From The Esperansa Project
June 16, 2014
Dear Friends of the Born and Unborn: 
In April we sent out a request for a need to raise $9400 to pay for first printing of the printed materials required by the Women's Reproductive Health Information Act, which after a long legislative journey that began in 2008, culminated in the final approval of the printed materials for distribution by the Director of Public Health this past March. 
Thanks to you, as of June 1, $10,160 was raised and the materials have been printed and received by Public Health. 
Our thanks to Kamalin Karidat for facilitating the collection, accounting, and distribution of these funds. As a thank you to Kamalin Karidat, we have asked them to keep the balance for the purposes of their own pro-life activities. 
We will be getting back to you shortly about the implementation of this new law as well as an update on who we would like to see in the legislature after the next election. 
Let us keep working together to help the most helpless of all. 
In 2013, 1 out of every 12 pregnancies on Guam ends in abortion. 
In 2013, there is 1 abortion every 1.7 days.