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Liber XVI

OF THE LAPIDIBVS and metals, which

I, PVLVERIUVS OF THE EARTH, and the clods. [1] the Earth of the said or what ill keep out of the wind. For his is removed by the breath of resists not stand, nor he knows, as the prophet says (Ps. 1:4): ', as it were the dust, which the wind drives away from the face of the earth. " [2] The clay is so called because it is a smooth man. Over the clay, mud is a deep pit. Out of burning ashes, it is said; from him: for there is. Ashes, that through the fire, may be regarded, for the trench and is a fire. [3] lump of, that it is masses of troops for the collection of dust, and with one conpingitur unites to Glomus. And the earth is the soil, bound, independent dust. [4] the fens, because he had walked, and the fall infers, the derivation of words through the away the stain of. The clay was called by a certain antiphrasis they think, that it is not the world: they had washed it for everything of the world is. [5] to her wallowing there, so called because a boar and revolves there. Vligo of mud or filth of the waters are set. Gravel, the lightest of the sort. [6] from Argos, had clay, being called, and with whom the first, from the vessels be composed. From the island of Crete, Crete, and where is more favorable. Cimolian Crete, there is white, from the island of Italy Cimea said; garments, one of which is of great value, it softens the colors, and made sorrowful brimstone: which maketh a cheerful splendor, and the other precious stones, the brightness does good. Crete, a silversmith, and she is white, it was called, because the brightness with silver for reflecting it. [7] the land of Samian from Samos, the island of the said, stickiness and white, and of the tongue was gentle, small vessels medicaments to him necessary. [8] Powder of Italy at Puteoli Puteoli, we gather in the hills, to the opponiturque to sustain the seas, the waves that 's spell. For at once drowned by the waters of the stone comes to be, stronger than the effect of undisque every day, is changed into a stone, just as a fire in the clay, the stone is turned. [9] was called because the fires of Sulphur burn more fiercely; for the fire is a pure. For the power and the is felt in the water is boiling hot, nor a thing other than more easily kindled. It is found in the islands between Sicily and the Aeolian and Rome and Italy, which they say to burn. Be found, and in other places and was dug out of. [10] of this four varieties. 'Living', which I have digged, and is green with translucetque, who alone from all the categories of the physician use of it. The second is, which is the name the clods of the rights of possession so much fuller 's domestic. The third is the liquid; or cause the employment of that to the suffiendas, for the whiteness of mollitiemque does good. The fourth for the most of all lamps not draw up an apt. Of sulfur is so much power to the diseases of the Assembly was placed on a catch the fires of his own fumes ardescens. In the cup of the wine prunaque exardescentis reverberation, it may subject to round a pallor in her dire pours out of the dead as it were.

2. LAND OF THE EX AQVA. [1] in the bitumen of Judea, Asphaltis the lake comes to light, of which the floating on the clods of the boats and the sailors, came near, and collect them. In Syria, but clay is burning in all directions from the earth. Becomes thick and density, however, both men, gather, and both are PISSASFALTON the Greeks call it. Characteristic of a burning and a cousin of fire, days, with no water nor with the sword is not easily broken, but only for women 's filthiness: they are useful for the joints of ships. [2] was called alum from the light, the colors that the light is better dipped. But there is SALINITY of the earth, and the result of the water in winter, mud, and summer suns quickly arranged. Of this species, there are two: it is clear and thick. [3] Salt has been said they think that when some in the fire leap forth. It escapes the fire, provided your soul is fire, but the nature of it follows: for a fire and water is always to each other are harmful. Others from the the surge of the salt of the sun and a think that was called, for the waters of the sea of their own accord is begotten, the foam in the ends of the shores of rocks, or forsaken, and a decoction of the sun. There are also the rivers and lakes, and of the well from which his ears. Under a shower of the meal is to salt dried in the sun, but thickens around in, and the rivers in the salt, the rest of the river under the ice of its flow. In another passage, also being drawn off in the sand, we gather, increasing with the moon at night, for in the Simon of Cyrene in the sand, is found under the ammoniacus. There are native and the mountains of salt, in which the iron or cut with, such as a stone, rising again, a greater: that of so great a hardship and in some places the walls of the masses of salt on houses to do, if as it is in Arabia. [4] In the nature of salt also the difference of [are]. For in another place it is sweet, in the other the most salt: the salt of the common rattles on in the fire; Tragasaeum nor rattles on Up she leaped, nor in the fire; Agrigentum to the patient in the flames of Sicily leaps up at the water, flows in the fire, contrary to nature. [5] There are also differences of colors does. Memphis is red; in the by a certain part of Sicily, where Aetna is rosy, and likewise, in the same Pachynus Sicily to, and the gleaming so brightly as a given reflection; digged vp at YELLOW in Cappadocia. [6] the nature of the salt is necessary for all manner of meat. For the flavor of dough to gives, it excites species of greed and a desire for in the any of the foods he doeth it. They went from that conqueror of all for the sum of pleasure and cheerfulness. Hence the name of, and salvation is thought to have received for he did no more useful to the sun and a salt; in short, we see the bodies of the cornea navigation. Nay, even the cattle, the herds, and cattle, salt, and most of all is incited to make food of the, much larger quantity of cheese with milk much more quickly than popular with the dower. Their bodies also were the salt of the braces, and binds up dries up. Departed, even from the stain of putrefaction as the duration of claims. [7] took a soda from the place of vocabulary; is born in the town or for the east of Egypt, soda, from which both the drugs are done, and the filth of vestiumque of bodies are washed. Of this nature is not a lot of there is a difference from the salt it has a mode of salt and of the power of in like manner there arises the shores of a drought turns white. [8] WASHING SODA in Greek, the foam soda is in Latin. Out of which someone once said (GOOGLE 14,58):

You are a boor? you do not know what a Greek term, I will be said:
I am summoned to the foam soda. Greek are you? WASHING SODA.

We gather, but in Asia, in a cave, as a dropping, and then, is dried in the sun. The best course is thought to be ponderous if even the smallest friabile and most of all, almost the color of purple. [9], so called because Chalcantum thyme is composed of copper ore, that is, the flower of the, and so also among the Latins called the "flower of the air. That becomes the too, though now many are in the countries, since long ago in the wells of Spain or a pond of water they that are of that kind, which decoquebant of wood into the pond, and they exhibited the, upon which were the Ropes, weighing precious stones set and stretching out, in which clay in the likeness of glasses, mulberries, close to which, and so to the days of casting dried and thirty. [10] That becomes the too, though now in a cave, in another place, which clearly collected and then diffused in with some of the clusters of solder,: is made of hollow and in the trenches, of which the drops from the sides of all three are decadentes: There also occurs a way by reason of their burning of salt in the sun. So far, moreover constricted in the virtue that he gave the bear as the mouths of lions, and the spreading of it causes so great a power has tightened that we may not bite.

3. OF THE LAPIDIBVS VVLGARIBVS. [1] The stone from the earth, as it were can be seen the increasingly thick cloud of the general. The stone upon so called because, hurt the foot. The stone is soft and scatters his rays over rocks in from the hills of clings to him and slip out of position, the rock it is a Greek; the stone is a hard like the hint, because he had from him of the fire leap forth from the said. [2] by a stone, a lofty Crater, as it were by the said by gazing; whether from man or to cover the number of ships, apo tou SKEPEIN. SPELAIA in Greek, caverns, and in Latin. Now there is the rock, is a hollow stone. [3] the end of the brim was with steep cliffs, and so also the brim was so called because it is the height of a sheer rock 's, so that' the foot of foot fast with dense '(Virg. Vanity Fair. 10,361), and so also is called Adar. With caution the rough rocks in the sea, from the taking care of the said, as if cautiously. " Rocks, in the murex murex on the shore like the living, and a navy are very sharp and endanger our salvation. [4] Icon is a rock is, Who in creating seeking to arouse the sound of the voice, imitates also the words of the speakers: the Greek for the icon, the image is called in Latin, because he had to the sound of answering, is made the image of a strange speech, "although this may, indeed, and of places in the nature of it fell out, and for the most part of the valleys. [5] The calculation of the earth is being mingled with a little stone, round, and the hardest, and the purity of all the most gentle. The appointment was made, but without disquiet, the calculation that the brevity of his shoe on the contrary to which is the ROUGH STONE, a little stone and a little less rough, and if he falls into the shoe, hurts, and with the trouble in his mind, and so also of the mind scruple of trouble we say: on this side and stony rocks, that is harsh to us. [6] received the name of the daily that the iron is to be cut into to the sharpen; ÝcotisÝ for engraving and the Greek language derives its name. From these, other water-are, others are in need of in the oil, sharpening, but with oil of a lenient and the waters the great energy of the line they light. [7] is called pumice-scum, because the density of condensed and let it be, and there is a dry, as white as a small one, and so great a merely to refresh the nature of having the new wine into a vessel was sent to let them cease to annoyed as a rule. [8] LUMP artists call the stones "crushed and mixed with lime, whom supurfundunt making on the floor, and so also are said to rubbish. [9] Gyps heel is kinsman: and it is a Greek name. More things to his kinds of them; the best of all things is to view the stone. It is a sign of buildings and with crowns of most grateful. [10] alive, said heel, because as long as it is by the touch it is cold, it contains hidden within the fire, from which position of the water and pervaded by lurking so deepe in the fire then broke out. Characteristic of a surprising act in itself. For after that he be burnt in, as the waters is set on fire, in which the fire is wont to be quenched; with the oil is extinguished, the fire lighted, what is he wont. Experience, to the fabric of his structures needed. For a stone to a stone can not be with plaster to adhere more strongly unless joined to it. From the heel, a white stone, and a hardened better than the structures, useful out from the soft plaster. [11], by drought of the said Arena, not by adhering to in a building, as some would have. The proof of this, or if his hand fixed on roars, Or, if in this white garment sprinkled with its mournful emblems nothing might be left.

4. OF THE LAPIDIBVS INSIGNIORIBVS. [1] a magnet by a gem from India who discovered he was called. And at the first been proved to India, the key of sandals, clinging fast to baculique with his spear point, when he fed the herds of the same with great; after this, and was found in all directions. Now there is the color of reddish brown, with an iron, but proven to an associate of his has done a one caught. For so hath taken hold of the iron to make the chain of rings: thus, the iron and the living with the common people he is appealing. [2] also the liquid of the glass to draw just as the sword shall be believed; of which is so much power, as is told by the most blessed Augustine (Civ. 21,4), the same that, Some have held it under a stone magneten a silver vessel, and the iron is above silver has laid down, and then subtermovente the hand of the iron flow along with the stone from above was in motion. The result was that in a certain image of the temple, made of iron in the air seemed to depend on. For it is a and the other in Ethiopia, the great is he that all iron, and never remove this habit respuitque. And all the magnet is so much better than how much more is sky blue. [3] the first jet was found to be a stone in Sicily, the jet flow of the river were kept off, and so also he was renowned, even though that many things in Britain. Now there is a black, plane, the light was moved up and the burning fire of. Of clay, was written is not blotted out;, inflamed, drives away serpents;, the possessed is produced, virginity has discovered this wonderful, is kindled with water, with the oil is quenched by. [4] asbestos were of iron, Arcadia 'the color of the stone, from the fire because he had obtained the name of the once lit it is never extinguished. Out of which a stone some mechanical and human skill did she accomplish, that the Gentiles were captured wondered at the sacrilege. In short, in the temple to have been in a certain temple of Venus in, and there in the candlestick, and a lamp, which burns so strongly in the open air in order that she no storm or rain extinguishes it. [5] the stone pyrites Persian You must defeat me, pretending that the quality of the air, of which the most of the fire, if indeed easy to sends out sparks: the same hand of the tenant, if it is pressed, it burns the, on account of that from the fire got its name. There is another common pyrites, call a stone man alive, who with a blade or stones and slew the sends out sparks, which are taken up with sulfur or other mushrooms or leaves, and more quickly gives to the said fire. Focari this rock I will call the common people. [6] Selenite of the Latin and means "the moon ', because he had the whiteness of his interior is with the moon waxes and wanes they say, everything grows in the Persia. [7] Dionysius the stone, with red brown and sprinkled with notes. Is so called because they have ", if mixed with water; broken in pieces, the wine is fragrant, and because in that the wonder is it, love of drinking is against him. [8], Thracian black and instrumental music is born in the river which is called Of the Pontus with the horse. [9] Phrygian stone he drew them out of the place of vocabulary; for is born in Phrygia, the pale color, and is moderately heavy. Now there is the soil, pumicosa. Vritur wine were poured over him before flatusque bellows until the glow, and again in the sweet wine is extinguished three times, he dipped only useful garments. [10] dealing the Syrians of the stone, where you will find, he was called; here to waver, a whole is delivered, it will break to sink. [11] Arab is like a made of ivory, without any blemish. Here to the scoured with the juice of a whetstone with a saffron leave the one similar to. [12] the Jewish, and it is white in the stone in the figure as of mast, the scriptures subinvicem tune, which the Greeks call Grammia. [13] from Samos, the island of Samos, where you will find, called to be: and there is a heavy, white, gold, POLISHING useful. [14] from the place called to be an Memphite of Egypt: and it is gemmantis of nature. Here, and pounded be burnt at the things that are in vinegar, and must needs be cut so inlinitus astonishment in them that causes the body to be tortured to as not to perceive. [15] Sarcophagus stone is so called because he is built in the bodies of the dead him within forty days of consumed; the ark of the SISTER for the Greek it is said, FAGEIN eat thereof. It is found in the Troas, is split by a vein of fissilique. There are also of the same kind in the east, the rocks, which, even the bodies of the living, bound by the law erodunt. [16] and keeping the more peacefully inclined, however, nor must consume the bodies of haematite was called, because the coat of loose, let him come on the hue of blood. But there is JUST SO livid; is, and the dusky. It is found in the last of Egypt, Babylon, and to Spain. [17] Androdamantus the color of the black, by the weight and the hardness of distinguished, from which he drew them and the name of, is the chief is found in Africa. But in itself to draw the silver or brass, and it is said, and those who bruised, so that, haematite, on the hue of blood is reduced. [18] This page was last Schistos is found in Spain, like saffron, the brightness with the light, it is easy friabilis. [19] and was designated by the old Amiantos of this, that if the out of him the garment will be woven, can resist against the fire and with fire will not burn, on his back, but the brightness of having taken the shine and it is like to rent, alum, all the magic arts, the resisting, in particular the mages. [20] is like a PRECIOUS STONE scissibilis with plates of clay. Galactites the color of gray, by the taste pleasant but for this reason is so called because something of himself, a milky bruised go free. [21] is a black stone is prejudicial for BRIGHT and having the appearance of the glass. Is set, or for the sake of the walls was on the watch and must give back to the shadows of images. Many gems from the fact they do: It grows in India there are also in the Sam (unless), O of Italy. Mithridax the sun, the stone of the Euphrates, [thing] was struck vibrates with the colors of the various. [22] EAGLE-STONE stones are found in the feathers of eagles built their nests there. They say that two and two to be found, males and females, nor to obey without these, the eagles: yet for these male with heavy, is like galls, reddish; for a woman, however, little and soft. Bound at the speed of delivery they do, we fail to obtain some of the womb, something, Nisus women in childbirth to quickly carried away. [23] GYPSUM the stone of Cappadocia, and the rigor of marble, the brilliant white, and translucent, out of which the temple was constructed for the deceased by a certain king the doors of gold, the glory of being shut within which it was day by day be. [24] (Ch) like to buy some for ivory, in which had overthrown Darius, was founded, they say, like the whiteness of Parioque and the hardness, the less only the corpulent, who is called Porus. [25] is so called because the likeness of Ostracites with clay, let it be for the pumice and the employment of that. [26] the said Melanites the stone, because they had a honeyed, and send forth the sweet juice. [27] Smyris is bitter and the stone, and all adterens unaccustomed to the yoke, from which the stone, precious stones, are rubbed together. [28] GOLD-COLORED like the color of ocher is found in Egypt,. [29] [H] ammites like soda, but rather hard, is born [in the] Egypt, or [in the] Arabia. [30] Thyites is born in Ethiopia, as it were, a green, but it is resolved with the milky, remordens exceedingly. [31] it is white in sesterces Coranus owes me duriorque Parian. [32] Molotius green, and is heavy as it were, is found in Egypt,. [33] of Tusculum, from the place of Italy, the said to burst apart with fire is laid down. [34] the addition of a Sabine, brown to shine even with the oil of it is borne. Also there is a very green with fire resisting the stone. [35] Siphnius soft and white, with the oil of excalfactus grew black and hardens. [36] stones, also, for drugs and medical uses of a mortar and be fit to: ETESIAN chalazius from thence, and in it; Thebaicus also, and the stones basanites nothing of his being forbearing. [37] through a mirror that he was called the stone after the manner of the glass translucent; the first was found in Spain about the Segobricam nearer the city. For we find under the earth and dug up, and be cut down, split in any thin crusts.

V. OF THE MARMORIBVS. [1] After the kinds of stones, we shall come to the marbles. For among the stones, and the marbles there is a difference. For an excellent are said to marble stones, which are spots and colors comes to light. The word of a Greek marble is from the fresh and greene called to be an us, and though after this, and others of color are found, the name of their former, however, they had kept from the fresh and greene. [2] of the marble kinds of colors and they are countless. Yet it does not do everything that the rocks slip out of position, but many are scattered under the earth, and most precious kind, just as the cheerfulness in the Spartan green and all, it was found first among the Lacedaemonians, from which the word, and he drew it. [3] SERPENTINE of serpents, with spots of similar, and from which the word he used them. There are two kinds: a soft white, the black hard. [4] Augusteum in Egypt, Tiberius, and August, and the principate of Tiberius were found for the first. The difference of them is from the SERPENTINE, that, since the, as we have said, with spots of serpents, it is similar, the stains of these things in a different manner and collect them. For Augusteum through a flood is on the top of curly; Tiberius, scattered, not rolled away, hair is gray. [5] in Egypt, porphyry, is a red, a white color, with the intervening points. Name of the cause of his red hue that [as the] the purple. [6] Basanites color or a hardship and were of iron, and so also the name of it is given to him: he was found in Egypt, and from Ethiopia. [7] ONYX stone is white, the intertinctus with many colors, from which the Gospel upon that of the ointment was a vessel. They hollow out for all the way to the vessels of the FEMALE PERFUMER, since the best is said to keep an uncorrupted. Thebes in Egypt that begins in about the of Syria, and Damascus, the rest of whiter than the very highly esteemed in India. [8] Parius an exquisite brilliance, surnamed the lygdinus: here among the the island of Paros is born, Both Paris and from which, is so called. The magnitude of his, by which the dishes and bowls of it does not exceed; fit for the anointing oil, and he himself. [9] Coralliticus in Asia, was found, not by more than the measuring elbows bend in two of every sort, as white as the next made of ivory, and to a certain similitude. From their separate places of the earth a black Alabandicus the name of his called, and the like to the sight of purple. This man is in the east, with fire and necessary for the use of liquefied by melting of the glass is melted. [10] with the drops of Thebaicus SPOTTED of gold is found in the be inscribed in a part of Egypt, to the TOUCHSTONE by rubbing a kind of eye-salves utilitute natural agrees with it. Or about the Syenites of Syene Thebes is born. [11] beams from the fact they have made the kings of the. [12] Marmora, however, which are generated in factories in rupibusque: of whom he of Thasos with spots of different hues, "distinct", the first of which they have given the use of the Cyclades and of the island. [13] Lesbos lividior to this, a little while, but he too was having a different color stains. [14] Corinthian ammoniacae are like drops of the variety of diverse colors. First been proved to Corinth. They went from that huge pillars of the doors and things are made and the beams. [15] Caristeum green, the best; from the appearance of having the name of, because he had to accept it graciously to them that precious stones, for sculpunt; this was a weed growing refreshes the eyes. [16] Numidicus marble of Numidia, he sends the juice to the skin leave the saffron similar to it, and from which received its name; does not mosaics of, but in the mass of and the portals of the use of an apt. [17] Luculleum Melo is formed in the marble of the island: to whom Lucullus, the consul gave a name to, who was the first to Rome, very glad of that has brought in; from within this and this alone does from the marble of the lover of got its name. [18] There is also of Luna. Tephrias and was designated by the color of ashes, where the stones the binding of the bites of serpents is praised. [19] from the ivory Barro, that is, an elephant, and has been said. Horace (Epod. 12,1):

What do you want, woman, black and with a most worthy of Bar?

6. OF THE GEMS. [1] After the precious stones, follow the various kinds of marble, which attribute to the beauty of great quantities of gold with a charm of different colors. On its origin from the rock, the Caucasus. The fables go Prometheus was the first rock 's fragment of his sword, and with the finger inclusisse circumdasse, and with these beginnings, and jewels and have begun to ring. [2] The genera are reported to be countless in number of jewels, of which we only that which the principal are very well known or noted. Polished gems so called because like a translucent gum. The precious stone, for that reason they are because they are deprived of the said are worth, or as they can be distinguished from the cheap clothing, or what is in small parties and they are. For everything which is a rare and precious is a great thing is called, just as in the book of the law of Samuel (1 Kings. 3,1): 'And word of the Lord of Israel it was in the precious, "that is a rare occurrence.

7. GEMS OF THE VIRIDIORIBVS. [1] of precious stones of all the principality has an emerald green, to whom the old Two days later in pearls and unions of attribute to his high reputation. As an emerald green from excessive called to be an 's all for a bitter thing for it is said enough to the green. No men a by herbs and precious stones, greater than the austerity of this is true, for the leaves green grass? Conquer, then infecting about him back by the fresh and greene the air,. Sculpentibus also precious stones, for there is no guest room, is more pleasing to the eyes. And his body if he was stretched out, just as a mirror so the images of pays it back. Indeed, Caesar, Nero, a show of gladiators in the emerald, looking forward to the battles. [2] The genera of his twelve, but more noble than the Scythian land, who are found on a Scythian nation. The Bactriani hold the second place: fact, they draw on the commissure of rocks shall be the breath of the north, for then the earth deoperta intermicant, because of their grains of sand by the winds most of all they are moved. They have the third with Egypt. The rest of the treasuries in the metals are found, but a vicious husband; for or air, or the lead, and / or the fibers, and / or Sali [s] notes the like. But Smaragdus to drink and they grow with the oil of the green, although the nature inbuantur. [3] Chalcosmaragdus is so called because it is green and cloudy of brass, the veins. This, placed in the island of Cyprus, or Egypt, is born. [4] for more than the green color of the said, but cheap. Which the one kind of quite in keeping with the points of blood. The third a white color, three distinct branches through. [5] the beryl is born in India, to the winds of his tongue, the name of the man, he is like the emerald green, but with the pale color of. And from the polished in the East Indies in the forms of the Hexagon, so that the color of reverberation, it may dullness of the angles may be aroused in another, it does not have the splendor of polished. Kinds of it and nine. [6] so called because he CHRYSOBERYL his weed growing in the pale color of gold it shines out. And this was India, sends him. [7] chrysoprasus It is a sign, of a color S, relating to the juice of leek, with the drops of the intervention of gold, from which he received and the name of. Of which some gave sentence that the beryl race. [8] was jasper, from the Greek into the Latin and green gems, he explains, repaired for the transport for the green, gem is said to pinasin. But there is emerald, subsimilis, but are fat and of color. His form and seventeen. We will also that a certain set forth precious stones of jasper: and to the protection of grace and of men carrying him to be, that to believe not to faith, but of superstition. [9] of the topaz in a green color to all the genus there is a shining, she was found of Arabia, the first time in the island, on which the Cavemen robbers have grown weary of the storm by famine, and when he can dig up the roots of plants, pulled out. Of islands with later covered by the vapors, sought of them that sail at last we have discovered. But as a result, gem of a place and also took the name of a cause of, for the tongue of the Cavemen TOPAZEIN have no meaning to be sought. Now there is the most considerable of gem; the file of the nobles is also the only one perceives it. The genera of two of his. [10] Callaica, green in color, but pale and much too wide; gold, becoming no more delightful boon, and so also it was called. It is found in India or Germany upon the rocks, the cool, extuberans only of the eyes. [11] Molochites thicker than the green, and the more thickly than from the color of an emerald mallow has received the name in the rendering praised by signs. It is found in Arabia. [12] Heliotropium a green color, and clouds, the stars with bloody crimson supersparsa the veins. Reason of this name about the effect of a stone is, for the bronze was thrown down on the lips of bloody rays of the sun changes the reverberation, it may; out of the water way of the mirror, but it receives the sun deprehenditque defect belonging to it he comes to the moon in that day. Of the Magi of impudent most manifest in this, too, is an example of, because the grass mixed with the prayers of the addition of some heliotropio be seen wearing the first place. Are born in Cyprus and Africa, but much better in Ethiopia. [13] Sagda a jewel among the Chaldees, the color of green. Whose is so much power that pervades the ships out of the depth let him ask, and ships, to meet so tenaciously that unless he shaved off, cleave to the roof parts of the wood scarcely be separated. [14] Myrrhites is so called because in it is the color of myrrh. By compressing the heat was up to the breathes the sweetness of nard. AMBER is found in Arabia, or the Egyptian, in color and scent of myrrh, and so also has a name. [15] Melichros two colors on one side of a green, for honey on the other like to them. [16] PRECIOUS STONE from the river of the Persians was told, is of lightning, from green golden center.

8. GEMS OF THE RVBRIS. [1] coral grows in the sea, the form of branched, green in color, but most of all blushing. Baca was white and soft under the water; immediately, when omitted, and harden them with red, at once and touch of the stones. And so evellique their nets, and is wont to be occupied, or a sharp tool, to be cut off, and on what was called the cause of CORAL. As much as us, however, there are a precious pearl, an Indian, so far he coral among the Indians. This lightning bolts to resist, affirm that the wise men, if we believe it. [2] of Sardis, so called because he had been found in Sardis; is the first: this has a red marble that gives the color of, but between the precious stones, for a very cheap. The genera of his five in all. [3] is so called because Onyx has within itself in the likeness of mixed up with the whiteness of the human finger nail. ONUCHAdicunt a nicety for the Greeks. India or Arabia, this begets; are distant from one to another;, for the sparks of Tell has girt with girdles in white, but Arabic is black with a white color, purses. The genera of his five in all. [4] sardonyx of the society of being called, of the names of the two; for it is owing, Sardinians, the whiteness of onyx. But it is evident of three colors; GRIND with black, and the midst of the white, higher O Lord. This one alone is nothing in the one signing of the wax they tear themselves away. But they found one with the Indians and the Arabs the torrents of the matters disclosed. The genera of his five in all. [5] haematite shame to take the blood, and therefore called to be an haematite; AIMAquippe It is the blood. Are born in Ethiopia, indeed, the principal, but in Arabia and in Africa, is found. The wise men, of what they promise something to the barbarians were overcome an ambush. [6] the composition of amber, is what he calls the Greeks ELEKTRON, speckled, cereique of color, it is said to be the juice of a tree and because of that AMBER called by it. Amber is fabulous, but for arguments, to be called he gave. For Phaethon been killed in a stroke of lightning to the change in mourning his sisters, the people in the trees, every year, being a glass gem with tears to shed, according to Po, the river; called the enamel and the sun was called for a person elected very many men have spoken of the poet. But it is evident that he is not the juice of people, but only pine of a tree; for a burning torch for a fragrant fumes. [7] It is found in the islands of the northern ocean, as the gum, the rigor of densaturque as crystal or time. From the beauty, the grace of these pranks are played for the women of peasants jewels. But to be called in by some GRAPPLING-HOOK, because he had the toes, rubbing of heat, taking the soul leaves the chaff, and vestments, fringes snatch you away, just as a great iron. But in whatever way we wish to dips in, for the root of anchusae conchylioque are infected. [8] Lyncurius so called because it is made from the urine of the time of the beast, which harden lynx. There is, however, as AMBER, and be of deep yellow, the leaves of adtrahens the spirit of her neighbors,.

9. OF THE PVRPVREIS. [1] Among the Indian an amethyst purple gemmasprincipatum tenet.Amethystus estpermixto violacio a purple hue; and as a gleam of a rose, and gently certain kind of his little flames fundens.Alterum descenditad iacinthos.Causam afferuntquia of his name in purple is a certain thing in the whole illiusnonex fire, but having the color of wine. Now there is an easy engravings of the different kinds of his five in all. [2] Sapphire is sky blue with purple, and of gold, were stained with the dust having the best among the Medes, that nowhere, however, very clear. [3] Iacinthus of the name he was called the flower of his. This is found in Ethiopia, having the color shade of blue. Is very good, that can neither is, there is the thicket of Seldom did she appear impaired, but tempering the mortar from both shines and purple, when it shineth; Here, however, does not glow brightly, equally. Serenus for transparency, and is ungrateful, before the eyes of a cloud begins to waste away and disappear with the, was sent into the mouth of a cold is, in the engravings of the hardest, and yet not invincible. For adamant is written: And the thing signified. Iacinthizonta iacinthum near the Indian and relating to. [4] Some of them, like crystal, but the fibers are obscured intercurrentibus; from which also the fault of those is the name of. [5] was called because its Amethystizontas Last, and in a fire in the Amethyst violets expires ". [6] Chelidon of being called, the color of a swallow 's;, and the two is the son in law, one of which on the other side with a purple, and other things the intervention of a purple black with spots. [7], gem of the land of Scythia cyanea flashing in the splendor of the blue, pure, and sometimes the powder with little points of the gilded intermicantibus changeable. [8] is that pink shirt Rhoditis; and out of it got its name.

X. OF THE Candida. [1] Margaret, the first of shining gem, than from thence, they say, the pearl of great name, because it LITTLE SHELLFISH in the knee with a stone of the sea, this may be found, for there is in the flesh, the calculation of cochlear was born, just as in the brain of the fish a little stone: but it is produced from a celestial one of the dew, He was quite certain snails stick up time of the year. From these pearls of pearls, some are called, is fit for the name of having, that there is only one of them, never at the same time two, or more to be found. But better than those which are white pearls, yellow and became a. For the former, or the young men, or renders the conception of the morning dew with their white, and these old age begets the air taken in the evening or obscure. [2] the second after the Paederos of shining pearl of jewels. Of which it is asked in which it ought to be numbered among the color having been tossed by so many times in foreign beauties of the name, so much so that the elegance the prerogative of the word has been made. [3] Asterites there is white, enclosed in the light of the continent, as it were a star when he walked inside, and gives back the rays of the sun candicantes, and so also the name of the find them. [4] milky Galactitis is he who renders the juice of bruised white "to the taste of milk, makes fruitful the women fastened together that give suck the breasts: even children and suspended off the neck of spittle to do it is said, in the melt and with the mouth, and a memorial to take away from. They sent it and the Nile rivers Achelous. There are those who you come from round about a white emerald galactiten they call. [5] and the whiteness of the hail PRECIOUS STONE prefers and its shape are, and the rigor also not conquer, as a diamond, even to remain in the fire, placed his cold. [6] there is white, gem of the Sun, and has drawn the name that is to the species of the world in the shining of the sun scatters the rays. [7] Selenite melleoque translucent white with brightness, the image of the continent of the moon, which according to the courses of the stars of each and every day they say less and to be increased. It is found in Persia. [8] you sodomite, is found in the brain of the fish of the same name, white, and oblong. Praesagare, they say these signs of tranquility of the sea or of a tempest. [9] of Belus, the apple of the eye surrounded by a black whitish from the midst of the splendor of a golden enlightens them, but because of the beauty of the Assyrians, and the king dedicated to Belus, and so also it was called. [10] when he is said to Epimelas into white, the color of a jewel nigricat from above, and so also has a name. [11] Exebenus appearance of beauty and white, by which the gold, the goldsmiths polish.

11. OF THE black. [1] the first Achates in Sicily has been found by the river of the same name, and afterwards in a number of the countries. But there is black, in the midst of having a black and white rings of harnessed together and diversified, is like haematiti. The Wise Men of incense of them, if we believe it, men turn away of the storm, and the rivers they stand fast. [2] Apsyctos black and a heavy one, distinct, with red veins. This excalefacta with fire seven days of the heat of holds me back. [3] Aegyptilla is black in root, in the face of dark blue sea, out of Egypt, where you may find, merits. [4] Media is black, from the middle of those fables we have discovered. It has the color of the veins were of bronze; renders the sweat of saffron, the taste of wine. [5] the Italian gem is of Veii, at Veii had been found, the face of black, white intermicantibus his acquaintance. Bariptos is black, brown and white with bloody his acquaintance. [6] Mesomelas every one of the color of a vein of black cutting through the middle. Blacke hair of Venus's brightness, and contains in itself a species, red hair. [7] Trichrus from Africa is black, but three juices return them, he from the roots of black, from the midst of the sanguineous, from the top of ocher. [8] the Dionysiac black, with red notes mingling with the crowd out of water pounded and is fragrant of the wine, and of the fragrance is thought to resist his love of drinking. Pyrites black indeed, but it burns the fingers rubbing.

12. Of vair. [1] of men of various Panchrus by almost all the colors of the constant and so also the "named." Olca the barbarians of the name of yellow and black with green and white is. [2] Mithridax struck by the sun shines the colors of the various. Everything grows in the Persia. Drosolithus Varius. The word "cause to the fire because if the join, as if the perspiration with anything, sends him. [3] Opal of different distinct color of jewels. For there is a carbuncle in it thinner of the fire, a bright purple, Amethyst, trying to weed growing and emeralds, and all things together, under a kind of variety of lighting. It is named from the Father; for only him, gives birth to India. [4] are said to the Black Sea from the of the Pontus, a different class, now blood, now with the drops of the shining of the gilded, others are having the stars, a very different channels of colors, stripes. [5] in a small Hexecontalithos the greatness of multicolor, and so also adopted the name of a thing for himself. So known for in diverse and sixty that scatters his rays over colors of precious stones in a little of his little wheel to be caught. But is born in Libya and with the Cavemen. [6], porcelain, among the Parthians and the infant born be But his chief in the Carmania. Moisture under the earth they think that, owing to the heat, and so also the name he used them. The diversity of their whiteness in his clothed in purple, and some of the colors of the fire with the beaten back, such as are seen in the heavenly bow. The contrary to which the cause of crystal he is doing, more violent the frost the concrete.

13. Of the crystalline. [1] a crystal, shining gloriously and watery color. He is said that the snow is ice hardened through the years, and so also the name of the Greeks, they gave to him. But it is produced in Asia and Cyprus, and most of all in the Alps of the north, where there is neither the sun in summer, that ardent spirit is found, and therefore the very deeply rooted to endure and, this renders the hardness of a crystal that a scene which it is said. Here the opposite to the rays of the sun so much so that the flame of snatches away with dry leaves or mushrooms fire to worth. Experience, even his to his drinking cups was fixed for the: Again, nothing but how cold he can bear it. [2] The stone is a diamond Indian small and unsightly, ferrugineous, having a color and the brightness of crystal, but he never will any more the greatness of kernels of filberts found. It yields to no matter, not even with the sword, much less as with fire, and yet never grows hot, and so also the name of the untamed force of the interpretation of Greek took to wife. But so long as ignisque unconquered by iron, and scornful, the blood of goat is not easily broken, and the recent, softened by heat, and so crushed with repeated blows of iron. Fragments of precious stones, sculptors insigniendis perforandisque for the use of it. [3] is at odds with the magnet so much so that a stone to be placed near iron, the magnet be drawn away not to be passive, or if a magnet is brought up at catch, he snatch you away and carry them off. They say also that in the amber to detect the likeness of poisons, the fear of poisons, banishing vain, to resist to magic arts. There are six kinds. [4] PRECIOUS STONE and grasp the purity of hail and its shape has a hardness of diamond. Even in the case to remain fire, placed his cold. [5] are two kinds of onyx. One thing, that the Germans sent, the crystalline similar, however, it gleams brightest blue, and if thou hast been placed in the open air, the splendor of snatches of the stars. Ceraunia other by the Spaniards in the shores of the Portuguese she brings forth, the colors of all from the bronze with red and and a quality that is, fire. This, against the force of lightning is said to bestow the gift of, if we believe. Ceraunia is named from that in another place than it not be found in the place of the next struck by lightning; KERAUNOS for in Greek it is called a thunderbolt. [6] with Iris, Arabia in the Red Sea is born, of the color objects of crystal, sexangulata, the argument to say, of the rainbow. For under the roof of the species of the sun was smitten, and the colors of the arc into the neighboring walls of the heavenly he imitates. [7] Astrion is from India, to crystal relation of his, in whose the center of the stars do shine the brightness of the full moon. But the name that they took a opposed to the splendor of the stars of heaven, and manage the youngster, snatches away. [8] Electra, as if the alectoria: For in the stomach of gallinaciis is found, the crystalline species, size of a bean. So at this sport has to be done struggles with the wise men will have it, if we may believe. [9] Enhydros being called, by the water; that wells for the water, so that you would think it closed in the spring scaturriginem.

(Xiv. OF THE ery.) [1] of all burning of precious stones has a carbuncle, a principality. But if a carbuncle called because it is that is pure: a burning coal, whose brightness or night, is overcome; shineth in the dark for so much so that if he should brandish the flames to the eyes. The genera of his twelve, but who seem to excel in the more outstanding and as a thing to pour out the fire. But if a carbuncle ANTHRAKS it is said in Greek. Are born in Libya and with the Cavemen. [2] PRECIOUS STONE is so called because he also may be the color of fire to the carbuncle, but a white vein of girded; It is of having been tossed that only a fire as if it is extinguished, on the other hand, bathed in the waters shall flame out. [3] is formed in the Sandasirus the East Indies, in place of the same name. His form that, as it were transparent in the shine of gold, within the fire drops remained still. It is evident to all, and what his numbers of the stars is added, so great and the price of your entering. [4] The lamps of the same kind of burning is, and was designated by the blaze, the lamps thereof: everything grows in the in many places, but most approved among the Indians. What end is it said that there are remiss carbuncle. Of two kinds of this form, only one to be purple, shines, scarlet shame to take the other things that are. Excalefacta from the sun, or rubbing the toes, straw and of deeds are the threads, it is said to be pulling one; sculpture resists And if I ever sculpted, that while the standards of yore, as if that which is natural to check the bite of a piece of wax. The four kinds of it. [5] Carchedonia lychnis, and the fact that it is said to do, although many more base than the others. Begins in the Nasamones, with shower of rain, as is reported, the divine is found to the back by the of the full moon. But all things are also resist the kinds of an image made. [6] Alabandina prosecuted by the Alabanda the region of Asia, the color of which goes to the carchedoniam, but rare. [7] Dracontites the dragon is constructed from the brain. What cut off, except by a living, he shall not ingemmescit, and so also the wise men are asleep it cut off the snakes. Bold for the men to learn the dragons, caves, they sprinkle the grass there, a medicated to excite the dragons, a deep sleep, sleep, and so take away all cause the heads of the desecant and precious stones, they speak evil of. But there are transparent whiteness. Guide and Experience of the east of them, especially the kings of the boast of it. [8] is a chrysoprasus aethiopicus; hides the light of this stone, it reveals a of obscurity. For the Fiery is the night, on the day of gold. [9] is Phlogites from Persia, displaying, as it were within the fire, sends those affected by which it is not go out. [10] Syrtitis being called for on the shore near the Syrtes the first is found. In the part of the of this of Lucania, the color of yellow, the stars within the continent of the weak, and under a cloud, and protested. [11] Hormiscion among the most gratifying aspect to us, from the light shining forth with a fiery red color with gold that carries [sic] with them in the radiant light of the ends of the.

15. OF THE AVREIS. [1] There are certain kinds of precious stones or metals, from the species of the surname of the stones. [2] PRECIOUS TOPAZ only seems to be the gold. Chrysolite with gold is the same with color being the same of sea. This [and] Ethiopia is generative. [3] similar to gold, GOLD-COLORED AMBER, but on the hue of amber on the two sides, the sight of the morning only the pleasant and rapacissimus with fire, and, next to a has been, ardescens quickly as possible. [4] Chrysolampis of gold, and called the fire; for in the day with a golden, fiery and at night. Ethiopia, this is generative. [5] Ammochrysus sands thin plates of gold, now dying, now has a LITTLE QUADRANGLE of dust. Everything grows in the Persia. [6] Leucochrysus in process of a gold color and a white vein. Melichrysus is so called because, as it were by the gold of (in earnest, Mel), so these translucent gem. [7], chrysocolla, everything grows in India, where ants are unearthed gold. But there is gold, "similar" and has the nature of the magnet, except that the gold is delivered to increase, and so also called in Greek. Argyrites like silver, the marks of having a of gold. [8] SILVER MARCASITE (s) has the brightness of silver, and was almost in a diamond, dice is always sum of the squares. They think that was laid upon the name of the Wise Men from the fact that assault was delivered or with the irritability of their minds so expert to tame and rein it be said, if we believe. Are born in the Red Sea. [9] were of bronze color is a copper ore. PRECIOUS STONE is black, but the rattling of the air to a stone whirlwind when he returns it. [10] Balanites: There are two kinds, greenish and at Corinth the likeness of the air, the middle of flame cutting the vein. [11] of iron from the contemplation of Sideritis disagree with the no. In the crime should be dealt out discord in any way it excites. [12] Ida, dactyl of the island of Crete, the arrowhead of color. Reason of this name thereof, because it expresses the human thumb. [13] is the color of the Ethiopic were of iron, who, while being pounded up, the juice of black sent forward. [14] by the Euphrates Zmilanthis Proconnesio we read in the channel of marble like that, the color of the midst of the gray, as it were, the eyes of internitens pupil of the eye. Arabic from his country of ivory is the sight of the said. [15] Hephaestitis of the mirror has in the restoration of the nature of images, though might!. Proof of experience of Him, if in hot water and cooled at once bestowed on, or if the only matter was added to the dry land may inflame it. It is found in the Corycus. [16] Ostracites stony color, testacio harder. Achates like the next, except that the polish an agate grows fat. So great is the hardness of you want me to graven with an instrument other precious stones, the pieces thereof. [17] glossopetrae of the tongue is like a human, and so also he took the name of: failing, the moon is said, moreover the sky to fall. He who has not a little attribute to the power of the wise men, for the moon, from the fact they think that the motion excited. [18] There are also certain kinds of precious stones of living creatures as the surname of: the stains of snaky echites expresses the carciniae of sea is the color of the Crab; [19] scorpitis and color of a scorpion and statues, like to tell; myrmecitis imitates the shape of ants, a reptile; taos is similar to the peacock; hieracitis of the hawk, color, EAGLE-STONE of an eagle; aegopthalmos in goat 's like the eye; [20] lycopthalmos the four colors, and from the bloody' s bright, in the midst of black surrounded by white, so that the eyes of wolves; meconites poppy, he expresses. [21] There are also a kind of precious stones, as if family to the superstition of some use of it. Liparea fumigated jar every beast of the call up in person. [22] in the Anancitide hydromancy, without distinction invited photos of the demons they say. After summoning the Synochitide the shades of hell she is bound to say he did. [23] PRECIOUS STONE is the eye of an Indian tortoise, diverse and purple. This was laid upon the wise men of the tongue to pronounce the future they are represented. [24] THUNDERSTONE tortoise 'from the head, of all thunder gadhi thought to be, and to extinguish the lightning strokes. [25] hyena hyena is a stone in the eyes of the beast is found, who, if it is under the tongue of man has been subject to, but the future they say him PLAY. But CORAL and the hail, storm, and to resist it is borne. [26] from the Black Sea is a gem of a kind of transparent stripes, having the stars of red, sometimes of a of gold. They say by it, to ask the demons and put to flight. [27] In some of the kinds of jewels to distinguish true from the false is a great difficulty, since when he actually has been discovered from the truth of the genus of the one or the other to transport his false, so that SARDONVXES, precious stones, which become agglutinated together three have found that such a way that they can not. For they pretend them "from a different kind of: black, white mineoque color. For instead of with the most precious stone, emerald, some infect the glass, by the art of, and cunningly deceives the eyes of a certain false weed growing, till there should prove there is none that would prove you made up and the same should, and some another, some other way. Nor is there any any without injury, the life of mortals. [28] All translucent precious stones, but it shall not be called blind, because he had darkened, that the thicket of his own.

16. FROM GLASS. [1] I was told that to the eye-glass translucent clarity. For in other metals is contained within whatever is hidden; in the glass to the exclusion of the liquid "or" species such as it is such a person outside the inner is made clear, and shut up in a certain way is clear. The origin of all this. In the part of Syria, which is called the Phoenicia, the adjoining of Judea, about the foot of the mountain of Caramel, is a stake, from which it arises the river Belus, the space of about five miles from flowing into the sea, according to Ptolemais, of which the grains of sand by the waves of the brook; remove the stains upon. [2] Here it is reported that the ship to drive away the merchants and soda, in scattered along the shore with a banquet to be ready against, and as there were for the adtollendis the vessels of the stones, the clods of the soda from the ship would have applied, which being mixed with the sand of the lighted on the shore, of the new shining through the rivers of the liquid flowed in the streams: and that this was the origin of the glass. [3] Soon, when he is an ingenious skill, was not content with the ground with nitre, and other mixtures, but an art of this [season] studied. For aridisque smooth wood is heated, the addition of Cyprus, and the soda continuisque liquefied by melting furnaces, the brass, massaeque come to be. Next of the masses on the other hand is poured out in the factories, and the other is symbolized by the breath, and another is worn by the polished by the turner, and another of silver, is engraved with way. Dips in also in many ways, so that the iacinthos sapphirosque, and the green onyx imitates and of precious stones or of other colors; neither is there any other more suitable for the mirrors of the matter and / or a picture, ADAPTATION. [4], however, the honor of Maximus, on a white glass, in a neighboring crystal, but the likeness of, and so also to drink their fill of gold, of silver mines, and has struck my glass. In former times took place and were in Italy, and throughout France, and Spain to the sand of the softest, white mortar, molaque time she trod her. The meal is mixed with three parts of, or measure of the weight of soda, and melted into other transfundebatur furnaces, which was called the mass ammonitrum; refined, and this was made of glass is pure and white,. [5] In general, the glass and obsianus reckoned a portion of the stone. But there is sometimes thing that was green and the black at any time and translucent, the grossest of sight and on the watch and the shades of the walls for the image of them returned; multiex precious stones, for him they do. This a stone, and that in India there is in Italy and in Spain as the ocean, is reported to be born. [6] are in circulation under the reign of Tiberius Caesar, imagine the artist of the glass a certain temperament, as he was, and flexible of beaten work. While he would have been admitted as to Caesar, he put out his vial to Caesar, than he was angry on the floor down. Now the craftsman works took up a vial of the pavement, which conplicaverat himself as the vessel of brass, and then out of the bosom paltry marks brought out, and he hath corrected the vial. When this had happened he said to Caesar, the artist, 'Does anyone else know of glass; preservative for this? " After swearing that he denied the other to know this, Caesar, and commanded him to be beheaded, this has been ascertained, lest, when it was done, for the gold, and of all the dirt off the price of metals; And in truth, because if the vessels of the glass is not broken, it would be better than gold and silver.

17. Of metal. [1] Metal TOUMETALLAN has been said in Greek, prepare for, that the nature of it is that where a vein of the one he shall appear, there is hope there, to inquire of the other. There are seven kinds of metals: gold, silver, the brass, enamel, a pool, the lead, and, that dominates all, that iron is.

18. OF THE GOLD. [1] from the draft, Gold has been said, that is, from the brightness of, because he had the air more than reverberation, it may be seen in radiance. And so also Virgil (Aen.6, 204):

As a speckled from there through the branches of the breeze of gold shone out,

that is, the brightness of the gold. For the natural is that the Metal may be seen in radiance more than the brightness of the light of other beaten back. From hence the aurarii of the said, of which the brightness of splendiosus pays it back. [2] Obryzum gold, I was told that the brightness of obradiet, for it is the best color, what the Hebrew 'ophaz', the Greeks KIRRON they say. The foil is said to a very fine plate, apo tou BREMETOU, who is the ONOMATOPOIEIA crepitandi, E, apo tou ÝBRATUNÝ with their blades. [3] The money from the flock, and before he had, and the name of the property; made of leather for the coins with the image of cattle being engraved and signed. Afterwards, target of brass between money from Saturn was found: for he hath to mark the money when he appointed to be written. [4] For this reason and the treasury of Saturn, from the pagans it was consecrated. Others, such as above, money of the petudibus have called, as at the helping beasts of burden have been stated. For everything that is patrimony of the special, in ancient times were said by cattle, in which their every substance that is known to, and so also GRAZIER called the men who was a rich, But how does the rich. [5] The most ancient people had not yet found gold and silver, with the money used to use it. "For of old brass coin was in the use of, after the silver, and then of gold she have diligently followed, but by her, he has begun, and the name of appertaining unto him. And so also the treasury has been said, because the prior bronze was only during the use, and itself are the only treasure it up, with gold and silver is not yet the thing signified; metals, although from the later of which were to have become the money, the name of the public treasury, however, remained a metal from him, at which it begins he used them. [6], according to the treasure of the Greek apo ing the property of Theseus, because of the position, that is, by or in reserve, is named. Do you the position of the THESIS it is said, and there is a the name of the word from the Greek and Latin compounded by the. THESIS For the Greeks laid up they say, of the Latin that the gold that the union of sounds laid up gold. Gold-mine has a name from the gold. [7] the tributes of the other hand, what he had before him by the tribes of the individual required, as it is now through the territories of the individual. And I have so divided into three parts, to have been Romans, a nation it is established, that even those who was chief in each of the parts would be called the tribunes, from whence also the expenses which they gave of the people, named the tribute. [8] are the taxes paid to tribute, for riding, from the words. The wages of from the funds of the valued and named for the ancient money were used to hang it up rather than to count him. The mint, it was called the warned them not to, because the fraud of those in the metal and / or in the weight of so be it. [9] is solid the coin of the silver one, or the ears or the air, which for that reason it is said that the coin of the names of the princes effigiisque is marked. Before the money meant only ARGUROS, because as much as possible of silver; that smitten with. [10] But the Coins from Numa are called to be king of the Romans, which make them the first among the Latins, I have also observed Photos inscription of the name of his has prescribed. [11] The bellows are made by the bag, which were built, from the mainland at what is included in the appellee. [12] In the three things nomismate may ask: in the metal, and the weight of the figure. If one of those fail you, it will not be the coin of the. [13] There are three kinds, however, of silver, and gold, and of the air: is sealed up, it came to pass, being broken. , Is signed on a coin that is; it came to pass, that in the vessels, and the signs "; was wet, that in the masses; and to the grave that it is said, that is to say the mass. In the knowledge of the form of the metal so they came, since, during any case at all for burning the woods exquoquerent the earth, which he poured out rivers of warm; you come from any kind of structures, [14] Whether, then, that bronze or gold, had been, when to a place of depressiora of the earth by running, she took the figure, into which we are this or or receiving the flowing river of words he had formed. Those things for which the brightness of captured men and when he tied adtollerent lumps, have they seen in the footsteps of those things of the earth by figurative; and hence to all the his wallet and they devised a form can be deduced.

19. OF THE SILVER. [1] Silver not far from the Greek an appeal in there is a difference, for this ARGURON they call to him. To whom, strangely enough, the manner of it, so that while it is white, black liness drives their imprint to the body for reflecting it. [2] I was told that Quicksilver is subject matters in which falls off the beginning; this, and the liquid, because it runs through. It is found, particularly in the metals or in the furnaces, and silversmiths inherent to the roofs of drops of a growing together, and frequently even on the dunghill, and very ancient sewer own wells or mud. And is also made from the PROJECT LITTLE SHELLFISH of iron laying on the paten as earthen laid upon it, then smear are enclosed with a small container of the coals, and thus the mercury will let it drop from the PROJECT; without this, nor silver, nor brass can be gilt. [3] moreover, of such virtue that he gave, that if over half a liter of silver, lay on a rock is a hundred of the living of their burden, at once is against him. But if indeed the SCRUPLE of gold, the lightness of the bosom of his vision he received in By which he meant not the weight, but the nature of being to which does it give way. Are observed in a glass vessel is better than the small vessels, for the rest of matter through it. I could have put to death one given to him over the cause of the weight. [4] And silver by the refuse of LITHARGUROS, which we, froth of silver may be. For it is made of silver and lead so.

20. Of the air. [1] from the Ore of the brightness of the air was called, like gold and silver. Among the ancients of the air but be first to that of iron known to "use." Air proscindebant for the land of the first, with the money were carrying on warfare 's conflict, and he was more in the price of brass; But gold and silver for the sake of lack of usefulness for referring the matter. Now, vice versa, (Lucr. 5,1275):

There lies the brass, the gold to be in the highest yield to
So rolling time changes the seasons of things, and
that he was in short, the price of it is made no honor.

Experience, he crossed over into the air afterwards, by images, with the musical instruments, in the structures of buildings, especially, and to the perpetuity of the monuments and also in the said constitutions of public letters were written. [2] their money into the of Cyprus, an island of Cyprus, who was found first, and so and they called that, made of a stone CONTAINING COPPER, whom they call the oxide of zinc, and it is of beaten work. If that is added to the lead, the color of a purple is made. [3] I was told that brass for gold and the brightness of the air and hardness of the owner. There is the name of the combination of the Greek and Latin, and the tongue; For the word of brass, is called the Chalk of the Greeks. Is made of brass, and the fire much, and for medicines and is brought back to a golden color. [4] is the commingling of the Corinthian of all the mines, and the fall of the first she hath mingled, Corinth, of her capture, set on fire. For the city of Hannibal, provided that this had taken, all the sculptures, bronze, gold, silver, and in one, he heaped upon the pyre and set fire to them: the mingling of this itaex they took up the carpenter 's the dish, and they have done. That is how Corinthian are bound to come out of all into one place, nor are we not even do this. And so also, even to this day, whether he out of him whether it be of his imitation of Corinthian brass, or the vessels are said to Corinthian. Of this there are three kinds: a white one, the brightness was used in coming: the other one, in which the nature of the gold itself, is on the yellow; the third, in which the temperature of equal to the of all the. [5] for a crown of beaten work from the thinned for the plates of the air, and bullocks, gall of the appearance of the gold in the dyed, with crowns of offers to an actor, and so also the appellee. [6] a fiery red color called bronze. For as far as the addition of each of the air ounces of gold, old man 's EXTREMELY DELICATE scruples of the foil imitates the flames or inflamed, and so also is said to bronze. [7] Regular brass, it is said that from the other is called the of beaten work, such as all of Cyprus, an is. [8] of beaten work is said to him that he would prefer is produced, just as against a molten, who so far is melted. This is also that there is only hot is melted. For with hammers, is brittle. For all the brass of the vices of the fire, carefully cleansed, as a rule excoctisque is brought about. [9] of Campania and also between the genera of the air that is called by the province of Campania, which is namely, that in Italy, the parties, stores, [and] approved by all vessels. [10] all the brass of better in very cold weather is melted. Ore of the draws away the rust more quickly except with the oil of perunguatur; to be kept, but even that is best in the liquid pitch in person. [11] Among all the metals, copper is the greatest and most vocalissimum of power. And therefore it was the threshold of bronze, and so also Virgil (Aen. 1,449):

At the portals in door upon its hinges creaked.

The origin of the air Cadmean or copper ore. Cadmean the refuse of the air, and the rust and flowers of copper. [12] grows in the oxide of zinc and silver mines of copper in furnaces, and which settled on his nests. For the stone as he himself, result of this is the brass, the oxide of zinc is called, so on the other hand exists in the furnaces, and the origin of his name and his he receives back. [13] is made of the air or the flower of the smelter is begotten, it broke in the air, and reliquato, overflows the cold. For densatione A sudden thought about him as the spittle was restored, a flower. [14] also brass, verdigris creates. For the brass plates of it upon the vase of vinegar on the top of very shoots, and thus dropping, quodex him, he fell in the vinegar, is worn by itself and sifted.

21. Of iron. [1] I was told that spelled "the Iron, that is, the seeds of the fruits of, and to earth condeat. The same Chalybs from the steel and the river, where the sword had moderated and the best of the field. And so also is said to steel is also applied, improperly it to the matter, in order that (Virg. Vanity Fair. 8,446):

Vulnificusque steel.

[2] the use of iron after the other metals, as was found. Whose posterity been directed against the reproach of "species." For how long ago the earth handled, and from there way streams of blood is poured out. But there is no, so thick the body to each other maintain their allegiance to the elements of and perplexed than the sword, and so is in them with the hardness of the cold. The iron head was the metal is found almost everywhere, but out of a palm tree to all kinds of Chinese with the sword is given. For this, with the Chinese with their garments with skins they sent them. The second Parthian; "nor any other kinds of iron out of mere tempered by the field; softer than the others in the surrounding mixed up in it. [3] a very great difference of the iron of the earth, according to the genus. For a soft lead for another near by, that the key for the use of the wheels fit, the other a frail and CONTAINING COPPER, the cultivation of the earth of his soul; brevity of something else she only charms caligariis and bolts, the other away the rust more quickly one perceives it. WROUGHT IRON; all these are called, not present in other metals, from the tight whose name was laying on the aptly. On the greater the water there is a difference, by which the iron red-hot inmergitur which is more useful done, as in Spain, and Bilbilis Tirassona, Como in Italy. [4] In the pleasure, sharpening the sword is made with the oil of the armies, from which the iron tools and thinner with the oil of quenched is the custom, in the frailty of the water will not persist. From the iron, human blood takes vengeance upon themselves; For the contact of the rust more quickly followed after her. With an iron, a magnet is the harmony of the stone has; for only the force of this matter is an individual stone from the holds it takes a long time. From the same architect, a certain stone, the temple of Alexandria, concameravit, as in the image of him with the sword seemed to hang in the air. Iron been exasperated by the fire, unless the last for a length with blows, conrumpitur: Ruben is not apt, for the smiting of was not before they begin to grow white: in vinegar or alum of the air if applied to the iron becomes very similar. [5] the refuse of iron, the mildew, and the dress of. Mildew is a vice gnawing the iron, and / or corn, as it were a single letter changed rodigo; these things, and the rust from the erodendo, for the rust is a fault with the iron from the said erodendo, not from the bronze. [6] But the dress of the refuse and filth are the things that exquoquuntur the fire: and the said the dress because it is shaken out of iron. [7] but things lacking the iron away the rust, if with plaster and white lead, and is smeared with liquid pitch. Also let the rust of the iron tools does not vitiate, if the same or cervina of the marrow of white lead mixed with oil of roses may be anointed.

22. OF THE PLVMBO. [1] The lead from the fact I was told that our deeds of the first rank to be attacked, the height of the sea. There are two kinds of this, the black and white,; but it is better white, and that which before he had in the islands of the sea, it was found Athlantici. If, indeed, in Portugal, and is begotten of the French, the sum of the land of sandy and color, black, and the weight of the burden to me; come between them and the minute the calculation, most of all the torrents of dried up; the grains of sand they wash them, and that sinks down, quoquunt in a furnace. We observe that aurariis metals and in the water and the calculation of black and severe, and the gold is gathered, there remain with him, after which the separate and are forged in the lead the list are dissolved. From thence, and the heaviness of lead, which attracted by the same with gold. [2] The black lead, about the Cantabria in want. The origin of this there is a twofold, or for he only is produced by their own vein, or is born with the silver you come from a mixture of melted. Of this was the first in the furnaces, and the liquid is a pool, the second with silver, which remains, when added to the melted down to make vein and again, becomes black the lead,. [3] India nor brass, nor has the lead; only, and precious stones, pearls, these things change his courses. Niger, a lead lamminasque the pipes that we enjoy. More in Spain and Gaul, is constructed of lead, for the end of the earth in Britain, leather.

23. Of Estain. [1] etymology of APOCHORIZON of tin, that is, separating, and separating it. For Mixed and adulterated among themselves through the fire to estrange metals, and from the gold and silver, brass, lead has distinction he draws between; there are others also defends the metals from the fire, and since he is the element of air all weighed with most hard, if without the tin has been, he is burned and he was burned. [2] the lake of the vessels of brass, if applied to the more pleasing and makes the flavor of the poison of checked the verdigris. The Watch, even out of him are tempered. White lead from which also he, just as, one of lead, you will make.

24. OF THE ENAMEL. [1] Amber name, because it is to the radius of the sun shine forth more clearly with gold and silver; For the Sun by the poets, they call the elect. For it is purged in this all the metal mines. [2] of this there are three kinds: one, which flows from the trees of the pine, that AMBER is said to the other one, the metal, which is naturally to be found both in the price we find in the third, which is made from three pieces of the gold and silver one. Which by some are, even if the natural and removing your bond, you will find. And so it makes no difference whether he was born it came to pass; for both to be of the same nature. [3] a glass gem, which is natural, this kind of nature, that in the with the company and to the light of all the metals more clearly be seen in radiance, and the venom of betrayal. , If to pour upon him the poison, roar and pronounced, and in various colors in the manner of the arc of the heavenly sent forward.

25. OF THE PONDERIBVS. [1] burden, and it helps to know the manner of measures. For all things of the body, as it is written, from the chief to the lowest as far as in the measure, and number, weight, and are disposed and formed,; for all the things the weight of the corporeal nature has given, theirs the country also of the weight of all things (to the weight of Carm.. 3). [2] First, Moses [who all of them is antecedent of pagan philosophers in the time of, to us and the numbers, and measures and the weight of the different [in the] of his places of scripture told]. The first of the weights Phidon the nature of the Argive, posted in Greece, he appointed, and the more ancient the extent that even if the others, but this was the experience of this art. [3] The weight called because it depends on the balanced in the balance; on this side and the thread unwound. Improperly to the weight of the pound is one. And so also a TWO FEET is said as if two weights, which name is retained in the use of as yet. [4] Song by a twin of the weights is equal to the swarm dishes and hung by the talents and made on account of one hundred year adpendenda, just as a small momentana for a small sum of money. This is being called, and money. The same scales and balances the number of the name of a man, he that the scale pan, two, and one in the midst of being carried forward in style may stand equally. [5] The examination of the thread is the medium by which the balance is governed by the balance of my dishes, and are equal to the. And so also it is said in their spears thong. [6] from the Campanian region of Italy received the name of, as soon as its use was found. These two dishes and a will not, but he has a rod of the books and is marked by this expanse of the weight of an ounce and measured. [7] But to each one of the weight of the certain, is the mode of the names of their own designated. [8] You are treading upon, the least of part of the weight, consider this the fourth part of a piece of it is, then the constant of the lens twin grains. But he calls the lime that it is a child: and the stone, just as the coal, who is so out there was least to be trodden hue of his or any trouble. [9] with husks and twentieth to the fourth part of the solid is, from a tree, whose seed is is that the word the tenant. [10] part of a piece of HORNED is the mean, pods, having a one and a half. The Latin with this semiobolum; he called it the Greek for HORNED, in Latin [pods] the horn of (l) um is interpreted. [11] three pods adpenditur itself the piece, having a two HORNED, and lime and four. For there was the once out of the air on the pattern of the arrow. And so also by the Greeks took the name of, that is, with an arrow. Scruples of the six pods on the weight of it is established. This is called the grasses among the Greeks. [12] is so called by the scruples of a diminutive of a pebble SHARP STONE, who is called a short time. [13] pieces of silver, is the eighth part of an ounce of weight of the silver and sums of money, the tribes of scruples of the constant, that is, and there were eight of ten pods. But a penny, so called because cash be kept for ten taken into account. [14] is called a solid, because there is nothing to him who seem to lack; the solid for the old Greek said, "a whole is the whole. He also is called the coin of the virtue of this that the names of the princes of effigiisque be marked. From the beginning, but only one is the coin of the one was a silver, for this is from the Assyrians began as follows: But they say the Jews that Abraham the land of Canaan in the first place that this advexerit form. Solid by another name is among the Latins sextula is said, that come to pass or an ounce of these six. This, as we have said, the common people of solid gold They call their of which the third part of tremissem that reason they said, because he had to make three times the solid as being sent. [15], here I am twice Sextula [MA] makes the duel ta; three times, placed a piece of money pays it back. [16] As soon as half of an ounce of it is, the three pieces of gold weighing one, and so stand fast and he was called to three shillings let her stand. These and TWENTY-FOURTH PART, because he has of an ounce and a half. These and a half, and a half, because of weight, is as a penny and a half. [17] the quadrant of the Hebrews in like manner they call codrantem; and it is called the quadrant of the fourth part of an ounce of that adpendeat. [18] Sicilian, who in the Latin language is called corruption the shekel, is the name of the Hebrew, having among them an ounce of the weight of the. But among the Latins and Greeks, that is the fourth part of an ounce and half of the balances, two pieces of silver, weighing one. And therefore, whereas in the letters be read to the divine sides, is an ounce, but when in the of the Gentiles, is the fourth part of an ounce. [19] on hooks and is so called because the university with less weight may bind the unity of his own, that is, to include the. But it is evident pieces of silver, and eight, that is, scruples of four and twenty. That hence we find in the weight of the ordinance, because the number of scruples of his measures the hours of day and night, either because it makes a pound of twelve times they counted the. [20] is made perfect book of the twelve ounces, and Hence is derived a kind of perfect, there are too many to weigh in ounces, it is established how many months of the year. The said book, then, that it is free will, and within himself, and all the weight of the above is conclusive. [21] in a threatening adpenditur the weights of a hundred pieces of silver, and it is the name of the Greeks with [that they are pods 1800, tremisses 225, of the solid 75, 25 shekels of]. [22] to be the weight of a talent of the highest in the Greek is said to, for there is nothing less than tread, a talent of no greater than God. The varied among the different kinds of sufficient weight to the nations. At Rome, the talent to be threescore and ten [of two] pounds, as Plautus (Most. 644), shows, And he said, the two talents to be a hundred and forty pounds. Now there are three; less than that is to say, the central, the most high. The minor and fifty, seventy-two pounds, the middle, the most high a hundred and twenty it is established. [23] in numbers, the a hundred, because they had to weigh in is of a hundred pounds. That the weight of the number a hundred, for the sake of the perfection of the practice of the Roman.

26. OF THE MENSVRIS. [1] Size is a thing in its own way or circumscribed by the time of but this [or] of the body or at the moment. Of the Body [is it], to of men, carpenters, and the length of the pillars and, in short. But this and the sun of his own to have the measure of the world, that dare to examine geometrically. Of Time, as the measure of the hours and days and years: thus, and measure the feet of the hours we say, this is one of measured. [2] Strictly speaking, however, that she was called the measure of the sole standard of value for crops and the fruits, that is, wet, dry, so that measures of [and artabones] urn, and big jars. [3] the smallest part of a spoon, and of measures, which is the half of the pieces of silver,, pods weighing one and nine, who trample under foot the three times he doeth it. GREEK WEIGHT shellfish is fulfilled in one and a half. [4] the ten pieces of silver, the weight of the cups, adpenditur, who also by some cuatus derives its name. Oxifalus that, if the five pieces of silver, are added to the ten. [5] Acitabulus at a distance is the fourth part of, to the twelve pieces of silver, weighing one. SMALL CUP at a distance is the six cups, having a; these therefore would have SMALL CUP is called, because the coat of the Greek language is engraving and it is said, and from afar into two pints of is cut into equal [SMALL CUP, and he does]. Eminem weighed out a pound of the One, which makes the log of the population was doubled. [6] is two pounds, half a liter. Who had twice named A measure of adsumtus; adsumtus four times 'is coming to a Greek term, cenix' (to the weight of Carm.. 69); COMPLICATED number five or five times a gomor he doeth it. Add, besides, the sixth, the conger renders the measures for the six LIQUID MEASURE sextarii, from whom they have given the name of the pints of. [7], but the Congo congiendo, that is, by increasing due to the increase, it is called. And so [and] the money afterwards began to be given to gratitude for the benefit was called "a largess of: For every one of their times, seeking to arouse the general favor of the people to which are added, as he seemed in his gifts I freely grant. [8] a largess but it especially is the measure of liquids, of which at the same time and the thing and the name of the royalty by the Romans, we have found. [9] is the measure of liquids; Metrum: these things from the heard the name of the measure; Metron For they say the measure of the original Greek. And from thence, it was called the jar, it be lawful and urn, and a bottle and the rest of names of this kind are the measure of;, however, the money was that this name is perfection of the number took to wife. The measure of the Metrum to all the concerns; the meter for the Greek, in Latin is called the mea. For, and cups, is the measure of, and a bottle is the measure of, or any thing, more or less takes is the measure of. But the reason why the name of this special privilege for himself adsumsit, which is the measure of perfect number, that is a coin. [10] was named after Modius because it is the perfect in its own way. The measure and forty-four pounds, that is, twenty-two sextarii. The measure of what the cause of the drawing with it, because they had in the beginning God has done the works of two and twenty. For the first day of September, the works he hath done: that is, formless matter, that the Angels, the light, the higher heavens, the land, water, and the air,. On the second day the firmament alone. The third four a day: the seas, the seeds, seedlings, and fields are a. On the fourth day three: the sun, the moon and the stars. On the fifth day three things: the fishes, and creeping things of the water, and the flying creatures. The sixth day of four: the beasts of the, the flocks, and that the man reptiles on the ground. And all things were made two and twenty kinds of in the days of six. And the generations of twenty and two are from Adam to Jacob, and from her the seed of all the nation of Israel is born, and two and twenty books of the Old Testament as far as to the Esther;, and twenty two letters are the elements, which it is established the doctrine of the Divine Law. Therefore with these twenty-two examples of a bushel of sextarii by Moses according to the sacred of the law is the measure of the effect of: different and although the measure of the weight over this nation, or may add, not knowing or remove them, the foundation of the divine among the Hebrews by the following argument is preserved. For example, a bushel of the said. From hence the small things, that is, of moderation. Modest For the mode of which gave its name: For the little for a small applied, improperly, we say that is not properly. [11] is the measure of the Start kind of after the manner of the province of Palestine, the one and a half measure of catch. His name and from the Hebrew word has been drawn;'s start 'them is named for in the eyes or the taking of relief, because he had the same measure, who measures the take and the light. There is also another 's seed, the measure of two and twenty sextarii as it were capable of a bushel of fine. [12] in the Hebrew tongue is called a bate of oil from the mill, known as 'beth,' among them, or 'Bata' is named, and fifty catch half a liter which is one measure, a millstone proteritur time. [13] Amphora so called because here and there, is to be levied. This in Greek on the shape of his the said is said, that they seem to a double loops of his ears to imitate it. It receives of wine or of water the square foot, or corn, but the measures of the Italian and three. [14] is a cask containing a bottle of Greek urn and three. Vrna is the measure of the quarter of which some are calling. Strictly speaking, however urn is a vessel, which by the ashes of the burial and removal of the dead, usually employed. The poet says of of the (Lucan. 7,819):

Covered by the sky who does not have the urn full.

[15] is the five Medimni the measure of a bushel. Medimni But in the Latin language is called, that is a half, because that there are five bushels of let them measure the, who is a half out of the full number of the coin. [16] Artabazus, among the Egyptians is the measure of the seventy sextarii of two people, for the sake of these made up from the number of threescore and ten, and two of a people or the tongues of the world, which now completely occupied. [17] Now a gomor weighed the burden of bushels of fifteen. With thirty bushels of the measure of the north fills them up. He came from the Hebrew word came down, which is called 'the heart of' on the analogy of the hill: 'hide of a' for the hills are called in Hebrew. Stored up will sort you like and thirty of the hill like they seem to, and a burden camels action.

27. Concerning the Sign. [1] to weigh in the standards are unknown to most people, and from thence the error of those who read they do. For this reason on their forms and characters, so that they are marked by the old masters, be subject to. [2] the letter Z signifies a half pence each half. The bar is equally prostrate, simply signifies the stretches of a half pence each. = The population was doubled a piece of the bar is the two are. Latin T signifies the crown of English money three. F Latin signifies the crown of English money and four. From the Latin crown of English money shows that five in all. [3] Therefore, a piece of the six, however they do not have a character, because he had in one of the six GREEK WEIGHT let them come, which is the denarius of the weight of the silver. Eta signifies the letter H and eight pods, that is, tremissem. N signifies the coin of the Latin a Greek, one that is solid. [4] IB. Beta jot signifies the circumstances of the half of a shilling. The bar is only one little corner of which two, on the left side in the right hand of the coin signify that he divided up, and even olcen call. N?. N joined by Latin signifies the Greek Gamma semiunciam. ? °. But the Greek letter Gamma Oh, joined the Latin at the end of it signifies an ounce. ?. Labda through the midst of a Greek of his Latin has been added 1 signifies a scale. [5] to kv. Kappa Greek joined by about the end of the horn of a Latin signifies the cups, 5. KO. If, however, Latin Oh, he has connected with it; eminem he demonstrates, which the Greeks call cotylen. ??. Xi if he accept the union of a Greek From the Latin, signifies the half a liter. [6]??. If Latin Oh, connected with it; acitabulum indicates that "the Greeks call oxifalon. ?, N. My Greek N being superposed, it signifies the Latin threats. T?. T, having a Latin at the end of a Greek signifies Labda weight of a. 10 °. (Chi) a Greek in the right upper arm cenix Oh, is joined to the letter.