From The Esperansa Project


March 25, 2014




Please help send more babies like this one home with their mothers or someone who wants them instead of to the bio-waste trash bags in abortion clinics.


The Woman's Right to Know booklet will assist mothers in knowing their rights and alternatives when it comes to an unwanted pregnancy.


Even now, there are at least ten people/couples, who have left their names with Child Protective Services, and are waiting to adopt. 


Sadly, CPS has not had a child available to adopt in 5 years while one small child is aborted in Guam's abortion clinics nearly every day


Thanks to Public Law 31-235, women with unwanted pregnancies will be given a booklet with information about alternatives to abortion and a 24 hour waiting period to review it. 


However, getting this booklet into the hands of those mothers depends on our ability to raise a total of $9,400: $8000 for the licensing of the medical illustrations, and $1400 for the printing. 


Since our first request, which was sent last week, we have only been able to raise $325.00. Thanks to the financial assistance of Kamalen Karidat and another donor, we were able to go to print so we would not have to delay another day getting this information into the hands of expectant mothers. 


However, Kamalen Karidat had to use funds they normally use for their own ministry which is the care of the poor and homeless, and needs to be reimbursed. Please help us do this as soon as possible. 


Send a check to Kamalen Karidat for any amount. 


Kamalen Karidat

P.O. Box 326623

Agana, Guam  96932


If you prefer to drop off your donation or if you wish to use your CREDIT CARD, call Iris at 477-9266.


Please note on your check's memo: Women's Right to Know. Along with your donation, please include the attached donor form. A receipt for the donation will be executed by a representative of Kamalen Karidat and sent or emailed to you. 


We will keep you informed via email and www.esperansa.org as to how our fund raising efforts are going. As mentioned, we need to raise this money immediately. 


To learn more about this effort and the history of this legislation, visit The Esperansa Project here


FORWARD this letter to others who you know may care about this need, or feel free to use any portion of it to compose a letter of your own. Getting this booklet into the hands of women thinking of an abortion is (next to prayer) our greatest asset in the battle to save babies from death and women from regret.