post-war Germany, Westrick joined the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). 

By 1964 – at the time of the above meeting – he had been appointed head of the German Chancellery, one of the most powerful positions in the German political system. In that function he controlled all key decisions of German politics, including economics, foreign policy, secret service, political funds, public relations and propaganda of the post-WWII German government.

Westrick's predecessor as head of the German chancellery – and the man who had coordinated the political and financial support for Hallstein and the construction of the “Brussels EU” from the German chancellery for the first 6 years of the new European politburo of the cartel in Brussels – was Hans Globke. Globke was a key figure in Hitler’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was the lawyer who was responsible for implementing the Nazi laws and regulations, subjecting the occupied countries in Europe under the rule of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition. Moreover, Globke was co-author of the legal codex that made the Nuremberg racial laws binding law in Nazi Germany. This codex formed the legal basis for the annihilation of Jewish, Slavic and other people in Nazi occupied Europe. The second author of this codex, Wilhelm Stuckart was a State secretary in the German Interior Ministry and was one of the selected few participants of the infamous “Wannsee Conference” that decided the extermination of more than 10 million Jewish people. 

Westrick, the man on the above picture, was the immediate successor of Globke and had been introduced into his office by this man.

4. Karl Carstens,

was an enthusiastic Nazi follower, joining the SA in 1934. He was a registered member of the Nazi party, the NSDAP from 1940 on. In 1955 he became member of the German Christian Democratic Union. 

In 1954 Carstens joined the German Foreign Service and from 1955 he was the official standing representative of the German Federal Republic at the European Council in Strasbourg!

Concurrently, he advanced to the position of Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs with the defined field of responsibility: “European Questions.”

In 1958 he advanced the Head of the Division “Europe West” within the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Karl-Günther von Hase,

joined the Wehrmacht, the German army in 1936. He participated in the Nazi-German Invasion of Poland in 1939, the Battle of France in 1940 and the Invasion of Russia from 1941 to 1945 and married the daughter of a Nazi-General.

After the war, von Hase joined a diplomatic school in the Federal Republic of Germany and started a blitz-career in German politics. From 1962 to 1967 – including the time of the above meeting in Brussels – von Hase was head of the press office of the German government and responsible for its public relations and propaganda.

Only 19 years after the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition had caused the death of 60 million people and destroyed half of Europe during WWII, they were already at it again. Their third attempt to conquer Europe would not take place in military uniforms but in the grey suits of corporate and political stakeholders of the cartel.

Everyone who looks at the background of Hallstein and the cast of characters posing here as key architects of the “Brussels EU” asks:

° How was it possible that Hallstein, a promotor of the Nuremberg racial laws, could become the “founding father” of the “Brussels EU”?

° Why did the politicians of Europe then not inform their people about those relicts from the Nazi past? Why did they not boycott the “Brussels EU” then?

° How much money did the successors of IG Farben have to channel through the bank accounts of the “Brussels EU” to buy the silence of the rest of Europe for more than half a century?

° And, how can the politicians of Europe today try to sell this “Brussels EU” construct to the people of Europe as the basis for a future Europe?

Founding fathers of the “Brussels EU”
new report released reveals the dramatic extent of the pharmaceutical industry's lobbying efforts towards EU decision-makers, with the industry spending an estimated 15 times more than civil society actors working on public health or access to medicines.


'Policy prescriptions: the firepower of the EU pharmaceutical lobby and implications for public health' by Corporate Europe Observatory probes the privileged access to decision-making in Brussels enjoyed by the sector and facilitated by a lobby spend of around €40 million, extensive meetings with policy-makers, and presence in advisory groups. Under-reporting and the continued avoidance by some of the EU's voluntary lobby transparency system mean that overall industry spending may be much higher than the transparency register reveals.

In order to have a better understanding, see the documentary “Truth About The European Union” on the issue of lobbying around the European institutions in Brussels

The report shows that Big Pharma enjoys a staggering number of meetings with European Commission departments and officials. For example, influential EU pharmaceutical trade association, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), had over 50 meetings with the Juncker Commission in its first four and a half months of office.

The study examines some of Big Pharma’s channels of influence in the EU and exposes concrete examples of EU law and policies that have been targeted or shaped by the industry. These include rules around clinical trials’ data transparency, trade secrets, and the negotiation of the EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). TIPP is not a good idea, CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus. Also Bayer was Exposed with HIV Contaminated Vaci\cines, MSNBC News stated that thousands contracted the HIV virus. The statement declared that Bayer after finding one of their drugs tainted with the HIV virus, dumped these drugs into other France, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

It also puts pharma lobby group EFPIA in the spotlight, examining its goals, tactics, access and influence, including a critique of the EU’s multi-billion euro public-private partnership with EFPIA, the ‘Innovative Medicines Initiative’. END MY CASE…


Documents reveal the undemocratic structure of the “Brussels EU”has its roots in the post WWII plans of the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition in a conquered Europe.

Newly discovered documents reveal that the undemocratic structure of the “Brussels EU” has its roots in the post WWII plans of the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition in a conquered Europe.

Following are a few of the most important documents, to be used by teachers, politicians and anyone who is interested in preventing the “Brussels EU” from establishing a dictatorship of corporate interests in Europe.

° Reich Chancery memorandum: “Organization of the German Economy” (July 9, 1940)

° Meeting at Reich Economic Ministry: Reorganization of European economy (July 22, 1940)

° Walther Funk: The economic reorganization of Europe (July 25, 1940)

° Joseph Goebbels: The Europe of the future (September 11, 1940)

° Werner Daitz: The reorganization of Europe on a racial and territorial basis (Second half of 1940)

° Joachim von Ribbentrop: Speech on the prolongation of the Anti-Comintern Pact (November 26, 1941)

° Karl Megerle: “European themes” (prob. Autumn 1941)

° Vidkun Quisling: Norway and the Germanic task in Europe (September 25, 1942)

° Werner Daitz: Genuine and spurious continental spheres. Laws of Lebensraum. (Second half of 1942)

° Joachim von Ribbentrop: European confederation (March 21, 1943)

° Joachim von Ribbentrop: Establishment of a “European Committee” (April 5, 1943)

This letter, written by the IG Farben executives to the Nazi government, is particularly important for several reasons:

1. It outlines the plan of the world’s largest chemical/pharmaceutical cartel, IG Farben, for a Europe under its control.

2. This letter is a response to the request by the Nazi government to IG Farben for its blueprint for a new economic order in Europe under the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition.

3. The date of the letter, July 20, 1940, corresponds with the first phase of WWII, where the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition had conquered central and western Europe in Blitzkriegs. In Summer of 1940, after the conquest of France, it seemed only a question of time until the IG Farben/Nazi-flag would flutter over Europe.

4. It is a highly significant fact that the greatest concern of IG Farben in a subjugated Europe was the new regulation of patent law and its control over the chemical/pharmaceutical markets of Europe via patented products.

This document was also part of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals against IG Farben, documented at www.profit-over-life.org

° Notiz für den Herrn Reichsaußenminister (September 1939, in German)

° Aktenvermerk über die Besprechung in Görings Hauptquartier am 19. Juni 1940 (June 20, 1940, in German)

° Gustav Schlotterer über die “Neuordnung Europas” (July 19, 1940, in German)

° Versammlung der AO der NSDAP (July 26, 1940, in German)

° Léon Degrelle: “Le rôle de la Belgique dans la nouvelle Europa” (October 20, 1940, in French)

° Vidkun Quisling: “Denkschrift über die Regelung des Verhältnisses zwischen Norwegen und Deutschland” (October 25, 1940, in German)

° Unterredung zwischen dem Reichsaußenminister Joachim von Ribbentrop und dem Admiral Darlan (May 11, 1941, in German)

° Martin Bormann: “Nationalsozialistische Zielsetzung in Osteuropa” (July 16, 1941, in German)

° Karl Megerle: “Positive Presse- und Propagandathesen” (September 27, 1941, in German)

° Aufzeichnung über die Unterredung zwischen dem Führer und dem Grafen Ciano(October 25, 1941, in German)

° Hitlers Empfang des finnischen Außenministers Witting (November 28, 1941, in German)

° Aufzeichnung über die Unterredung zwischen Reichsmarschall Göring und Marschall Pétain (December 3, 1941, in German)

° Ernst Freiherr von Weizsäcker: Tagebuchauszüge (Dec. 1939 - Nov. 1941, in German)

° Der niederländische Staat in dem neuen Europa (August 1942, in German)

° Baldur von Schirach: Rede anläßlich der Europäischen Jugendtagung in Wien (September 14, 1942, in German)

° Joseph Goebbels: “Das neue Europa” (October 4, 1942, in German)

° Adolf Hitler: “Verfügung” (November 4, 1942, in German)

° Anton Reithinger: Die europäische Wirtschaftskraft bei planvoller Zusammenarbeit(November 13, 1942, in German)

° Werner Frauendienst: “Der innere Neuaufbau des Reiches als Beitrag zur europäischen Ordnung” (1942, in German)

° Arthur Seiß-Inquart: “Zum 10. Jahrestag der Machtübernahme” (January 29, 1943, in German)

° Joseph Goebbels: “Erlaß über die Behandlung der europäischen Völker” (February 15, 1943, in German)

° Franz Alfred Six: “Das Europabild des 20. Jahrhunderts” (March 3, 1943, in German)

° Wipert von Blücher: “Goebbels “Leitsätze” für die Gestaltung eines Neuen Europas”(March 16, 1943, in German)

° Hans Frohwein: “Grundgedanken eines Planes für das neue Europa” (June 7, 1943, in German)

° Notiz betreffend die Gründung eines europäischen Staatenbundes (August 1943, in German)

° Carl Clodius: “Leitsätze zur wirtschaftlichen Neuordnung Europas” (August 20, 1943, in German)

° Notiz für Herrn Reichsaußenminister (November 16, 1943, in German)

° “Entwurf zu einer Denkschrift betreffend die Gründung eines Europäischen Staatenbundes” (Autumn 1943, in German)

° Adolf Hitler: Rede zum 11. Jahrestag der Machtübernahme (January 30, 1944, in German)

° Schlußprotokoll der Arbeitstagung des Arbeitswissenschaftlichen Instituts der Deutschen Arbeiterfront (March 19, 1944, in German)

° Herbert Bäcke: “Das Schicksal der europäischen Landwirtschaft” (Juni 29, 1944, in German)

° Karl Heinz Pfeffer: “Die europäische Besinnung” (October/December 1944, in German)

° Mario Mantovani: “Sull'idea europea. Il nemico numero uno” (May 1940, in Italian)

° Alberto De Stefani: “Il riordinamento e la pacificazione dell'Europa” (October 1941, in Italian)

° Camillo Pellizzi: “L'idea di Europa” (December 1942, in Italian)

° Due lettere di Camillo Pellizzi a Ugoberto Alfassio Grimaldi (August 12 and September 4, 1943, in Italian)

° Carlo Borsani: “Scoperta dell'Europa” (June 18, 1944, in Italian)

Source: http://www.eu-facts.org/en/roots/index.html

About author: Dr. Matthias Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the global conquest plans of the chemical/pharmaceutical Cartel in our time. Attacked by Cartel media the world over, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigous awards for civil courage. The ‘Relay of Life’ Award – presented by survivors of the KZ Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with the mandate: ‘Never again!’ - 

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