A Guam Abortion Story with a Happy Ending

Below is copy of an email sent by former Guam resident, Mike Carey. The email and the photographs are reprinted here with his permission:

Oct 14, 2013 at 11:15 AM



Our daughter, Kaitlyn, survived an late-term abortion attempt by a young woman who ingested pills issued by an island "Women's clinic."  Instead of inducing a spontaneous abortion as intended, the woman went into labor, and a friend had the presence of mind to drive her to GMH where she delivered a live 3 1/2 pound "preemie" and subsequently abandoned her there.  Through the good offices of our priest and a Godly social worker, we took the child into our home at age 34 days.  After three court appearances over the next eight months, she officially became our daughter.


The girl is a bonafide miracle child.  Not only did Kaitlyn escape the welter of medical issues one might expect in a child who entered the world under such adverse conditions, she emerged as a beautiful island girl, healthy, athletic and startlingly intelligent -- nothing Chris and I can take genetic credit for, but we consider ourselves blessed for the privilege to raise such a child.  


Now, at age seven, Kaitlyn makes straight "A"s in second grade at St Peter's Catholic School in Beaufort, SC.  She also successfully tested for a green belt in Tae Kwon Do karate and is now training for her blue belt, with only brown and black belts to follow.  Her instructor expects her to achieve both by age ten. 


A few recent photos are attached.


Semper fi,