The EUCP was created in March 2011 by three academics from the University of Sussex: Dr Yuri Borgmann-Prebil, Dr Sue Collard and Dr Roberta Piazza, who together form the Executive Committee

We are not a 'normal' political party, in that membership of the EUCP can be complementary to membership of any other political party, except the BNP and UKIP, whose goals and values are in direct contradiction with our own. 

The general aims of EUCP, as set out more fully in our constitution, are to promote understanding and awareness of European Citizenship and the rights (especially voting rights) that it confers on EU citizens, and to encourage participation by all non-national EU citizens in local and EP elections. 

We believe that the idea of the 'European Project', as articulated through the institutions of the European Union, must be better promoted and understood at the level of ordinary citizens if it is to survive the many challenges that it faces. The party plans to organise a range of different activities in order to achieve these goals, which will be advertised on this site.

Our first adventure has been in the fielding of two candidates in the local elections that took place in Brighton & Hove on May 5th:

Dr Yuri Borgmann-Prebil stood in Preston Park Ward and won 37 votes.

Dr Sue Collard stood in Westbourne Ward and won 39 votes. 

Details of the full election results can be found at http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/index.cfm?request=c1240594

Results showing participation of Non-National EU Citizens in Brighton & Hove can be accessed under the heading 'EU Citizens in Brighton & Hove'.

These results were achieved with no official campaigning: we announced that whilst we obviously wanted people to vote for us as a show of support for our general objectives, we understood that some people are committed to voting for other parties and we totally respect this. Our message was: 'If you do not have any strong voting preference, if you don’t really know who to vote for, and if you feel broadly sympathetic to our values and goals, we welcome your votes!'

Although the party has been created in Brighton & Hove, we hope that local associations will be created across the country as more people become aware of our project. If you would like to start a local association, we would be very pleased to hear from you. In particular, we plan to organise a major campaign for the London mayoral elections on 2012.