(trans)human mesh network(process)

INSPIRATION-- The Kernel of Becoming

Below are the reactions we had when various data came to our attention, and we  became convinced that there is a need that must be met, and that we must endeavor to meet it. In the era of Classical Civilization-- of Empire and Tribe, there existed an alternate society, outside of and also within Empire. Nomads, but not as we know. They were as advanced as the city-dwellers, they simply chose to live their own way. This came to my attention when scholarly research was released showing artifacts and other evidence from their graves, this evidence made it clear to the researchers that it is possible to have a robust external society that can coexist with State without becoming State. That can interact with the Economy of a Nation without becoming enslaved to that Nation's fate. We saw that this has never been more important to pursue today. Perhaps not all Nomads, but that spirit. We don't want to replace your state. We don't want your state to fail, but if it does-- we'd like not to be the victims of your state's choices. We'd like not to be subject to the excesses and problems of the cultures your state wants us to be subject to. We're happy to work with you, just realize we're going to take care of ourselves, especially since your state has made it clear that it doesn't take it's own people into consideration when it plays it's grand strategies.

Here are the thoughts, the doodles and the groping in darkness for the NEXT NEW WAY ON.