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Giveaway & Surprises

posted Dec 9, 2011, 4:52 PM by Kim Janik
I am completely beyond excited about today's post.  I have been waiting a long time to be able to make this announcement.  But first, I'm feeling in the mood for a little guessing game.  I'm sitting here, relaxing and making up slides for my class next term.  Can you guess what is keeping me company?  Here's a hint:

engineer's cookbook new coffee mug

No, that's not coffee.  I know this sounds strange, but I don't really drink caffeine.  *shhh*  Don't tell the other engineers.  Okay, now guess again.  Yes, it's tea.  But, what is this....?

engineers cookbook coffee mug for giveaway

I cannot believe that they day has come that my logo would be printed on actual merchandise!!!  You are looking at one of a very small batch of the first ever coffee mugs for The Engineer's Cookbook.  And now for the really fun part!  I am announcing our first official giveaway.  I have, sitting here, a lovely mix of coffee, tea and, of course, one of our brand new coffee mugs.  When does the giveaway start?  Well, that is up to you, dear readers.   When my Facebook fan page for this site hits 50, I will start the giveaway.  I'll also fill you in on all the different ways you can enter to win!