(trans)human mesh network(process)

The Fruits Of Our Labor

The Process continues to it's logical end: another beginning! All this work has gone towards making new seeds and new trees, as many and as varied as stars in the sky, and every seed is in a delicious fruit, whose ornament is the flower. Our skills, products, knowledge and art are our fruit.

This page is a directory of things you can go touch, listen to, see or trade for, as well as places to talk to people-- online and in physical life.
We are continually developing this page.
Urban Co-Ops, Gardens, Communities, Markets, Tradespeople, etc
Rural Co-Ops, Gardens, Communities, Markets, Tradespeople etc
  • The Fruit Tree Project: The goal is simple, to create a non-profit -- to use funds to buy peoples, starting in our community and locale and then expanding outwards, fruit trees. The Fruit (and/or Nut) Trees will be given to peoples at no cost with only one stipulation that they do not let the excess fruit/nuts go to wast; that is to say, after they have taken their fill all extra should be either given away or sold or a combination of both. This is our dream to help to realize a garden of Eden type scenario. So each successful campaign brings us a little closer to this goal. Project creator: Al L. Aguero  Email: nonphilosopher [at] gmail.com
  • url, address, phone, email -- more coming
Internet Communities, Galleries, Albums, Playlists, Forums, Groups etc

  • Thee Uncondemning Monk: Thee Um is the creative project of Al L. Aguero. We are engaged in experimental soundwork, visual art, and connecting like minded noise shamans and experimental creators towards a new way of understanding music as a hygienic daily activity that all can engage with, leaving behind the commercialism that has turned music into an industry of signs devoid of substance.
  • Thee Network (page and group on facebook): Thee Network has many names, what we are providing here is just one manifestation of Thee Network a sort of non-official-official facebook page and group to help people learn about and connect with Thee Network. Here are those links, Thee Network Page & Thee Network Group